Geelli: Bathroom Accessories

Illuminate your everyday experience with Geelli, the collection of bathroom accessories that combines functionality, aesthetics, and innovation.

With our dispensers, soap holders, toilet paper holders, hooks, toilet brush holders, and all the accessories to complete your decor, we will transform every corner of your bathroom into an oasis of style and comfort.

Our range of products, specially designed to enrich the environment with a touch of elegance, seamlessly blends with any style of decor, offering endless possibilities to personalize your space. Let yourself be captivated by the sophistication of Geelli, where design meets practicality to create a unique and pleasant bathroom experience.

Our products offer a wide range of high-quality bathroom accessories, designed to combine sophisticated design and practical functionality.

The soap dispenser, made with durable and long-lasting materials, is not just a useful object but becomes a distinctive element of your bathroom, thanks to its clean lines and elegant design.

  • The soap dish, with its smooth surface and unique shape, adds a touch of style and facilitates soap storage, keeping it dry and prolonging its lifespan.
  • The toilet roll holder stands out for its simple and quick installation and sturdy structure, ensuring maximum convenience and reliability.
  • The Geelli hooks are perfect for keeping towels and bathrobes in order, without sacrificing aesthetics. The toilet brush holder, designed with an innovative shape and easy-to-clean materials, ensures a hygienic and pleasant environment.

All these products, along with our furniture accessories, create visual harmony, completing the decoration of your bathroom and transforming it into a place of comfort and relaxation.

The Geelli Company, Made in Italy production

Geelli is a family-run Italian company that, after years of experience in the field of plastic materials (specifically rigid, flexible, and integral polyurethane, polyurethane gel), has decided to specialize in the production of bathroom accessories.

The products are known for their craftsmanship, which allows them to be carefully crafted down to the smallest detail.

In our production, you will find soap dishes, soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, hooks of various sizes, toilet brush holders, and storage containers.

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In the furnishing of a bathroom, a series of essential accessories are necessary for daily care and hygiene.

  • The soap dish and the liquid soap dispensers by Geelli are made of polyurethane, a easily moldable and resistant material that combines aesthetic value with practicality. Among the various Geelli models, you will find Grace, Ivasi, and Bolle.
  • The toilet roll holder (to be installed near the toilet) can be wall-mounted or equipped with a flip-top lid, which also functions as a holder to easily tear off the paper. It is generally coordinated with other bathroom accessories, which is why Geelli includes them in complete sets as well as selling them as individual accessories. Discover the App R and D'Oc models.
  • Next to the toilet, the toilet brush holder is essential for daily cleaning. This accessory is usually coordinated with the rest of the bathroom. Geelli offers them in polyurethane in various shapes, such as the Curvy and Cavaliere models.
  • The hooks (for bathrobes and small towels) and towel holders are represented by rods or small hooks, always in line with the surrounding decor and, in the case of the Geelli line, always made of polyurethane. Designed to neatly store towels, we have the App, D'Oc, and Inlinea models.

  • Just like the other accessories, the toothbrush holder must be coordinated in terms of colors and materials with other elements in the bathroom. Among Geelli's various proposals, we find the following toothbrush holders: Grace, Ivasi, and Principe.


In addition to the aforementioned bathroom accessories, there are also other complementary items that can be useful, such as shelves of various sizes, hooks, laundry baskets, storage containers, and bathtub headrests. In short, everything you need to have a comfortable, functional, and stylish bathroom.

Online catalog, discounts and promotions, official Geelli retailer

Don't miss the opportunity to add a touch of elegance and functionality to your bathroom decor with our Geelli range. We are official retailers throughout the national and international territory.

Take advantage of the promotions and exclusive discounts available on our online shop. And that's not all: we offer express and fast shipping to ensure that your new bathroom accessories arrive at their destination as quickly as possible.

And for an even more convenient and worry-free shopping experience, we accept a variety of secure digital payments. So why wait? Update your bathroom today with Geelli and feel pampered every time you enter this renovated space, furnished with taste and attention to detail.

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