Bar chairs: modern solutions for indoors and outdoors

Practical, modern, full of style: bar chairs are essential furnishing accessories in a room, especially because they help define the style of the furniture. Modern bar chairs can turn towards a classic style or perhaps with a more innovative and trendy design while the materials that make up the structure can be varied. However, in addition to the aesthetics of the shapes, the functional aspect of a seat, or comfort for the manager and the customer, should not be underestimated. Bar chairs must have requirements that cannot be ignored as they affect the decision to opt for a specific modern bar chair. One of these is certainly practicality because a public place and in particular the bar is frequented by a large number of people everyday, who must be able to easily sit and always with simplicity one must be able to move and clean it. Again, there is the factor of comfort, an important factor for a bar chair because it allows customers to comfortably sit in their own room. In the end the sizes. These must be calibrated according to the size of the room. So the rule says: for a small bar then you need modern bar chairs that are not too bulky while for large venues we can exceed a little.

Types of bar chairs

There are many types of bar chairs, but we can choose those that more than others are right for us for a whole series of reasons ranging from personal preference, to the size until the material with which they are manufactured.

Stackable bar chairs: a feature that can make you opt for a bar chair rather than another is certainly that it is stackable. This allows you to exploit the available space at the end of the public space vertically, especially for those that develop mainly outside, and avoid damaging the bar chairs.

For stackable bar chairs, we recommend: BONTEMPI - COLOS - NARDI - PEDRALI - SCAB

Bar chairs with armrests: models of this type resemble armchairs and they are often chosen by the managers of public places because they give an elegant touch to the environment, as well as provide greater comfort to the customer.

For bar chairs with armrests, we recommend: BONTEMPI - COLOS - NARDI - PEDRALI - SCAB –SLIDE

Outdoor bar chairs: these modern bar chairs are manufactured with specific materials suitable to withstand bad weather, mostly resistant to the action of water and UV rays so that the chairs do not get damaged and their solidity is not compromised. Outdoor bar chairs can be chosen even if the venue only has inner spaces because in any case, we are talking about suitable and wear-resistant products.

For outdoor bar chairs, we recommend: BONTEMPI - COLOS - NARDI - PEDRALI - SCAB

Modern bar chair materials

As for the matter of materials, preferring one upholstery material over another helps to have bar chairs looking like new for a long time. We know how important it is to choose high quality models for your premises, a criterion that guarantees a better durability of the product over time.

Polypropylene bar chairs: this type of material makes versatility its strong point, so much so that bar chairs can also be used indoors. Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer with a low density, characterized by good thermal and abrasion resistance. To the touch it was born as rough, but it can be made smooth. However it is flammable and it can’t be considered ecological as it is derived from petroleum.

For modern polypropylene bar chairs, we recommend: BONTEMPI - COLOS - NARDI - SCAB - PEDRALI

Polycarbonate bar chairs: much more resistant to shocks than polypropylene, as well as an ecological material, polycarbonate (PC) is technically a carbonic acid polyester. Indeed, it has a high resistance to weight and bending, but smooth surfaces are more prone to scratches and abrasions. Polycarbonate chairs are undoubtedly perfect for indoors and outdoors.

For polycarbonate chairs, we recommend: BONTEMPI - PEDRALI - SCAB

Polyethylene bar chairs: this is also particularly suitable for outdoor spaces. Indeed, polyethylene has always been used for the production of outdoor furniture, above all garden tables and chairs.

For polyethylene bar chairs, we recommend: PEDRALI - SCAB - SLIDE

Outdoor steel bar chairs: steel is a suitable material for making outdoor bar chairs, due to the anti-rust treatments it undergoes. But be careful because if the steel outdoor chair is chipped, the rust will inevitably affect the damaged part, ruining the product and consequently the aesthetics of the room.

For outdoor steel bar chairs, we recommend: BONTEMPI

Aluminum bar chairs: chairs made with this material are synonymous with quality and solidity. Aluminum is known for its properties that make it one of the favorite metals in furnishing rooms, even externally. These characteristics are essentially handling and resistance to rust; in addition, a particular surface treatment allows high resistance to atmospheric agents and stains, allowing easy cleaning of the furniture.

For modern aluminum bar chairs, we recommend: NARDI

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