Gervasoni 1882: Sofas, Seating, Tables, Outdoor Furniture

Imagine a world where elegance meets comfort, where Italian design blends with functionality.

Introducing Gervasoni, the epitome of timeless style. On our online shopping platform, we invite you to discover an exclusive collection of modern furniture - tables that capture attention, seats that pamper, sideboards that are functional works of art, and beds that transform sleep into a luxurious experience.

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Gervasoni is a renowned Italian company that produces indoor and outdoor designer furnishings. It was founded in 1882 in Udine as a specialized artisan workshop in wicker processing.

The success of this company is based on the continuous search for the best raw materials and craftsmanship techniques. Gervasoni uses materials with different backgrounds - natural, contemporary, exotic, impactful - treating them with respect for the environment and with the aim of enhancing their value.

In the wide range of Gervasoni products, we find sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, and other furniture accessories designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, not only for domestic use but also for contract spaces.

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Immerse yourself in the comfortable luxury of Gervasoni sofas. Each sofa is a statement of style and comfort, designed with the mastery of Italian craftsmanship.

The sophisticated selection of materials, from fine leather to natural linen, offers a variety of textures and shades to suit any home aesthetic. Gervasoni's innovative designs combine functionality with elegant aesthetics, providing options for every space, from small lofts to spacious villas.

The attention to detail and focus on comfort make every Gervasoni sofa a lasting investment in the beauty and well-being of your living space. Enjoy a book, socialize with friends, or simply relax after a long day on Gervasoni sofas, an exquisite experience.

Sofas and armchairs are essential for dedicating yourself to some relaxation. In this regard, Gervasoni has designed various models to fully enjoy your leisure time, both inside and outside your home or contract environment.

  • Ghost is one of the flagship collections, consisting of a fixed sofa, modular options (to create custom compositions), a sofa bed for unexpected guests, and an armchair. It features a minimal and slim structure padded with expanded polyurethane, containing floating cushions filled with a feather blend. Its main characteristic lies in the removable cover, an oversized cover with visible stitching.
  • Nuvola sofa and armchair are other design complements from the entire catalog. They have soft and voluminous forms, with differentiated-density polyurethane padding covered with quilted goose feather and polyester fiber flakes. The cover is also removable with visible stitching for easy style changes.
  • The Saia armchair and sofa are made with differentiated-density polyurethane padding. The seat has a pocket spring insert to improve comfort and durability. They are available with rolling feather cushions. Finally, these models also have a removable cover with visible cord.


Explore the world of effortless elegance with Gervasoni seating. These creations, made by skilled artisans, are the result of a long tradition of excellence in Italian design.

Gervasoni seating stands out for its extraordinary design that combines style, comfort, and functionality. Whether you choose a traditional chair, an armchair, or a stool, each piece expresses a discreet elegance that enhances any environment.

The carefully selected high-quality materials ensure unparalleled durability, while the clean lines and sophisticated details add a touch of luxury to your home. Ideal for family dinners, formal meetings, or simple moments of relaxation, Gervasoni seating offers a comfort experience without compromise.

With a keen eye for sustainability and aesthetics, Gervasoni continues to reinvent the art of sitting.

In the seating section, we have a wide range of kitchen, living room, rocking chairs, and even benches.

In the chairs category, for example, we have the Gray, Allu, and Yelek models.

  • Gray is made of wood with slatted or upholstered backrest and is available in various finishes to best suit different styles of decor.
  • Allu is a chair with a tubular anodized aluminum structure, designed for both domestic and contract settings. Its characteristic lies in the clean lines and geometric shapes; it is available in two versions: chair and armchair with armrests.
  • Yelek is a seat designed mainly for living areas. It is made with a structure in different lacquered ash finishes and a polyurethane seat on a strapped plywood frame with a removable quilted fabric cover.

Gervasoni also offers two bench models: Yaku and Gray. The Yaku bench is made entirely of veneered MDF, available in Cherry, Ash, and Obsidian colors. The Gray bench, on the other hand, has an upholstered seat with expanded polyurethane, a removable cover with visible stitching, and a wooden structure (Canaletto walnut, bleached oak, or lacquered oak).

Finally, in this section, we also find the Gray rocking chair with a wooden structure, available with slatted backrest or floating cushion.


