Outdoor pots: the accessories that furnish the garden and the terrace

The outdoor pots have always been used to grow plants and to make the home garden rich in colour and vegetation. However, if once these accessories were used only outdoors, today vases are also used indoors, although more than to accommodate plants, they are used as an additional piece of furniture. For example, we can imagine hotel lobbies, in which we can admire splendid design vases of all kinds, or in restaurants and public places.

Types of outdoor pots

Tall outdoor pots: this type of garden pots usually exceed one meter in height and, in addition to being very comfortable because they do not force us to bend with the back, they also contribute to making the garden elegant, thanks to their elongated shape.


Low outdoor pots: they are the classic outdoor pots, usually in terracotta, which allow you to grow seasonal or perennial plants. Low outdoor pots are perfect for embellishing porches, walls, balconies and window sills outside and corners of living rooms, kitchens and dining areas.


Outdoor planters: planters are very useful if we do not have a garden in which to plant our plants. We can use them for both plants and flowers and it is important to buy them of the size and shape suitable for the space in question (balcony, garden, terrace) and for the plant we want to plant.

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Luminous vases: luminous vases are a category of garden or outdoor vases in general very popular for decorating outdoor environments, especially for a decorative matter. However, they can serve different functions, such as being a source of lighting and a home for plants or as elegant room separators. They are generally very resistant to atmospheric agents, shocks and they have a double bottom with a low energy consumption lamp and drainage hole for water.

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Outdoor pots materials

Among the most used materials for outdoor pots we find plastic materials that certainly allow for greater functionality. Vases made of plastic materials are also used in interiors, precisely because they are able to integrate into modern environments of any style, in offices and shops of all kinds. There are polyethylene or polypropylene pots that even have an auto-irrigation system capable of disposing of any excess water or, on the contrary, ensuring a small reserve from which the plant can draw in case of need.

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For polypropylene pots we recommend: MODUM by TELCOM

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