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Cini & Nils: suspension, table, wall and floor lamps

Cini & Nils was born in Milan in 1969 from the genius of Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi, well-known designers who decided to create illuminating objects and direct them to the target audience.

This company transforms ideas into products with attention to the smallest details and cutting-edge that exploit LED technology, all with the utmost attention to environmental sustainability. Not only that, Cini & Nils also aims to ensure the well-being of man; there is in fact the Research & Development laboratory that analyzes and selects the best technologies to avoid stress and optical annoyances.

The company policy has always been based on: experience, collaboration and search for the best solutions. All the collections, in fact, are the result of the work of expert designers who make use of cutting-edge machinery.

Since its inception, Cini & Nils has also distinguished itself internationally with its innovative products; we find, in fact, some bar and table sets, revolving magazine racks and game tables made in the early 1970s and exhibited in the permanent collections of the MoMA in New York. The turning point, however, came in 1972 with the Cuboluce project, created by Franco Bettonica, thanks to which the company entered the world of lighting, becoming a point of reference for those who work in the sector.

To achieve even better results, Cini & Nils makes use of the contribution of expert designers. For example, we find Luta Bettonica (graduated in Industrial Design at the European Institute of Design, artistic director since 2002 and president of Cini & Nils since 2013), Giancarlo Leone (architect graduated from the Milan Polytechnic, in 1996 he began his collaboration with Luta Bettonica ), Alessandro Scandurra (designer known in Italy and abroad, visiting professor at SUPSI in Switzerland), Christiane Beer (German artist and sculptor; she also exhibited her works in the new Bocconi University in Milan and in Piazza San Carlo in Varese as well as various museums in Germany), Alessandro Ciffo (master in creating silicone artifacts, works that constitute a perfect combination of art and design).

Lighting is a fundamental aspect to take into consideration when furnishing an environment, as it helps to change the perception of space and why not also the appearance of the room itself. For this reason, at the basis of the realization of a lamp there are awaited studies on the choice of raw materials and on the projects of the various products, aspects for which Cini & Nils is a leader in the sector.

The Milan brand, moreover, to meet the needs of its customers creates lamps of various types, in fact offers a wide range of ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps.


Table lamps

Table lamps can be considered as real ornamental objects, as well as lighting generators. They are, in fact, positioned as if they were knick-knacks on bedside tables, desks, tables, etc. It is therefore necessary to choose a lamp with a design that suits the surrounding furniture and with a source of lighting suitable for the environment in which it is placed.

In this regard, Cini & Nils offers a wide range of decorative table lamps to choose from.

Examples of lamps of this type are: Ognidove made by Luta Bettonica and Giancarlo Leone - Cubo Luce by Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi - Solo by Luta Bettonica

Wall lamps

Unlike table lamps, wall lamps do not have a support base because they are fixed to the wall. They are usually chosen to illuminate small rooms as they take up little space. Also in this case the lamps take on the role of ornamental element, consequently the attention to detail is fundamental.

Among the various proposals for design wall lamps we find: Roma and Incontro by Luta Bettonica - Sestessina from the collaboration of Mario Melocchi and Luta Bettonica.


Chandelier Suspensions lamps

Chandeliers often dominate the scene in the various environments where they are placed, as they have a ceiling attachment that allows lighting from above and providing equally diffused lighting.
As with all types of lamps, pendant lamps also have the task of illuminating and furnishing.
Cini & Nils creates suspension lamps of all kinds, whether they are lamps with simple lines or lamps with a more innovative and sparkling style.

Examples of modern lamps of this type are: Sferico and Acqua made by Luta Bettonica - Fludd by Alessandro Scandurra

Floor lamps

The floor lamps, as the name suggests, have a base for support on the ground. Depending on the height you choose, they help to change the lighting of the environment.
They are generally used to furnish the living area above all, to make the atmosphere warmer and to better accommodate guests.

Among the various models of floor lamps we mention: Sestessa terra by Mario Melocchi and Luta Bettonica - Newcompany200 Lettura created by Luta Bettonica and Luca Melocchi - Passpartout created by Luta Bettonica


Roma Cini & Nils Wall lamp

€286.70 -15% €243.70
Roma Cini & Nils Wall lamp, for interiors dimmable with Phase cut, Push / Dali or Casambi controls. High-tech LED light...

Ognidove Cini & Nils Lamp

€384.30 -15% €326.66
Ognidove Cini & Nils Lamp, table and floor, for indoors and outdoors with indirect light with touch dimmer. Thin and...

Gradi Cini & Nils Floor Lamp

€658.80 -15% €559.98
Gradi Cini & Nils Floor Lamp, with wire breaker dimmer and bulb included. Structured in steel or satin nickel and with...

Sestessa Cini & Nils Floor lamp

€732.00 -15% €622.20
Sestessa Cini & Nils Floor lamp, for interiors with indirect and reflected light dimmer with wire breaker. 2 versions...

Assolo Cini & Nils Lamp

€341.60 -15% €290.36
Assolo Cini & Nils Lamp, table and floorlamp, dimmable with indirect LED light with a compact and linear design....

Assolo Cini & Nils Ceiling Lamp

€713.70 -15% €606.65
Assolo Cini & Nils Ceiling Lamp, for interiors, indirect light with a compact and linear design. Available in two sizes...