Bar trolleys

Bar trolleys

Bar trolley: a useful piece of furniture for indoors and outdoors

The bar trolley is a very functional and practical modern accessory. It is used daily in many kitchens as a food rack while the more elegant models are furnishing accessories in chic living rooms. Many companies have specialized in the production of bar trolleys: most of them use resistant and solid materials such as steel, used for the structure, but also glass and wood. Often and willingly, the bar trolley is used simply to store objects in an orderly manner in the closet or in the kitchen as a real lunch box. The design models in metal, wood or glass are conceived to furnish modern lounges and living rooms. Finally, if we have a garden, a terrace or a habitable balcony, there are models of bar trolleys made specifically for outdoors.

Types of bar trolleys


- Kitchen bar trolley: this is a type that does not only consist of shelves, where it is possible to arrange tools or food, but also of small metal baskets or objects such as cutting boards, utensils, knives. Furthermore, the more equipped ones, in addition to having many comforts, have a cutting board where it is possible to cut vegetables or slice meat and cured meat. The materials most used for the construction of this type of modern bar trolley are beech wood, steel, chromed metal and tempered glass.

For kitchen bar trolleys, we recommend: TOMASUCCI - PEZZANI


- Living room bar trolley: modern living room bar trolleys are very elegant and refer to the 1940s when they actually spread or to the American TV series of the 1980s when modern bar trolleys were inevitable in cult scenes. This typology is characterized by a design made of soft lines and shiny materials such as chromed steel, but also lacquered, or embossed metal. Many of these models see the combination with materials such as fine wood, glass and crystal.

For living room bar trolleys, we recommend: BONTEMPI CASA - CATTELAN ITALIA


- Outdoor bar trolley: in the garden or on the terrace, a modern garden bar trolley is very useful for those who make the most of the outdoor spaces during summer for breakfast, lunch or dinner with family or friends. Basically these are bar trolleys with shelves, not unlike those for the living room, but made with different materials, usually resin.

For outdoor bar trolleys, we recommend: SCAB - NARDI


Kitchen cart New Chef Pezzani

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Kitchen cart New Chef Pezzani , with structure and shelves in painted steel and top in laminate. Equipped with one or two...

Chic Bontempi Casa

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Chic Bontempi Casa  on wheels, with lacquered steel frame in various colours and top available in glass or marble.

Brandy Cattelan Italia

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Trolley bar Brandy Cattelan Italia  with embossed graphite painted steel structure and walnut Canaletto or burnt oak planks....

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Trolley bar Mojito Wood Cattelan Italia  with embossed graphite frame and walnut planks Canaletto.

Fair Tomasucci

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