Mirrors List

All of mirrors available here in our online catalog.

Glenn Manum Mirror Cattelan Italia

€3,772.45 -10% €3,395.21
Glenn Magnum Mirror Cattelan Italia , wall or floor mirror entirely made in mirrored, smoked or bronze mirrored  crystal....

Matrix Mirror Tonin Casa

Matrix mirror Tonin Casa with perimeter profile in painted metal and mirror in silver or bronze finish....

Family Mirror Tonin Casa

Family mirror Tonin Casa round, with structure in Canaletto Walnut wood. Also equipped with hanger in gold...

Renoir Mirror Bontempi

€477.00 -25% €357.75
Renoir Bontempi mirror , shaped positioned horizontally or vertically and fixed shaped mirror. Available in two...

Mirror Lake Bonaldo

€729.56 -22% €569.06
Lake mirror Bonaldo  wall mirror, available in different sizes. Made with three bands in two different finishes....

Mirror Edgeless Bonaldo

€1,822.68 -22% €1,421.69
Edgeless mirror Bonaldo  with frame in different ceramic finishes. Available in small and large versions.

Mirror Cactus Bonaldo

€1,093.12 -22% €852.63
Cactus mirror Bonaldo  wall mirror, cactus-shaped with decorative insert in different finishes.

Mirror Pixel Slide

€293.00 -15% €249.05
Pixel Mirror Slide   made entirely of polyethylene in standard and lacquered finishes.

Mirror Mr. Giò Light Slide

€592.00 -15% €503.20
Mr. Giò Light Mirror Slide   backlit, made entirely of polyethylene in standard and lacquered colors.