The ideal outdoor furniture for terraces and gardens: Serralunga products are those of a specialized line for outdoors

Serralunga: garden and outdoor furniture

Immerse yourself in the luxury and elegance of Italian design with the Serralunga garden furniture collection . Each piece is a perfect combination of extraordinary aesthetics and impeccable functionality, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

Our uniquely designed pots add a touch of style and color to your outdoor spaces, while our chairs, tables and sofas create the ideal setting for an outdoor lunch or to enjoy an aperitif at sunset.

And don't forget our outdoor lamps , which with their soft light will make every evening unforgettable. Serralunga products, synonymous with innovation, quality and style, are the perfect choice for transforming your garden into an oasis of beauty and comfort.

The beginnings and the specialization in outdoor furniture

Founded in 1825 in Biella, Serralunga is a leading company in the outdoor furniture sector. Initially founded as a tannery, it later asserted its success by focusing on the production of pots.

In the sector of modern furniture sector, Serralunga is a company known for its extraordinary reinterpretation of commonly used objects such as vases which become accessories with an innovative design, capable of enhancing and renewing each environment in which they are arranged.

Known for its production of designer garden furniture . It has its roots in the Italian artisan tradition but at the same time pushes the limits of contemporary design. They are known for their innovative use of materials and their experimental approach that combines function with beauty.

Their philosophy focuses on making outdoor spaces just as welcoming and attractive as indoors. Serralunga's goal is to create outdoor furniture that has a sense of elegance and style, without sacrificing durability and functionality.

Outdoor technology and design

Specialized in outdoor accessories , Serralunga has expanded its production by introducing other furnishing elements from time to time: tables, lamps and seats in order to enrich and enhance any external environment such as gardens, terraces, squares.

A fundamental feature of the brand is the processing of plastic, a light but at the same time resistant material that allows the generation of accessories with innovative and original shapes and an inimitable design.
The propensity for innovation has led Serralunga to experiment with new shapes and new technologies, such as that of rotational molding, which translate into functional but at the same time pleasing to the eye compliments.

Company and Designer Serralunga

Born in Biella in 1825 , Serralunga is a family-run company that is dedicated to the production of vases, lighting and furnishing accessories, with passion and love for new technologies while maintaining the rigor of the Italian production tradition.

Three of the most important innovations carried out by Serralunga include injection molding in 1959 and industrial production for furnishings with plastic in 1980 .

Thanks to the collaboration with nationally and internationally renowned designers such as Naoto Fukasawa , Michele De Lucchi, Ron Arad, Aldo Cibic, Jean-Marie Massaud , Serralunga has produced iconic vases and modern and futuristic indoor and outdoor furnishing elements sold all over the world .

Outdoor furniture since 1925: discover the Serralunga Design collection

Founded as a tannery in 1825, Serralunga over the years has transformed into a manufacturer of outdoor furniture, in our catalog you will find: Contract and Residential Furniture , Urba Supplies, Lighting, Art, Velvety , Garden vases Contract , gift items, vases of the Italian tradition, all produced in Italy, the plant has over 65 employees who work on 1,200 tons of plastic a year.

Marco Serralunga's philosophy explains his philosophy in this interview “Every soul has its own place where it calms down. I imagine spaces where my objects restore a sense of stillness and a sensation of beauty in a natural environment. This is the dream that guides my daily life: a fluid boundary between the outside and the inside, where the outside becomes intimate and the inside bright and sunny, mixing things up and creating the unexpected. Emotionally.” [Marco Serralunga]

Furnish your home garden with Serralunga 1825 furniture

Discover the best-selling products to furnish your home garden or terrace with style, with vases and outdoor armchairs, with a modern and unconventional design, all the advice of Arredare Moderno on the Serralunga brand.

Outdoor tables and chairs

Among Serralunga 's outdoor items , let 's not mention the selection dedicated to garden tables and chairs , discover Serralunga 's versatility lies in creating objects that adapt perfectly to interiors , gardens and even public places . And this also derives from the almost unrestrained experimentation of materials, technologies and, if you will, shapes.