Discover the art of elegance with Gervasoni tables, iconic design pieces that add timeless charm to your space. Each table is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, created with passion and acute attention to detail.

Gervasoni uses a variety of high-quality materials, from fine woods to tempered glass, from patinated metals to natural stone, to create tables that withstand the test of time and remain always fashionable. Whether you are looking for a dining table to gather your family, a coffee table for your living room, or an elegant desk for your office, the Gervasoni collection offers a range of styles and sizes to fit any space.

Each piece embodies a balanced synthesis of functionality and beauty, transforming meals, work, or simple relaxation into special moments. Enhance your home with a Gervasoni table: it's not just furniture, it's an experience.

In the Gray collection, we find tables and coffee tables in various shapes (round, square, and rectangular), sizes, and styles (modern and vintage). The predominant material is wood, but there are also versions with porcelain or marble tops, etc.

The Brick collection consists of tables and coffee tables. The table (available in various sizes and shapes) follows a Nordic style, as its base is made of sections of naturally debarked hornbeam trunk in clear contrast with the waxed iron sheet top. The coffee table, on the other hand, is entirely made of wood, with three legs and a round top in various sizes.

Another Gervasoni collection is Next, which includes tables and coffee tables. The table is available with a round or oval top and a structure composed of a single central leg or a sculptural base. The predominant materials are marble, wood, and cement. The coffee tables also have a round or oval top but are entirely made of polished aluminum casting.


In addition to various furnishing accessories designed for daytime relaxation, Gervasoni has also designed various beds, such as the Loll and Plumeau models.

  • The Loll bed features soft lines and a cut-and-sew profile, available in standard double, queen, and king sizes. It stands out for its removable bed frame, removable cover, and upholstered headboard. It is also available on request with storage space.
  • Plumeau is an upholstered bed with a removable bed frame and a headboard in polyurethane on a curved plywood structure. The headboard and bed frame cover are removable and available in quilted fabric. Finally, the feet are wooden, covered in fabric.


Lamps complete the decor and add that extra touch to the environment by diffusing more or less soft light from different points where they are placed.

Among the table lamps, Gervasoni offers, for example, the Beds model, a stem lamp with a Canaletto walnut base and an interwoven lampshade in natural rattan with an elegant and informal style, adaptable to modern and minimalistic decor.

Among the floor lamps, we find the Spin lamp, characterized by sinuous lines and made entirely of natural interwoven rattan. It is also capable of creating a warm and cozy atmosphere thanks to the light filtered through the natural fiber weave.

Finally, in the suspension lamps, we remember the Brass model, a lamp with a strong decorative impact, appearing as a curved brass disk. It is mainly designed to furnish design environments.


These fascinating details, including rugs, lamps, and outdoor furniture, add the finishing touch to your home, turning it into a polished and personalized space. Gervasoni rugs, with their high-quality materials and contemporary designs, provide warmth and texture to your floors, offering a sensory experience with every step.

The elegant and efficient lamps provide perfect illumination to enhance every corner of your home, creating a welcoming and intimate atmosphere. Finally, Gervasoni outdoor furniture invites you to extend the beauty of Italian design outdoors, with durable and visually captivating furniture designed to withstand the weather without sacrificing elegance. Each element of Gervasoni furniture accessories has been designed to harmoniously integrate with your style, enhancing the uniqueness of your space. Immerse yourself in the world of Gervasoni, where every detail is a design element.

Gervasoni's production also offers other furniture accessories to take care of every detail of your decor.

Following the path of minimal and modern style, we find mirrors such as the Brick and Sweet models, the Next rug, the Black room divider, and the Wind fan.

The Story of Gervasoni: A Brand with Artisan Heritage

Founded in 1882, Gervasoni is a family-owned company with deep roots in Italian artisan tradition. Starting as a small workshop specializing in wickerwork in the province of Udine, Gervasoni has undergone an extraordinary evolution over the decades, becoming a reference point in the indoor and outdoor furniture sector.

Under the guidance of Giovanni Gervasoni, who took over the reins of the company in 1925, Gervasoni made a significant impact on the Italian history of 20th-century design. Today, managed by the third generation of the family, Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni, the company maintains its recognizable style worldwide, combining an informal approach with contemporary elegance. Read more >>

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