Kastel: office furniture, modern chairs, armchairs and sofas

Elevate your workspace to the next level with Kastel office furniture, authentic jewels of Italian design. Let yourself be seduced by ergonomic chairs and armchairs , which blend comfort and style to support your productivity throughout the day.

Discover our desks and sofas , which combine functionality and aesthetics to transform your office into a stimulating and refined environment.

Each piece is carefully designed and crafted in Italy, reflecting the passion and craftsmanship that distinguish the Kastel brand .

Kastel is an important Italian company known for the production of design
office chairs. All Kastel products are distinguished mainly by comfort and ergonomics, style and choice of raw materials. Furthermore, an ISO 9001 certified company according to the European standards EN 1335 DL 81-2008 and EN 13761.

In the range of products offered, there are various product categories to better enjoy office life , such as task chairs, executive chairs, waiting room benches, armchairs and sofas.

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Kastel products: modern office chairs and desks, armchairs and sofas

  1. Office chairs: The company offers a variety of office chairs , from ergonomic to more traditional, all designed with an eye to comfort and aesthetics.
  2. Armchairs - manufactures various armchairs, ideal for meeting rooms, executive offices or waiting areas.
  3. Desks : Manufactures desks for all kinds of needs, from individual work to collaborative workspaces.
  4. Sofas: Ideal for waiting areas or relaxation spaces, Kastel sofas are known for their elegant design and comfort.
  5. Other Office Furniture: The Italian firm can also offer a range of other office furniture, such as boardroom tables, filing cabinets, and bookcases.


All chairs Kastel present the right synthesis of comfort, design and style. They are also offered in different versions to better satisfy the most diverse requests.

In this regard we can mention, for example, the Kicca chair available in the 4 legs, sled, 4 legs in maple wood, cross sled, polypropylene monobloc, 4-foot swivel with wheels or glides, with round base, with 5 Stingray.

Furthermore, it is possible to have the different seats also in the padded version for greater comfort. In short, all the ideal versions for working at best in an office!

Among the various Kastel office chairs available in different versions we find:

  • Kicca
  • Kalea
  • Karma


Task chairs are armchairs designed for those who spend a lot of time at a desk and have no special needs for public representation.

Their main function is to promote correct posture and ensure the comfort necessary for concentration and work at its best; in fact, the name itself suggests that the main feature is the ergonomic shape and ease of use.

The task chairs can be available with low or high backrests, with or without armrests, in polypropylene or upholstered, swiveling on wheels.

Kastel models of this type are:

  • Kubix
  • Korium
  • Kyton


Executive seating must combine the representation needs of common spaces, such as conference rooms or coworking spaces.

Also in this case the chairs stand out for the quality of the raw materials and comfort, but this time with greater attention to style and design because, being a representative seat, they cannot go unnoticed.

The executive chairs can be available in a swivel version on wheels, with a high backrest, with or without armrests, with or without a headrest.
Kastel offers different models such as:

  • King
  • Kimera
  • classic


In addition to seating for work, an office and public spaces in general require high-end furnishings designed for waiting areas, such as armchairs , sofas , modular seats and waiting room benches .
Also in these product categories the recurring leitmotif is represented by the comfort of the seat and the quality of the raw materials.

The possibility of choosing between different color finishes also allows the products to be combined with different styles of modern furniture.

Come and discover the following Kastel products :

  • Kuark armchair
  • Koccola armchair
  • Kameo sofa
  • Kendra sofa
  • Kuadra modular seat
  • Korner waiting room bench
  • Kargo waiting room bench

Design and features: aesthetics, innovation and technology, materials and finishes

Kastel , a renowned Italian office furniture manufacturer , stands out for its dedication to aesthetics, design, technological innovation and quality of materials.

Aesthetics and design : The company is renowned for its attention to the design and aesthetics of its products . Clean lines, sophisticated colors and elegant shapes characterize the Kastel furniture range, making each piece a true design masterpiece.

Technological innovation : Kastel does not limit itself to captivating aesthetics, but also invests in innovation. The company uses technology to improve the functionality and usability of its products. For example, ergonomic chairs can have customizable adjustments to suit different body shapes and work styles.

Materials : The company is committed to using only high quality materials. The company carefully selects materials to ensure the durability and strength of its products, without compromising aesthetics . Wood, steel, aluminum and fine fabrics are just some of the materials you might find.

The Italian company is much more than just a manufacturer of office furniture. Through exceptional design, technological innovation and the use of quality materials, Kastel strives to create work environments that are as functional as they are beautiful.

The Kastel company: history, philosophy, sustainability and environmental practices

Based in Via Friuli 35 in San Vendemiano (Treviso), the Italian company has been operating successfully in the office furniture sector for several years, offering comfortable and design products, in collaboration with the most important designers on the international scene.

Every single furnishing proposal arises from the careful analysis linked to comfort, ergonomics , the relationship between space and shape, the careful selection of materials and the choice of refined and elegant colors, precisely following the continuous evolution of the market.

The philosophy of the Kastel company is identical with the K-Green project , designing with nature, reducing the negative impact of the industrial process and taking care of the well-being of our planet.

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