Nightstand Lamps, Modern Abat-Jour, Italian Design

Wide and selected range of modern nightstand lamps, Design Made In Italy, abat-jour with a unique style, with or without wires, technological, with led lights, economical, perfect to furnish the bedside table of the bedroom or that of the children.

Nightstand lamps are perfect to illuminate the bedroom and complete the look of your furnishings, they create an intimate and delicate atmosphere. Discover all our nightstand lamps made in Italy, we select the most beautiful and sought-after products: Bonaldo Arredamenti, Bontempi Casa, Cantori, Cattelan Italia, Colico, Fiam, Enrico Pellizzoni, Khlia, Kloris, Kundalini, Martinelli Luce, MyYour, Pf Style, Slamp, Slide, Tonelli Design, Tonin Casa, Varaschin and many more.

In our selection you will find elegant and modern abat-jour lamps in the most particular and unusual shapes, designed by the most talented and well-known furniture designers on the international scene, from classic lamps with crystal diffuser to those in classic, shabby, industrial style, with or without wires, with or without battery, made of the highest quality materials: wrought iron, kristal, PVC, aluminium.

Table lamps, desk lamps, nightstands lamps, modern abat-jours, design lamps, for bedrooms or children's rooms, classic, ethnic, with glass shade, LED or halogen bulbs, from minimalist style to elaborate wrought iron ones, add the right touch of personality to the room and complete the lighting.

Designer nightstand lamps to brighten up your evenings

Nightstand lamps emit a soft light that is perfect for the night. Essential for reading a good book in bed or watching TV, bedside lamps have become more and more elaborate over time, following home decor trends, although classic models are still popular today.

Thanks to abat-jours, the sleeping area is illuminated with intimacy and accompanies the evenings, creating a true personal relaxation corner.

Abat-jour styles, discover our modern collection

There are so many models and styles available in our online catalogue, to allow you to decide the atmosphere you want to create in your home, from small to large sizes, modern lamps divided by shapes and colours, from total black design to those in industrial style, with a crystal body, with a marble base and golden details, animal-shaped for your child's bedroom.

In addition, the lamps come complete with lampshades, which in some cases can be replaced, some models are made of fabric, others in metal structures, glass or bamboo, in spherical or cylindrical, square or rectangular shapes, the most modern versions are complete with USB port for your mobile phone, remote control, connectors, wifi, Touch Dimmer!

The reading lamp, discover all available models

In addition to aesthetics, the functionality of a nightstand lamp is also very important. It is chosen by many to read books or magazines at night before falling asleep; thanks to the directed light, reading is very comfortable.

Some abat-jour models offer directed light with a led bulb, others come complete with an adjustable arm. It is very important to choose a warm shade from 2,700 to 3,300 Kelvin, which allows the eyes not to get very tired while reading.

Best Selling nightstand lamps 2022

Among the best-selling models of 2022 is the beautiful Luxy To Glam Lamp by Rotaliana, for indoor direct light. 4 diffuser finishes available. Light source E14 LED, price € 214.75 instead of € 268.44.

Another very popular model is the Veli Foliage Slamp Lamp, made of technopolymer, ideal for indoors, price 228,0€ instead of 256,00€

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