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Sun loungers: the characteristics and materials of a relaxing furniture

The sun loungers immediately refer to holidays and hours spent in complete relax by the sea, by the pool or simply in your garden or on the terrace. Sun loungers are outdoor furniture that are certainly not used in the same way as tables, chairs or armchairs, but they are still very popular with those who love sunbathing even without a body of water in front of them. The important thing is that the sun or pool lounger is of excellent quality, to withstand the summer sunrays, to support our weight and so that it does not cause us any kind of discomfort.


Flair Gervasoni sunbed

Price €1,984.00

Flair Gervasoni sunbed

Price €1,984.00
Gervasoni Flair sunbed, for outdoors, made with an embossed painted aluminum tubular structure. Reclining backrest and removable cover with quilted fabric.

Jeko Gervasoni sun lounger

Price €2,817.00

Jeko Gervasoni sun lounger

Price €2,817.00
Jeko Gervasoni sun lounger, made of ECOTeak wood, a material derived from the reuse of reclaimed teak beams and elements, featuring a reclining backrest and a removable, covered mattress.
  • -15%

Rail Pedrali sun lounger

Regular price €1,166.32 -15% Price €991.37

Rail Pedrali sun lounger

Regular price €1,166.32 -15% Price €991.37
Rail Pedrali sun lounger, made of anodized aluminum crosspieces, legs and adjustment frame in AISI 304 stainless steel, powder coated. The seat, the backrest and the object holder are in textilene. Backrest adjustable in four positions. Available padded mattress in polyurethane, equipped with a hood to remain anchored to the structure. Feet in black polypropylene or available with wheels in black polyethylene.

Types of sun loungers: Designed to satisfy all comforts

They probably all look the same, but there are many types of sun or pool loungers, each of which has its own characteristics. The sun loungers are also not bulky, easy to maintain and extremely comfortable.

- Folding sun loungers: comfort is guaranteed if you opt for a model of this type. Folding sun loungers are to be preferred if we have more than one and if, at the end of the summer, we need to store them in a closet, perhaps a small one. Furthermore, the maintenance of a folding beach or swimming pool lounger, compared to a fixed one, will be much easier because folding it can also reach the most hidden points.

For folding sun loungers, we recommend: NARDI - SCAB

- Sun loungers with wheels: there are those who much prefer a sun lounger with wheels. It is a model that has two rear wheels, usually made of the same material as the bed. These allow you to move the lounger with ease by lifting it just in front and moving it.

For sun loungers with wheels, we recommend: NARDI - PLUST - SCAB

- Sun loungers with canopy: for many, the canopy is an essential accessory for optimal use of the sun loungers. Indeed, not everyone can stand the scorching summer sun on their heads and after a while they need to take shelter. Still, most people love to read books and magazines by the sea or by the pool and, understandably, it is a difficult activity to do without a canopy.

For sun loungers with canopies, we recommend: NARDI

For sun loungers without canopies, we recommend: NARDI - SCAB

- Sun lounger with reclining backrest: this feature is also considered essential. Having a pool lounger with backrest means having the ability to change its inclination according to the needs of the person and the moment.

For sun loungers with reclining backrest, we recommend: SCAB - NARDI - PLUST - SLIDE

- Sun lounger with fixed backrest: if the use of the sun lounger is just for relax, perhaps on the terrace or under the porch of the house in the countryside, then you can choose a sun lounger with a fixed backrest. There are really special design models, but also extremely comfortable and worth considering.

For fixed backrest sun loungers, we recommend: PLUST - SLIDE

Sun loungers, the most used materials

The reasons that can lead to choose one material over another are varied and have to do with design, ease of maintenance (another important aspect) or the available budget. In general, if previously the material used to manufacture furnishing accessories was basically wood, today one is constantly looking for materials that are increasingly capable of withstanding stress, adverse weather conditions and many other situations in which other materials would have no escape.

- Polyethylene: the most common of plastic materials is also used for the production of sun loungers thanks to its characteristics, i.e. tensile and tractional resistance, as well as atmospheric agents such as UV rays, frost and rain, keeping the characteristics of shape and colour unaltered.

For polyethylene sun loungers, we recommend: NARDI - PLUST

- Polypropylene: this material, also known as synthetic resin, is a thermoplastic polymer widely used for the construction of sun or garden loungers and, in general, for outdoor furniture due to its good thermal and abrasion resistance. Nonetheless, it feels quite rough, but it is sturdy, durable and light.

For polypropylene sun loungers, we recommend: NARDI

- Technopolymers: the best known and most appreciated in the furniture world is certainly polycarbonate. This type of material has high physical-mechanical characteristics such as stiffness, toughness, ductility, workability, resistance to high temperatures and aging such as to allow its use even in replacement of metals.

For technopolymer garden loungers, we recommend: SCAB

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