Serralunga Official online retailers

Arredare Moderno is Serralunga's official online retailer , on our website you will find: single and double beds, sofa beds, armchairs, corner and classic sofas, modern tables and chairs, garden furniture , true Italian design directly online and in the store, thanks to the partnership with the well-known Italian brand we are able to offer our customers outlet prices and unmissable promotions.

A retailer or manufacturer authorized to sell directly to the consumer with the possibility of applying discounts and promotions of up to 30% - 45% of the initial price.

Indoor and outdoor pots, garden furniture

Serralunga vases are an authentic expression of Italian design, renowned for their union of functionality and aesthetics. Each piece is meant to be not just a container for plants, but a design element in its own right, able to elevate any outdoor environment.

Created with cutting-edge technologies and high quality materials , Serralunga pots are resistant to atmospheric agents, guaranteeing a long life. Furthermore, their variety of shapes, sizes and colors allows you to choose the product that best suits the style of each garden or terrace.

The collections range from more classic and sober lines , ideal for traditional settings, to more daring and innovative shapes, perfect for modern and contemporary spaces. Among the most famous products of the company, there are the luminous vases , which combine the function of container for plants with that of outdoor lamp, creating magical atmospheres in the evenings outdoors.

Serralunga sofas and armchairs

Sofas and armchairs are the perfect representation of the marriage between comfort, durability and sophisticated design. Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy , these outdoor furniture pieces are designed to transform any outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation and style.

The innovative use of weather-resistant materials , such as polyethylene, allows these pieces of furniture to withstand all climatic conditions, maintaining their beauty and functionality over time. The clean lines and harmonious shapes adapt to any context, be it the garden of a country house or the terrace of an urban loft.

The wide range of colors and finishes also allows you to customize the furniture according to your preferences and style. And if you're looking for something really special, the collection also includes bright sofas and armchairs , which create a suggestive atmosphere on summer evenings.

Choosing a Serralunga sofa or armchair means investing in a piece of design that combines the elegance of Made in Italy to the practicality required by outdoor furniture

Lighting: floor, suspended, design lamps

Serralunga lamps embody a perfect fusion of functionality and design, transforming outdoor lighting into an artistic and scenographic element. Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy , these lamps are designed to withstand all weather conditions, ensuring exceptional durability and efficiency.

The collection includes a wide variety of styles, from the more classic and traditional to the more modern and avant-garde. What unites them is the attention to detail, the quality of the materials and the technological innovation . Serralunga lamps are available in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize the lighting of your outdoor space according to your needs and preferences.

One of the most distinctive elements are the luminous outdoor lamps , which not only illuminate the environment, but create a unique and fascinating atmosphere , making every evening outdoors an unforgettable experience.

Production process, mission and innovation Serralunga

Propensity for craftsmanship and innovation, pushing the limits of the materials used, Serralunga offers innovative products, capable of exciting thanks to well-finished and modern shapes.

The production process adopted by Serralunga includes a series of innovative and advanced techniques, such as for example rotational moulding, the aluminum mould, the mechanical and rotary fusion process, cooling, handcrafted painting, the final double-wall manufacturing which allows complex and defined design products.

Sustainability and the environment

Serralunga is very attentive to the environment and eco-sustainability , investing heavily in solar energy, even the choice of using 100% mono material leads back to this particular attention, all the items are produced with LLDPE resin, linear polyethylene (100% recyclable %) which guarantees resistance and protection against UV rays.

At the end of their life, all Serralunga products can be transformed into plastic powder and used to create new objects, the company uses only raw materials transformed in Italy and certified according to European regulations, thus reducing the impact on transport and minors . CO2 emissions.

Serralunga catalog on offer on Arredare Moderno, Outlet

On our website you will find the best Serralunga furniture items at outlet prices, residential and contract furniture , street furniture , vases and artistic sculptures, lighting, indoor and outdoor armchairs and tables, modern garden vases, gift items, traditional Italian vases , accessories and a wide range of colors and fabrics to choose from.

