Decorative ornaments

Modern ornaments: umbrella stands, decorative vases and more

Modern knick-knacks are essential to have a complete and well-furnished home. These decorative accessories have an infinite number of shapes and colours and they can be classified according to their usefulness. The latter is a relative factor with respect to the decorative component of the object itself. A candlestick, indeed, is no longer almost used for the purpose for which it was born, but purely as an ornament.

Modern ornaments can be introduced in any room of the house, but certainly the one where they find their greatest place is the living room, followed by the kitchen and bedroom. Of course, a lot depends on the style of the interior and the type of space: a silver ornament is more suitable for the living room or dining area rather than the kitchen. But let's see which are the modern ornaments and the most common decorative accessories in our homes.


- Decorative vases: the first modern ornaments we think of are decorative vases. Unlike the classic terracotta or plastic plant pots, the decorative pots perform the function of ornament for living rooms, bedrooms or entrances, and to contain fresh flowers. The decorative vases can have various shapes and sizes: high / low, wide / thin, decorated or not, in short, there are a thousand types. The materials usually used to make these accessories are ceramic, fine porcelain or glass.


- Modern centerpieces: other very popular ornaments in our homes are modern centerpieces, created to hold fruit and at the same time to decorate the table. Today, modern centerpieces can be purely decorative complements, but always made with materials such as glass, blown glass, porcelain, ceramic and brass.


- Planters: even the planters, as well as the decorative pots, allow you to bring a little bit of nature into our home. Indoor planters are first of all decorative accessories, to be chosen according to the adopted style. They are usually made of steel, aluminum or metal.


- Candle holders: decorative and able to create atmosphere, candle holders are modern ornaments that are much loved and used when you want to emphasize a certain atmosphere. Given that they are in close contact with the open flame, these modern ornaments are made of glass or Murano glass.


- Candlestick: antique decorative accessory with a classic allure, the candlestick in the past played a very important role in homes because with a single element, you could place more candles and therefore better illuminate an environment. Today the candlesticks represents a classic ornament, albeit extensively revisited in a modern key, still much loved and widespread in homes. The materials used to make candlesticks are metal, brass, aluminum, steel and glass.


- Trays: these accessories are really indispensable, especially when we welcome guests and want to offer them something. The trays, if we are talking about refined design models, can be used as real decorative accessories to be displayed in the living room.


- Risers: these accessories, a bit like vases and centerpieces, allow you to decorate and at the same time offer delights such as chocolates and candies to guests. The risers are very elegant decorative pieces of furniture and they are testimony to the host's strong sense of welcome. They decorate cupboards and sideboards in particular during the holiday periods, on all Christmas and Easter periods.

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