Sofa bed: Multifunction solution

Few homes nowadays manage to give up practicality of a comfortable sofa bed because, as you know, there might be guests and we don't want to be caught unprepared in the face of this eventuality. The sofa bed is therefore a space-saving piece of furniture first of all in small houses, but also in larger ones. This is the case when for example you do not have a guest room. Then we will have to welcome our friends on a sofa bed, 2 seater, 3-seater or a corner sofa bed. Not only when you have to host someone: the sofa bed is very popular in studios instead of the actual bed, or in holiday homes by the sea or in the mountains to have multiple beds.

Sofa beds: Be careful to the space

The sofa bed is not a simple sofa because, being transformable, its sizes increase not a little. You must therefore pay close attention to the place you want to assign to it. Depending on the space occupied by armrests and backrests, a sofa bed can be more or less large, with the same sizes of the base of the bed. To overcome this, many sofa beds are made without armrests and, once opened, they will have a minimum footprint, which does not exceed 160 x 200 cm. In terms of sizes it is not enough to consider the real space occupied by the sofa bed as it is also necessary to think of at least 50 cm to go down comfortably, a size that also guarantees autonomy of movement.

Types of sofa beds’ openings

As it is easy to guess, there are different types of sofa beds that vary according to the number of seats and the shape of the seat. Indeed, there are 2 seater sofa beds, corner sofa beds or bunk sofa beds. Among these the most common are certainly the 2 seater sofa beds or the corner sofa beds, where the corner can offer an additional bed. As for the opening systems, we can find:

  • PULL-OUT SOFA BEDS. This is the most common opening system consisting in extracting the base of the bed + mattress positioned under the seat and folded.
  • SOFA BEDS ACCORDION. This type of sofa bed folds into three parts, two folded backrests and one seat. The latter is extracted and, automatically, the mattress of the sofa bed relaxes.
  • FOLDING SOFA BEDS. This sofa bed opening mechanism opens by reversing the seat and inserts it, with the whole backrest in the compartment below.
  • CLIC CLAC SOFA BEDS. It is a type of opening, which allows you to obtain the bed from the backrest and from the seat of the sofa bed, which can be opened by means of an oscillating system around a lever.
  • SOFA BEDS WITH STORAGE SPACE. The latter mechanism consists in being able to extract the bed from a compartment under the seat when it is necessary to have extra beds in the house. Currently, this type of 2 seater sofa bed is considered obsolete due to the greater inconvenience of the mechanism compared to the others.

Base of the base and mattress

Other essential components of a sofa bed are the base of the bed and the mattress because their quality allows our guests to wake up well in the morning. Let's start by saying that the best base of the bed for a sofa bed is the slatted one, usually made of beech wood, because compared to the metal one, it is not subject to deformation, it has a better resistance over time. Indeed, it often happens that the metal base, especially in holiday homes by the sea or in the mountains, rusts over time because homes of this kind remain closed for most of the year.

As far as the mattress of a sofa bed is concerned, it is generally thinner than a normal mattress, but also more rigid. The thickness is around 10 cm, but if the sofa bed is used assiduously, then it is better to opt for a model with a mattress from 12 to 15 cm high. The standard length of bed base and mattress is 190 cm, but on the market there are models that go up to 195 and 200 cm. The width is variable, from 80-90 cm for a single sofa bed, 120 cm for a twin sofa bed and 160 cm for a double sofa bed. In the end the material used to make a mattress for a sofa bed is latex or polyurethane, even better if it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Types of coverings

Turning to the aesthetic side, the sofa beds can also be design sofas because we still speak of a furniture designed for a living area, in which materials, shapes and finishes are essential to give continuity to the furnishing style. The covering of a sofa bed can be in fabric, leather, eco-leather, alcantara and microfibre. These can be fixed or removable if we talk about sofa beds in fabric (cotton or linen) and microfibre, which often can also be washed in the washing machine. Alcantara is a fabric that can be treated with specific detergents and, usually, sofa beds of this type are not removable. Neither are the models covered in leather and eco-leather.

For modern sofa beds, 2 seater and 3-seater we recommend the brands: FELIS - TOMASUCCI

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