Shoe Cabinets

The shoe cabinet: a useful space-saving element at home

Shoe cabinets are the ideal solution for those who have a large quantity of shoes to be placed in small spaces. Generally, shoe cabinets are space-saving, but at the same time, capable of accommodating up to 24 pairs of shoes. Thanks to the variable but reduced depth, the shoe cabinets fit into the smallest spaces: behind a door, in the bathroom, under the stairs, in the garage, in the closet. Many, on the other hand, prefer to place shoe racks for wardrobe or those with a pleasant design in plain sight, therefore in the corridor, in the hallway or in the bedrooms.

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Shoe rack Angolo Pezzani

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Shoe rack Angolo Pezzani

Regular price €85.40 -26.5% Price €62.77
Shoe rack Angolo Pezzani, modular (1 module) made of polypropylene and complete with wall fixing elements.


- The wall-mounted shoe cabinet is the type of shoe cabinet that must have a support wall, necessary for fixing the accessory itself. Wall mounted shoe cabinets can have several openings, which allow you to accommodate pairs of shoes. Furthermore, wall-mounted shoe cabinets are considered the space-saving models par excellence as they are often modular, giving the possibility of creating compositions that are sometimes entire walls long.

For wall-mounted shoe cabinets, we recommend: PEZZANI - TOMASUCCI - SCARPIERA PUNTO NET


- The shoe rack for wardrobe, as the name implies, is the type of shoe rack recommended for those who do not have space problems in the house. Wider but also more capacious, the shoe cabinet can be placed in the bedroom because it does not take up much space in depth, only in width, but this allows you to store up to 30-40 pairs of shoes.

For shoe racks for wardrobe, we recommend: SCARPIERA PUNTO NET


- The floor shoe cabinets, on the other hand, are real cabinets, which we do not always manage to place in the right way at home. Fortunately, there are floor shoe racks of different styles, able to adapt to the best in the spaces of the house.

For floor shoe cabinets, we recommend: SCARPIERA PUNTO NET

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