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Kundalini: suspension-, ceiling-, table-, wall-, floor lamps

Kundalini is an important Italian company operating in the lighting sector. It was born and developed in Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) and is characterized by a strong identity and a cosmopolitan and sophisticated style.

To make the products, the company relies on three main factors: attention to quality, reliability and concreteness. It uses the best materials, working them with cutting-edge techniques with the aim of combining technique, functionality and ease of use.

Kundalini lamps are distinguished mainly by the always new and innovative colors and geometric shapes; in fact, they draw inspiration from nature but also from industrial scenarios and visual arts. Furthermore, the vast collection of Kundalini lamps comes from the collaboration of internationally known designers and architects such as Karim Raschid, Chris Basias, Patricia Urquiola and many others, but also from emerging talents to always open up to new horizons.

Candelier Suspension lamps

Suspension lamps are essential to furnish your home with elegance and style, regardless of the room in which they are placed. Thanks to the possibility to choose between different shapes, the pendant lamps have become much more than a simple object to illuminate the rooms. They illuminate the environment from above, making it warm and welcoming.

Some models of suspension lamps are: Peacock - Lilli - Toot

Ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps, (so defined because they are usually placed on the ceiling), allow you to furnish the room, leaving space and freedom for the arrangement of the furniture; they are in fact recommended above all for environments with a rather low ceiling. Even ceiling lamps, like pendant lamps, illuminate from above, giving the environment homogeneous lighting.

Some examples of ceiling lamps are: Louis - Floed 2 - Giass

Wall lamps

Wall lamps haven’t a support base, as they are fixed to a wall. This peculiarity is fundamental for those who have to furnish small rooms, where even the smallest footprint can be a problem. All modern wall lamps have an arm to which the lamp holder is connected, a hook for fixing to the wall and of course a lampshade.

Among the various proposals of design wall lamps, we find: New York Wall - Tua - Frame

Table lamps

In addition to being light generators, table lamps are also real furnishing accessories. These design objects are capable of enriching the environment even when they are off. On the cabinet next to the sofa, on the entrance furniture, on the desk or on the bedside table, they always give that extra touch to the decor. For this reason, design and attention to detail are extremely important aspects in the creation of this piece of furniture.

Examples of designer table lamps are: Tatu - Hive - Tripod

Floor lamps

Even floor lamps, like table lamps, have the dual function of illuminating and furnishing. Design floor lamps can be the absolute protagonists of lighting and furnishings, and they also have the ability to enlarge small spaces and offer warmth to larger rooms. They represent a good solution for general lighting or to provide additional lighting in any space; in fact, if combined with wall lamps or chandeliers they can give a complementary light by offering an extra light point to the walls.

Among the various models of modern floor lamps, we find: Evita - Kyudo - Floob.

Kundalini Official online retailers

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A retailer or manufacturer authorized to sell directly to the consumer with the ability to apply discounts and promotions up to 30% - 45% of the initial price.


Tyla Kundalini Floor lamp

€1,012.60 -10% €911.34
Tyla Kundalini Floor lamp dimmable, direct LED light. Structure in painted metal. Blown and sandblasted glass diffuser.

Poise Kundalini Table Lamp

€414.80 -10% €373.32
Poise Kundalini Table Lamp , dimmable, direct LED light. Metal structure available in different finishes

Bohla Kundalini Suspension Lamp

€1,464.00 -10% €1,317.60
Bohla Kundalini Suspension Lamp , dimmable, indirect light and LED spot. External diffuser in transparent borosilicate...

Jer Kundalini Suspension Lamp

€713.70 -10% €642.33
Jer Kundalini Suspension Lamp , dimmable, direct LED light. Structure made of blown and hand-ground glass. 3 finishes...

Shakti Kundalini Wall Lamp

€304.53 -10% €274.07
Shakti Kundalini Wall Lamp , dimmable for indoors. Structure available in 4 finishes. 2 available versions. Artistic design.

Evita Kundalini Wall Lamp

€401.42 -10% €361.28
Evita Kundalini Wall Lamp , dimmable for indoors. Structure available in different finishes. LED light kit included.

Frame Kundalini Wall Lamp

€332.21 -10% €298.99
Frame Kundalini Wall Lamp , for indoors. LED light kit included. Dimmable with phase cut control. 2 available finishes.

Tua Kundalini Wall Lamp

€456.79 -10% €411.11
Tua Kundalini Wall Lamp , for indoors. LED light kit included. Dimmable with phase cut control. 2 available finishes.

Dawn Kundalini Lamp

€581.37 -10% €523.23
Dawn Kundalini Lamp , dimmable for indoors. LED light kit included. 2 available versions.