Mirrors List

All of mirrors available here in our online catalog.

Blabla Bonaldo Mirror

€1,249.28 -22% €974.44
Blabla Bonaldo Mirror , with wooden structure and metal shelf. Wall fixing.

Glenn Manum Mirror Cattelan Italia

€4,187.49 -35% €2,721.87
Glenn Magnum Mirror Cattelan Italia , wall or floor mirror entirely made in mirrored, smoked or bronze mirrored  crystal....

Matrix Mirror Tonin Casa

€409.50 -25% €307.13
Matrix mirror Tonin Casa with perimeter profile in painted metal and mirror in silver or bronze finish....

Family Mirror Tonin Casa

€619.50 -25% €464.63
Family mirror Tonin Casa round, with structure in Canaletto Walnut wood. Also equipped with hanger in gold...

Renoir Mirror Bontempi

€477.00 -25% €357.75
Renoir Bontempi mirror , shaped positioned horizontally or vertically and fixed shaped mirror. Available in two...

Mirror Lake Bonaldo

€729.56 -22% €569.06
Lake mirror Bonaldo  wall mirror, available in different sizes. Made with three bands in two different finishes....

Mirror Edgeless Bonaldo

€1,822.68 -22% €1,421.69
Edgeless mirror Bonaldo  with frame in different ceramic finishes. Available in small and large versions.

Mirror Cactus Bonaldo

€1,093.12 -22% €852.63
Cactus mirror Bonaldo  wall mirror, cactus-shaped with decorative insert in different finishes.

Mirror Pixel Slide

€293.00 -15% €249.05
Pixel Mirror Slide   made entirely of polyethylene in standard and lacquered finishes.