Itamoby extendable consoles, tables, chairs, beds, design furnishing accessories

Itamoby is an important Italian company that has been dealing with furniture since 1980 and is known both nationally and internationally.
Itamoby products are distinguished mainly by three factors: innovation, quality and attention to detail. In fact, internationally renowned designers and architects cooperate to research the latest trends in order to satisfy customer requests both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

  • -€1,111.95

Walk Itamoby Bench extendable

Regular price €1,730.40 -€1,111.95 Price €618.45

Walk Itamoby Bench extendable

Regular price €1,730.40 -€1,111.95 Price €618.45
Walk Itamoby Bench extendable is a modern bench extendable up to 305 cm, when closed it has extremely small dimensions and can be used as a console or bedside table. Made of wood and with anthracite painted metal frame.
  • -€1,087.80

Clerk Itamoby extendable table

Regular price €1,695.75 -€1,087.80 Price €607.95

Clerk Itamoby extendable table

Regular price €1,695.75 -€1,087.80 Price €607.95
Clerk Itamoby extendable table square table extendable up to 194 cm. Top, extensions and legs in wood microparticles available in different combinations of finishes. Available in two versions
  • -€388.51

Loki Itamoby Tv stand

Regular price €607.95 -€388.51 Price €219.44

Loki Itamoby Tv stand

Regular price €607.95 -€388.51 Price €219.44
Loki Itamoby Tv stand TV stand bookcase. Tops in microparticles of wood in the colors: spatula white, spatula anthracite. Available in 2 compositions.
  • -€1,056.31

Trek Itamoby bookcase

Regular price €1,643.25 -€1,056.31 Price €586.94

Trek Itamoby bookcase

Regular price €1,643.25 -€1,056.31 Price €586.94
Trek Itamoby bookcase  Wall bookcase. Tops in microparticles of wood in the colors: white ash, walnut and concrete. Available in 3 compositions.
  • -€733.96

Kato Itamoby boockcase

Regular price €1,142.40 -€733.96 Price €408.44

Kato Itamoby boockcase

Regular price €1,142.40 -€733.96 Price €408.44
Kato Itamoby boockcase Wall bookcase. Tops in microparticles of wood in the colors: white ash, walnut and concrete. Available in 5 compositions.
  • -€427.35

Aury Itamoby chair

Regular price €667.80 -€427.35 Price €240.45

Aury Itamoby chair

Regular price €667.80 -€427.35 Price €240.45
Aury Itamoby chair Legs in metal in anthracite. shell in wood upholstered in fake leather. Not stackable.

To achieve this, moreover, it is also necessary to use high quality raw materials and take care of the details carefully; only by combining these factors you get unique and inimitable products. Come and discover them on ArredareModerno, official dealer!

Itamoby Extendable consoles, patented models. Discover the collections: Allin, Mia, Elettra

Over time, Itamoby has filed various patents, such as the one concerning extendable consoles: the flagship of the aforementioned company's production.
Generally, extendable consoles are characterized by the problem of space occupied by the extensions; in this regard, Itamoby has found two solutions: placing the extensions directly in the console legs or placing them below the support surface. In this way, it is possible to have a console that can furnish entrances and areas and living areas and, if necessary, a comfortable dining table to accommodate relatives and friends.
Extendable consoles represent the right compromise for those who want to have a dining table without the problem of clutter.

 Among the various Itamoby proposals we find:

  • Allin
  • Elettra
  • Mia
  • Capital
  • Melissa

Fixed and extendable design tables: all trendy models

Whether fixed or extendable, the table has always been one of the protagonists in furnishing kitchens and dining rooms. Itamoby offers a wide range of choices to help you find the model that best suits your needs. All fixed and extendable tables are distinguished by the practicality, style and quality of the materials that guarantee their resistance over time.

Among the various models of tables, we find:

  • Volantis
  • Everyday
  • Ganty
  • Baita
  • Evryday
  • Linea
  • Cico
  • Famas
  • Bridge
  • Traffic
  • Flame
  • Pixon
  • Olanda
  • Karamy
  • Impero
  • Rio
  • Achille
  • Apollo
  • Ghibli
  • Romagna
  • Sciabola

Itamoby seats: kitchen, industrial and office chairs

Itamoby also produces comfortable kitchen, office and industrial style chairs.All these models share the modern and linear style and the comfort of the seat (essential for those who spend many hours sitting).Furthermore, the practicality that distinguishes them allows them to be easily adapted to the numerous models of extendable tables and consoles that we have previously mentioned.