Among the best products for urban furniture we find the Big-Bo outdoor vases also in the illuminated version, the Primavera vase, One Family & Big Bo, as Two and Versailles , the Babà lamp, perfect for furnishing the garden, the terrace with style or the external space of a bar or restaurant.

Among the 2022 Best Sellers of Serraluga products we find the Floret floor lamp , equipped with a rotationally molded polyethylene structure, complete with a LED light kit to illuminate the garden at night , a design characterized by sinuous and delicate lines, a very resist the weather conditions, on sale on our website at the discounted price of €261.69 instead of €348.00.


Among the novelties of 2022 we find the beautiful Velvety outdoor line , composed of armchairs, tables, vases and design benches, made of recyclable polyethylene, from the Bay armchair to the Juji table , the June vase and the Lidos hanging lamp Hanging , the diano Pine Beach and its illuminated version.

The best seller of this particular Outdoor line is the Inorbita pot Serraluga, made with a linear polyethylene structure, available in different finishes.

Holly All Serralunga sitting vase: the review by Arredare Moderno

All Serralunga seat vase : the review by Arredare Moderno – Holly All is a piece of furniture designed by Serralunga that combines a comfortable seat with a large vase. An original, unique and captivating element: perfect for completing the decor of a modern environment. Read the full article >>

For a modern and trendy garden

For a modern and trendy garden , Serralunga's offer is simply incomparable. Their lines of outdoor furniture and accessories, made with high quality and durable materials, have been designed to reflect the spirit of contemporary design.

Imagine enriching your outdoor space with their designer pots , available in a variety of unique shapes, sizes and vibrant colours, transforming your garden into a true design masterpiece. Or consider the Serralunga chairs and tables, which combine minimalist style and functionality to create the perfect setting for al fresco dining or moments of relaxation. Read the full article >>

Tips: Ideas for decorating the home garden

Furnishing your home garden can be an exciting and creative experience. With the right products and a little planning, you can transform your outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation and fun. Here are some ideas:

  1. Focal Points : Start by establishing a few focal points in your garden, such as a large tree, fountain, or pergola. Around these elements, you could arrange Serralunga pots to create an area of great visual impact.
  2. Functional areas : Divide your garden into different areas according to the function they perform: a dining area with a table and designer chairs, a relaxation area with comfortable sofas or armchairs , and perhaps an area for entertainment with a play area for children or a corner for the barbecue.
  3. Lighting : Don't forget the lighting! Lamps can help you create a magical atmosphere on your summer evenings. You might consider placing a few lamps along a path or around a gathering area to create a cozy ambiance.
  4. Green : Integrate your furniture with the surrounding nature . Use the pots to house colorful plants or shrubs, thus creating a harmonious link between the furniture design and the natural environment of your garden.
  5. Color and personality : Don't be afraid to play with colors! Patio furniture comes in a variety of vibrant colors that can add a touch of cheer and personality to your outdoor space.
  6. Comfort : Finally, don't forget comfort. Select furniture that's comfortable and inviting, which will make you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Remember, the goal is to create a space that reflects your personal style and allows you to enjoy your garden to the fullest.

Discover the Croisette, the first plastic chair by Serralunga

Designed by the designer Florent Coirier , the Croisette armchair is made of technopolymer or recycled material, and is characterized by a strong personality, while remaining discreet and suitable for everyone.

This project was born with the idea of creating a chair with slats , which is inspired by the unconscious imagination of classic and traditional chairs, adding a touch of modernity to its design.

The aim is to reinterpret traditional wooden outdoor chairs , highlighting the connecting details and transitions of the material. The Croisette armchair is durable, sturdy yet lightweight, perfect for domestic use and contract settings. It comes in a set of 4 armchairs.

The proportions have been carefully studied for the compact lounge chair Bay , with a seat designed to comfortably embrace the user.

Light, harmonious and essential , with reduced dimensions, it has a marking on the contours and on the back of the backrest that recalls the stitching lines of a tailor's silhouette, evoking the upholstery of a fabric armchair.

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