Office ottomans, modern and design furnishing accessories

If you are looking for a versatile and elegant solution to furnish your office, an ottoman could be the right choice for you. Office ottomans are in fact an excellent option for creating a welcoming and comfortable environment, both for customers and employees.

In this section you will find numerous modern poufs to furnish the office with style, designed in Italy, in collaboration with the most important brands such as Cattelan Italia, Bonaldo, Potocco , Scab Design, Bonaldo, Martex , Kastel and the best designers on the international scene.

How to choose the right pouf for your office

First of all, it's important to choose the right ottoman for your office based on your needs and style. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Size : The ottoman should be large enough to provide comfort, but not so large that it takes up too much space.
  • Style : choose an ottoman that fits the design of your office.
  • Material : choose a material that is resistant and easy to clean, especially if you plan to use the ottoman frequently.
  • Color : Choose a color that fits your decor and is able to resist stains.

The benefits of the office ottoman

In addition to being a decorative element, the office ottoman offers numerous advantages:

  • Comfort : Poufs are a great solution for providing a comfortable seat for your customers or employees.
  • Versatility : poufs can be used in a variety of ways, such as extra seats, footrests or even as side tables.
  • Mobility : Poufs are lightweight and easy to move around, which means they can be used in different places around the office depending on your needs.
  • Economy : Poufs are generally less expensive than sofas or armchairs, but still offer a great solution for office furniture.

Furnishing an office in a functional and welcoming way can be a difficult task, but adding an ottoman can make all the difference. This piece of furniture can offer many benefits for employees and customers, but it is important to make the right choice based on material and design.

Materials used, choice of sizes and finishes

Among the most common materials used for office ottomans , we find leather, fabric, eco-leather and synthetic materials . Leather ottomans are elegant and durable, but require specific care to maintain their beauty and durability.

Fabric ottomans, on the other hand, come in many colors and textures, are soft and comfortable, but can stain more easily than leather.

Faux leather is a good alternative to real leather, as it has a similar look but is easier to maintain and often more affordable.

Models made from synthetic materials can be inexpensive and come in many styles and colors, but they may have less durability than other materials and may not be as comfortable as models made from leather or fabric.

Ergonomic office ottomans

As far as ergonomic bean bags are concerned , these are designed to offer optimal support and comfort during extended use. They can be adjustable to suit individual needs and offer many positioning options, such as height or angle adjustment. Ergonomic beanbags can help reduce lower back pain and discomfort associated with prolonged use of non-ergonomic office chairs, as well as encourage proper posture.

In addition to materials and design, it is important to consider the use of the pouf in the office . Multifunctional ottomans can be used as extra seating or as side tables, while custom ottomans can be a great branding opportunity for the business. It is also important to take care of office ottomans, keeping them clean and in good condition to ensure their durability over time.

The best modern poufs to furnish the office?

In addition to poufs in common materials such as leather, fabric, and eco-leather , many office furniture brands offer unique, high-quality design options. Among these, the Cattelan, Martex , Bonaldo and Kastel brands are some of the best known.

Cattelan offers a wide range of office ottomans, including models in leather or fabric with a metal or solid wood base. Many of their poufs feature a modern and sophisticated design, such as the Loop model, featuring a spiral shape and available in different shades of leather.

Martex , on the other hand, offers ergonomic poufs with a sphere shape that allows you to maintain a correct position of the spine and reduce muscle tension. Their poufs are made of breathable and washable technical fabric and can also be used as extra seats.

Bonaldo focuses on ottomans with an elegant and captivating design , such as the Blues model, characterized by a crescent shape and available in a vast range of colours. Their poufs can also be made to measure, so as to adapt perfectly to the needs of the office.

Finally, Kastel offers ottomans with simple and clean shapes , able to easily adapt to any environment. Their poufs are available in fabric or eco-leather and can be customized with different color and finish options.

How to furnish an office with a modern style using ottomans?

Poufs are a versatile and functional piece of furniture that can be used in many different ways within an office. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used to furnish the office in a modern and original way, helping to create a welcoming and comfortable workspace.

To furnish the office with a modern style it is important to consider several aspects. First of all, it is important to choose ottomans with shapes and colors suitable for the environment in which they will be placed . For example, if the office has minimalist furniture, you could opt for poufs with simple and clean shapes, perhaps in neutral tones such as white or black. Conversely, if you want to give a touch of color to the room, you could choose poufs with original shapes and bright colors , such as red or yellow.

Another important aspect to consider is functionality, these complements can be used as extra seats , but they can also be used as side tables or as decorative elements. For example, you could choose a model with particular shapes and use it as a decorative element, placing it in a corner of the office to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Furthermore, the poufs can be used to create relaxation areas within the office, where employees can take a break from work and relax. For example, a relaxation area could be created with ottomans in a corner of the office,  combining them with plants or paintings to create a welcoming atmosphere

They can be used to create flexible workstation. For example, it could be used as a table to rest the laptop, or as a footrest during working hours. This type of solution makes it possible to make the work environment more flexible and adaptable to the needs of the employees.

They can be used in a versatile and functional way within a modern office , helping to create a welcoming and comfortable workspace. Choosing poufs with shapes and colors suitable for the environment, using them in a functional way and creating relaxation areas are just some of the ways in which they can be used to furnish an office with a modern style.

Functional furnishings: the ottoman coffee table for the modern living room

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