How takes care of the goods: packaging and shipping.

When it comes to e-commerce that sells items for modern furniture, the safe packaging of the goods is a factor of primary importance in order to guarantee a perfect service. Indeed, when buying furniture and home accessories furniture on an e-shop you have to keep in mind many elements such as the security of transactions, compliance with established delivery times, just to name a few. However, the importance of furniture packaging is often underestimated. Unlike other types of goods, they must be treated in detail to avoid unpleasant surprises for the customer. This is because on Arredare Moderno we sell high quality furniture and design accessories, made with precious and delicate materials, which require more attention during the packaging phase.

Packaging made with care

How is furniture packaging done?

Each piece of furniture has different sizes and it is made with different, more or less fragile materials. Ensuring its integrity from sending to reception by the customer is not easy. Arredare Moderno has a staff dedicated to the selection and care of the packaging for this very reason.

First of all, the packaging must be adequate depending on the material with which the product is made. A glass or crystal top cannot be packed in the same way as a chair, both due to the different degree of fragility and the weight and sizes. Everything must be compliant to allow for easy handling so that there is no risk of causing damage to the contents.

It is clear that perfecting a customized packaging requires an investment and therefore an additional cost, both in terms of work and in terms of materials. In general, we at Arredare Moderno try not to burden these costs on customers by offering this additional service to our customers.

Goods on customized pallets

Arredare Moderno arranges the goods to be sent on wooden pallets which will be fixed by means of a strap. It will keep them together and firmly attached to the pallet itself. There are many pallets, mostly made of wood. Those used by Arredare Moderno are made to measure for the product they will host, so there is no maximum weight or size to be respected necessarily. In this way, the space during shipment is optimized and furthermore other possible injuries to the goods are avoided.

Customized pallets

Furniture packaging achieves an additional degree of safety for glass furniture and accessories. Indeed, mirrors, tables, bedside tables and many other delicate products require greater safety. The glass product is shipped by the company in a custom-made crate to which Arredare Moderno fixes a pallet to eliminate the risk of injury during shipment. In addition, both with regard to glass and other materials, Arredare Moderno indicates that these are delicate products by affixing the tape that bears the wording “fragile”.

Box + pallet packing

Furniture packaging: materials

The use of pallets is only one of the precautions that Arredare Moderno employs to make products travel safely. Bubble wrap, adhesive tape, stretch film, polystyrene: the most suitable material is used depending on the goods to be shipped. Looking at them one by one we discover that:

  • bubble wrap, also called airball, is the shock-absorbing packaging par excellence. It is nothing more than a thin sheet of polyethylene made up of many small air-filled bubbles. It is arranged around the goods to cushion shocks during transport;
  • adhesive tape, a classic packaging tool, is used to keep the product and the wrapping that contains it firm;
  • the strap, it is a very resistant polyester tape that is wrapped around the packaging in two or more points. Particularly suitable for keeping the goods firmly on the pallet. It is fixed with a security seal.
  • the stretch film, it is a thin sheet made of low density polyethylene. Widely used for the packaging of palletized units as it makes the pallet and the transported product one and the same;
  • polystyrene is one of the most popular and safe packaging that we can find. It is light, thermal insulating and like bubble wrap it is widely used for the transport of small and medium-sized furnishing accessories.
Goods on pallets fixed with straps

In addition to the different types for safe packaging, Arredare Moderno applies product labeling on the packaging, complete with information such as company name and address.

Safe shipping

Even when traveling, the goods we ship must be safe from several points of view: in addition to the accuracy of the furniture packaging, there must be carriers specialized in the transport of delicate and large products to ensure the integrity of the goods . Here, too, nothing is left to chance. Indeed our products are picked up with special machinery (forklifts, forklift trucks) and placed inside the vans following a precise logic, aimed at ensuring a safe journey. To all this Arredare Moderno adds the All Risk insurance coverage, the cost of which is always included in the selling price of the products. After receiving a shipping confirmation e-mail, the customer is contacted by the carrier, who will indicate the time slot on the day of delivery. Arredare Moderno guarantees delivery, which is free throughout Italy except for the disadvantaged areas, smaller islands and deliveries in the ZTL. Delivery is exclusively at street level and it will be the customer’s concern to possibly arrange to have a hand in transporting the product. Finally, in the case of non-European shipments, where the goods are subject to transit through customs, any additional costs (customs duties, VAT and additional taxes) are charged to the recipient.

Goods on customized pallets and strapping

If you want to know more about our e-commerce and the features that have made it a leader in the online sale of design furniture, read now other articles about Arredare Moderno!

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