The modern room divider: the indoor and outdoor furnishing item

The modern room divider is not an invention of the last century, but it is a piece of furniture with very ancient origins: it was born in imperial China more than two thousand years ago! Although still enjoying great popularity, the room divider today has disparate shapes and it is made of various materials, even combined. Currently the modern room divider is rarely used to shelter from drafts, as its name suggests, but it is used to separate very large rooms or, simply, with a purely aesthetic function.

The modern room divider for the living room or bedroom

The room divider can be compared to a dividing wall, from which however it differs from the fact that it is mobile, thinner and closable. Even if the target room of modern room dividers is the living room, we can also find them in places such as the bedroom: this is because there is no specific room for room dividers. In the living room, a modern room divider can be useful to divide a space, circumscribing it: for example, if we have an open space and we want to delimit the entrance area from the one with sofas or from the dining area, we can opt for a modern or design room divider instead of a real wall. Similarly, in the bedroom, this piece of furniture becomes very useful to protect the corner where we usually dress or the walk-in closet.

Types of modern room dividers

We have already said that modern and design room dividers are very useful for separating a small space (entrance, study, walk-in closet etc.) from a large or dispersive one. Even outside, a room divider can be really useful, especially if we are talking about public places. Talking about indoor or outdoor room dividers also means talking about materials suitable only for indoor or also suitable for outdoor. A design room divider for indoor can be made of wood, bamboo, metal or even with paper. It goes without saying that for the outdoor room dividers they must be made of weatherproof materials, such as metal or durable plastic materials.

- In- Indoor room dividers: these room dividers are generally thin, perforated when made of metal or wood or of a rather light colour to allow light to pass through the accessory. It can be used with a dividing function, to conceal part of a room from view or as a mere decorative element.

For indoor room dividers, we recommend the brands: DRIADE – TOMASUCCI – SLIDE

-        - Outdoor room dividers: more or less it has the same functions as an indoor room divider. Widely used in public places (restaurants, discos etc.), this accessory is used to divide large spaces into smaller more intimate areas.

For outdoor room dividers, we recommend the brands: KLORIS – SERRALUNGA 

Modern room dividers: The materials

The materials most used for the production of modern and design room dividers are many: from metal to bamboo, you are spoiled for choice. Among those used for indoor room dividers we find the ecological MDF, which is also an economic alternative to solid wood and real wood. The latter, so that the room divider is light, usually constitutes the frame of the accessory, while for the decorated part we can find the canvas or fabric, painted or printed with motifs of the most varied.

One of the materials that best holds up to the action of atmospheric agents is certainly polyethylene, a thermoplastic resin known for its insulating properties. For this reason, this plastic material is used for outdoor room dividers.

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