Modern bar stools: A bar furniture for the home space

Modern bar stools are a purely public place furniture, but for some time now they have also acquired space inside our homes. It is a type of high seat, which allows you to add an informal and modern touch even in a simple kitchen. Indeed, modern stools for kitchen represent the right furniture to give a more convivial connotation to the interiors, following the latest trends that go in this direction. To further encourage this orientation there are more and more architects and interior designers, who are increasingly focusing on the integration of spaces such as, for example, open spaces or kitchens open to the living area. What could be better than modern stools for kitchen around the peninsula in the kitchen? Or, how about splendid design stools for your living room?

For modern bar stools we recommend the brands: CATTELAN - BONTEMPI - DRIADE - BONALDO - COLICO

Kitchen stools: Endless practicality

The kitchen is the room we think of when we talk about modern bar stools: for this reason the first factor not to be forgotten is the choice of material for our kitchen stools. They must be easy to clean and resistant. Therefore polyethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene allow to use the stools even in the garden or terrace during summer. You need to check if you want a swivel kitchen stool, which allows you to move 360 ° while comfortably seated and then chat on several fronts, or a modern fixed model.

For kitchen stools we recommend the brands: CATTELAN - COLICO - BONTEMPI - INFINITI - BONALDO - INGENIA - TONIN CASA

In the name of comfort: the ergonomic stools with backrest

According to the use, it can be determined whether it is better to opt for design stools with backrest. This is important because if you are used to using the kitchen peninsula for breakfasts or to eat meals, it is good to choose ergonomic stools with backrest. If on one side the high backrest is more comfortable because it acts as a support for the back, the lower one is aesthetically less bulky. In the same way, especially if we talk about modern bar stools for the peninsula, we must give importance to the presence or absence of the footrest. This element can be protruding or more or less close to the seat. A protruding footrest will make the stool more bulky than one aligned with the structure, but it certainly helps to assume a correct posture when sitting.

If we want to take advantage of the functionality of modern bar and design stools even in the office, we cannot do better than choose ergonomic stools. These, usually with padded seat, are created specifically for our back, avoiding fatigue even in the legs and arms when sitting for many hours a day.

For ergonomic stools we recommend the brands: CATTELAN ITALIA - SCAB - INFINITI - BONALDO - BONTEMPI INGENIA - TOMASUCCI

Bar and garden stools: Materials and sizes to be considered

Bar stools are of great importance in the furnishing field. The best solution to decorate a room with design and style and at the same time to better welcome customers are bar stools. The most varied colors and materials are used for their production: steel is preferred for the structure, which gives stability and resistance to the seat, but there are also models with a wooden or polyethylene structure. There are many materials to choose among for bar stools, too: vintage lovers will prefer leather, hide or fabric covers. While if you are looking for absolute resistance, you should opt for seats covered in polypropylene, polyurethane or eco-leather, padded and not !

It’s not all because bar stools, like everything that has to do with interior furnishings, must also be chosen with attention to the sizes. Indeed, in order for a design stool to be perfect, it is necessary to consider the height that the stool must have with respect to the table top. Not only. Not to be overlooked is the space needed between the seat of the stool and the table, which must be no less than 30 cm to allow you to comfortably cross your legs. However, this is an indicative sizes because the height of the person also does a lot: to overcome this, we recommend modern bar stools adjustable in height by means of gas pistons or large swivel screws, ideal for adults and children.

Last but not least we can not leave out the garden furniture. Very often, when you plan to decorate the exterior of your home, you opt for garden tables and stools. The most suitable materials for garden stools are undoubtedly polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, or materials that are weatherproof and particularly suitable for outdoor use. Also in this case you can range both in the choice of material and in the choice of sizes.

For some time now, garden stools have been by far preferred to the classic seats used to decorate outdoor settings. Versatile, functional and compact in size, outdoor bar stools are the best solution for anyone who wishes to decorate the exterior of their home with originality and design without affecting the available space.

For bar stools we recommend the brands: INFINITI - SCAB - CATTELAN - GRATTONI

For garden stools we recommend the brands: INGENIA - NARDI - PLUST - SLIDE - BONTEMPI

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