Modern sofas and design armchairs for a perfect living room

What would a home be without modern sofas and armchairs to sink into when you get home? Choosing to furnish your home with design sofas and armchairs means studying the style and colours of these splendid furnishing items. Living area or sleeping area, the choice of sofas and armchairs is absolutely basic, especially if you think that it is not only personal preference that must be satisfied, but also the usefulness of a piece of furniture when, for example, you have guests.


Sheridan Désirée sofa

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Sheridan Désirée sofa

Ask for the best price!
Sheridan Désirée sofa, Structure: in metal and wood, padded with differentiated density polyurethane foam and covered with coupled protective fabric. Cushions in matt bronze painted metal. Covering: completely removable fabric and leather.

When you think about furnishing the living room, the first furniture you think about are certainly modern sofas. Fortunately, nowadays there are modern linear, corner or peninsula sofas to meet all space requirements as well as very practical double sofa beds, comfortable and useful in case of unexpected guests.

- The modern linear sofa is the classic 2, 3 or 4 seater sofa and in other words, the seats are arranged along a straight line. These sofas are the most popular and loved because they allow you to adapt them to all spaces, also being able to change their arrangement.


- Corner sofas are those modern sofas that allow you to create corners and separations, for example, in an open space. They are larger than linear ones and they are more suitable for large spaces.


- Modern peninsula sofas, on the other hand, are very similar to corner sofas, with the difference that they have a relax offshoot at one end, along which you can stretch your legs.


Modern sofas, whether linear, corner or with peninsula, can be double sofa beds. The double sofa beds have a chest of drawers where the mattress is stored which is opened when needed, transforming the sofa into a comfortable double bed.

The design armchairs, like the sofas, are furnishings that contribute to making the living room welcoming both if we choose them in the same style as the other furniture, and if we opt for a breakthrough design armchair. The armchair is a piece of furniture intended to accommodate one person only, unlike modern sofas, and for this reason it is located halfway between the sofa and the chair. Compared to the first, the armchair is smaller and more structured, while compared to the chair it is lower and it has armrests.

Another matter for relax armchairs, designed to relieve back or joint problems. This type of design armchair can be manual or electric, depending on the functionality of the lifting mechanism, backrest and footrest.


Less common than modern sofas and design armchairs are chaise longues. These lounge chairs have been designed to give relax to those who lie down and therefore add a relaxing touch to the living room. Not only. Even the external environments, such as the garden or the terrace, are now considered outdoor offshoots of the house, for which you must take care as much as the interiors. Modern sofas for outdoors, design armchairs in plastic material and chaise longue designed to withstand the elements are increasingly common in gardens, terraces, balconies both in the city and in the countryside. Indoor chaise longues can have a steel, wood or plastic structure, covered in leather, eco-leather, fabric and other materials.

In the end, in the living room we find a nice and functional piece of furniture, the ottoman. Placed between modern sofas or next to a beautiful design armchair, the ottoman can be used as a footrest for a sofa, as a temporary seat or, if we are talking about a storage ottoman, as a storage compartment. The versatility of the ottoman allows it to also fit into the bedroom, as a decorative or functional element.

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