Some chairs of the Itamoby brand are:

  • Trudy office chairs
  • Kog
  • Armida
  • Miga
  • Aury kitchen or living room chairs
  • Noir Seat
  • Panca allungabile

Beds: double, single and one and a half.
Discover the foldaway beds

Another strong point in Itamoby production is given by the beds: the main element in the furnishing of a bedroom.
 Itamoby realizes different models of doublesingle and one and a half beds in the versions we all know and not only; the leading products are, in fact, the so-called "foldaway beds": beds that "disappear" literally, or that are closed in a wardrobe fixed to the wall and pulled out only when necessary.
Also in this case, Itamoby has proposed a space-saving solution, to allow even those who do not have very large rooms to have a bed that is always ready for guests.

Some examples of Itamoby beds are:

  • Itamoby Kentaro
  • Alice
  • Appia
  • Azelia

Design living room bookcases and wall units: solutions for your living area

Furthermore, in the Itamoby production we also find various proposals for bookcases and wall units to furnish the living area.These are essential accessories for this area of the house as they are designed to house TVs or digital equipment, books and knick-knacks: in this way they guarantee style, practicality and order.

Among the various models we mention:

  • Kato Bookcase
  • Trek Bookcase
  • Isoka Wall unit
  • Loki TV cabinet

Itamoby Official online retailers

Arredare Moderno is Itamoby official dealer for Italy and abroad, France, Germany, Spain and England, Your supplies business partner, world leader in the production of consoles and extendable tables for the living area, thanks to the use of excellent materials such as metal and wood, for industrial, minimal and modern proposals.

Itamoby Official online retailers

Arredare Moderno is official online retailer Itamoby, on our website you will find: single and double beds, sofa beds, armchairs, corner and classic sofas, modern tables and chairs, garden furniture, the true Italian design directly online and in store, thanks to the partnership with the famous Italian brand we can offer our customers Outlet prices and unmissable promotions.

A retailer or manufacturer authorized to sell directly to the consumer with the possibility to apply discounts and promotions up to 30% - 45% compared to the initial price.

Itamoby: Customer reviews and opinions

On Arredare Moderno you will find numerous reviews dedicated to Itamoby products, from pre-sale service, discounts and prices, after-sales assistance, detailed product reviews and related technical characteristics related to photos and rating stars.

Volantis Itamoby table, Best seller 2022

Among the best sellers 2022 of Arredare Moderno we find the fixed table Volantis by Itamoby, equipped with a structure in microparticles of wood, available in different finishes, from natural oak to white ash, walnut, marble or concrete, a kitchen table perfect for the living room or the dining room, with a nice design, great for all occasions, on sale at a discounted price of € 789.00 compared to the list price of € 2218 with a saving over 60%.

Another item much requested by customers of Arredare Moderno is Everyday console table by Itamoby, an extendable table made with solid painted metal frame and wooden base, available in different finishes and colors, modern design, a cosolle salaspazio, perfect to increase the sessions during dinners with friends and relatives, you can find it on sale at a discounted price of 499,0€

Itamoby, synonymous with Italian tradition and quality

Design, quality of materials, innovation, safe packaging, packaging recycling and eco sustainability, a history of excellence and innovation, Itamoby products are luxurious and modern at the same time, you can furnish your home with style obtaining maximum savings.

Buy on Arredare Moderno Itamoby products, you will access to discounts and promotions unique and unavailable in stores.

How to choose an extendable console?

The choice to buy an extendable console table for home is usually dictated by the spaces, but today the console tables are used in different contexts thanks to the functionality, we wrote a small guide on our blog on the console Mia Itamoby, related to advice, pros and cons, technical features that will guide you to the choice:  Console Mia Itamoby: the review of Arredare Moderno.

Console tables sizes, what are they?

The extending console table is a piece of furniture that measures 90 x 45 cm, which can be placed in the entrance or dining area, but if necessary it turns into a real kitchen table, reaching the length of 320 cm, perfect to accommodate up to 10 people more.

The maximum length of an air extendable table from model to model, the smaller ones measure up to 200 cm open, while the more degrees reach 320 cm.

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