Modern Ottomans

Modern Ottomans

Design ottomans: The essential furniture in the living room

There are different types of ottomans on the market, but united by a single denominator, practicality. Over the years, the design ottoman has conquered an increasingly large audience, which has been able to fully grasp the potential of this furnishing accessory. The room par excellence for an ottoman is the living room, whose furnishing style is enriched with unusual shapes and colours. It can be chosen in continuity or in contrast, chromatic or material, with the lines present in the room where it is placed. Indeed, design ottomans are very often considered as spots of colour with the task of capturing attention, used in place of bulky seats or to play down a space considered too serious. It is no coincidence that there are models covered in fabric, plain or patterned, in leather or eco-leather, with wooden or metal structure, or completely in polyethylene, storage ottomans or bright ottomans: all united by extreme practicality in furnishing small living rooms by focusing on comfort.


Design ottomans for a functional sleeping area

Comfort must be a characteristic found in all divisions of the house: the sleeping area is the one that most frequently people associate with comfort, so we can only evaluate the inclusion of a design ottoman even in such an intimate space. The possibilities to insert a design ottoman in a bedroom are several: combined with a charming armchair or inserting a set of storage ottomans, in such a way as to combine style and functionality. Storage ottomans indeed have a storage compartment inside them where you can store objects or nightwear, particularly suitable for small rooms. Storage ottomans, being a design ottoman, can also be used in the living room, however using the storage compartment inside them. There aren’t only ottomans of this kind. There are also bright ottomans, which have the dual function of being comfortable seats and an alternative light source. In addition, bright ottomans can also be used outside as they are usually made with materials suitable for withstanding the weather elements.

For storage ottomans we recommend the brands: PLUST COLLECTION - TOMASUCCI


Types of design ottomans and features

As with all furnishings, when purchasing a design ottoman we must consider a number of factors, such as the size and materials with which it is made, so that we can choose the one that is most in line with the furnishing style of our living room.

CLASSIC MODEL: Classic ottomans have soft, circular or elliptical shapes, and are characterized by the comfort and ability to be combined with sofas or armchairs, as an additional seat or as a footrest.

SQUARE MODEL: although there are now many on the market, square ottomans are not among the classic models such as circular ones. Square design ottomans are perfect for those who love to enrich their living room with geometric shapes because they can be combined with each other in various ways.

BAG MODEL: if we want to opt for a less formal model, we can evaluate a very soft bag ottoman. These design ottomans are increasingly popular for decorating living rooms with a modern or eclectic style, as well as the children's bedroom. As for patterns and materials, they are of the most disparate, generally very resistant, while the padding usually consists of polystyrene microspheres.

For bag design ottomans we recommend: TOMASUCCI - POUF DESIGN

Maintenance of design ottomans materials

Like everything we use, ottomans also need maintenance. Being then a piece of furniture, this practice becomes necessary. The materials with which an ottoman is made can be many, but certainly the most common are leather, eco-leather, various fabrics and weather-resistant materials for outdoor design ottomans. For outdoor ottomans it would always be better to choose them taking into account the removable cover of the furniture: this feature allows you to comfortably wash the ottoman covering in the washing machine and clean it whenever you want. In any case, the washing instructions should be always checked. If this is not possible, stains can be removed with Marseille soap and a damp cloth or with baking soda and a fabric brush. If we decide to buy a leather ottoman for the living room or any other home space, then we must have more precautions. Indeed although leather ottomans are durable, they can be stained and therefore the removal of stains becomes more difficult. Therefore, the best option is to intervene with a cloth dampened on the stain or with specific dry sprays: in this way we will always have our leather (or core leather) ottoman as new.


Pouf Clessidra Bonaldo

€756.40 -22% €589.99
Clessidra pouf Bonaldo with plywood frame and high density non-deformable rubber padding. Upholstery in St. Moritz...

Pouf Summertime Slide

€1,647.00 -15% €1,399.95
Summertime Pouf Slide  completely made in in polyethylene, in standard finishes.

Pouf Lempi Slide

€305.00 -15% €259.25
Lempi Pouf Slide  made entirely of polyethylene in standard and bright finish. Cushion included.

Pouf Giò Bed Slide

€3,138.00 -15% €2,667.30
Giò Bed Pouf Slide  made entirely of polyethylene in bright finishes. Eco-leather cushion included.

Pouf Giò Slide

€1,208.00 -15% €1,026.80
Giò Pouf Slide  made entirely of polyethylene in bright finishes. Eco-leather cushion included.

Pouf Gelée Grand Slide

€964.00 -15% €819.40
Gelée Grand Pouf Slide  completely made in different finishes of soft polyurethane.

Pouf Gelée Slide

€243.00 -15% €206.55
Gelée Pouf Slide  completely made in different finishes of soft polyurethane.

Pouf Mara Slide

€323.50 -15% €274.98
Mara Pouf Slide  structure in  polyethylene, wadding padding with waterproof laminated acrylic fabric lining.

Bench Leeon Soft Driade

€2,874.00 -20% €2,299.20
Bench Leeon Soft Driade    with wooden seat, elastic strap and fixed cushions in different finishes.

Pouf Hervé Driade

€812.00 -20% €649.60
Hervé pouf Driade , with embossed gray olive painted steel structure, with seat cushion. Indoor / outdoor use.

Pouf Lisa Lounge Scab

€401.38 -30% €280.97
Pouf Lisa Lounge Scab   with seat and back upholstered in different finishes. The structure is in tubular steel available...

Ring Bonaldo

€927.20 -22% €723.22
Ring pouf Bonaldo  with wooden and polystyrene structure, upholstered in leather or fabric. Equipped with a decorative ring....