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Rotaliana: Suspension - table - floor - ceiling - wall lamps

Rotaliana is a well-known Italian company in the lighting sector, born in Trentino and immediately known not only in our country but also abroad.

The company's success is based on three key factors: passion, simplicity and innovation.
All products are the result of careful analysis in order to obtain the right lighting for daily comfort (both sensory and emotional) while respecting the surrounding environment.
Furthermore, the lamps are mainly presented with a design made up of simple but never banal lines. Rotaliana, in fact, doesn't follow the fashions of the moment but above all tries to understand and grasp the new needs to be at the forefront. Therefore, it seeks to continuously innovate thanks to the collaboration of designers from different backgrounds (both cultural and geographical), because only by investing in innovation, quality and design you can get products that last over time.

Chandeliers Suspension lamps

Suspension lamps are essential elements to give style and elegance to the home, regardless of the room in which they are placed. Available in different shapes, pendant lamps have become much more than a simple object to illuminate environments. They illuminate the environment from above, making it warm and welcoming.

Some models of suspension lamps are: Capri - Cloud – Drink

Table lamps

Table lamps are not only light generators, but they are also real furnishing accessories. They are design objects capable of enriching the environment even when they are off. On the cabinet next to the sofa, on the entrance furniture, on the desk or bedside table, they always give that extra touch to the decor. For this reason, design and attention to detail are fundamental in the creation of this furnishing accessory.

Examples of design table lamps are: Chiardiluna - Dina – Capri

Wall lamps

Wall lamps haven't a support base, since they are fixed to a wall. This feature is essential for those who have to furnish rooms with limited dimensions, where even the smallest footprint is a problem.

All modern wall lamps have an arm to which the lamp holder is connected, a hook for fixing to the wall and of course a lampshade.

Among the various proposals for design wall lamps we find: Belvedere - Collide – Dresscode

Floor lamps

Even floor lamps, like table lamps, have the dual function of illuminating and furnishing. Design floor lamps can be the absolute protagonists of lighting and furniture, and they are also able to enlarge small spaces and offer warmth to larger rooms. They are a good solution for general lighting or to provide additional lighting in any space; in fact, if combined with wall lamps or chandeliers they can give a complementary light by offering an extra light point to the walls.

Among the various models of modern floor lamps, we find: Dry - Eden Collection – Lightwire

Ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps, usually placed on the ceiling, allow you to furnish the room, leaving space and freedom for the arrangement of the furniture; they are in fact recommended especially for rooms with a not very high ceiling.
As in the case of pendant lamps, even ceiling lamps, illuminating from above give the environment homogeneous lighting.

Some examples of ceiling lamps are: Collide - Flow Glass - Luxy


Sunset Rotaliana Floor Lamp

€671.00 -20% €536.80
Sunset Rotaliana Floor Lamp, for interiors with indirect light. Aluminum frame. 2 available high-tech LED light kits.

Prince Rotaliana Floor Lamp

€823.50 -20% €658.80
Prince Rotaliana Floor Lamp,  for interiors with indirect light. Aluminum frame. Dimmable with Push command. LED light...

Lightwire Rotaliana Floor Lamp

€1,403.00 -20% €1,122.40
Lightwire Rotaliana Floor Lamp,  for interiors with diffused upward light. Structure in metal. Sensory dimmer. Available in 2...

String XL Rotaliana Floor Lamp

€1,769.00 -20% €1,415.20
String XL Rotaliana Floor Lamp, for interiors with direct light. Structure in extruded aluminum. Available in different...

String Rotaliana Floor Lamp

€384.30 -20% €307.44
String Rotaliana Floor Lamp, for interiors with direct light. Structure in extruded aluminum. Available in 2 versions....

Squiggle Rotaliana Floor Lamp

€1,439.60 -20% €1,151.68
Squiggle Rotaliana Floor Lamp, for interiors with indirect light. Aluminum structure. 2 different finishes.

Luxy Rotaliana Floor Lamp

€390.40 -20% €312.32
Luxy Rotaliana Floor Lamp, for interiors with direct and diffused light. Classic design with numerous available finishes.

Eden Rotaliana Floor Lamp

€1,061.40 -20% €849.12
Eden Rotaliana Floor Lamp,  for interiors. Polyester material. 3 available versions with numerous finishes. Dimmable with...

Dry Rotaliana Floor Lamp

€884.50 -20% €707.60
Dry Rotaliana Floor Lamp, for interiors with indirect light. Painted steel structure available in 6 finishes. Dimmable with...

Drink Rotaliana Floor Lamp

€701.50 -20% €561.20
Drink Rotaliana Floor Lamp, for interiors with diffused light. 6 versions available. Aluminum structure. LED light kit...