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Famar is a well-known Campania company that produces a wide range of mattresses designed to ensure a good rest and thus improve the quality of life.
To create high quality products, Famar scrupulously chooses raw materials (all materials are strictly certified) and combines innovation, technology and high Italian manufacturing.


Famar: the brand

Famar has developed various lines of mattresses to meet the needs and physiological characteristics of each person's sleep. All mattresses, in fact, adapt perfectly to the profile of the body and give the possibility to assume the most natural position during rest.
Furthermore, to ensure a correct rest, Famar also produces nets and pillows.

The lines

Famar offers various lines of mattresses: Memory Line, Latex Line, Pocketed Spring Line, Molle Line and TK Line. Each of these lines, in turn, offers single, double and one and a half mattresses.
The Memory line guarantees optimal support with low sensitivity to climatic variations and adapts perfectly to the body by distributing the weight evenly.
Some models of the Memory line are: Pantheon - Iride -Teknopur

The Latex line features extremely elastic and resistant mattresses; latex is also a material that gives greater ventilation than other materials, ensuring continuous freshness.
Examples of latex mattresses are: Silver Bed - Biolattice

The Pocket Springs line, made with springs individually enclosed in a hypoallergenic and breathable fabric and connected together, gives optimal support to the spine.
Some examples of this line are: Mikonos - Olympia - Aeolus

The Spring line consists of mattresses with a Bonnell biconical spring system, ideal for those who prefer a more traditional support.
Among the various models of the spring line we find: Tulipano - Delfino - Export.

TK line

As with the previous lines, also in this case we find quality raw materials and cutting-edge processing techniques to ensure optimal rest and improve the quality of life. The mattresses of TK line, in fact, are designed to protect the skin, for those with health problems (in the joints and muscles) and for those who practice sports.
Examples of this line are: TK Hemp - TK Idrofil - TK Med - TK Perform

Double mattresses

The dimensions of the double mattresses are regulated by specific European regulations. This type of mattress is composed of a double square with a length that generally varies from a minimum of 190 cm to a maximum of 200 cm (the ideal length for all types of mattresses must have at least 10/15 cm more than the height. of the person who will use it, considering that part of the length is occupied by the pillow) and a width ranging from 160 to 170 cm.
The choice of the size of a mattress must meet three parameters: body size, height and the usual sleeping position.

Single mattresses

Single mattresses are designed for the rest of one person and generally have a width ranging from a minimum of 80 cm to a maximum of 100 cm and a length ranging from a minimum of 190 to a maximum of 200 cm.
Although smaller, a single mattress can equally offer a restorative rest if the right size is chosen.

One and a half mattresses

A separate category of single mattress is represented by the so-called "one and a half" mattress.
Designed for those who want maximum comfort without having to resort to a double bed, the one and a half mattress is, in fact, an "enlarged" version of the single mattress, which increases its comfort, if we take into account the fact that, to be more comfortable, a mattress must allow you to maintain your favorite sleeping positions without touching the edges with your legs and arms. It has a width of 20/30 cm more than a single mattress and allows those who rest on a single and a half mattress to assume any position without constraints and in full freedom of movement. The dimensions have, in fact, a width ranging from a minimum of 100 cm to a maximum of 140 cm and a length ranging from 190 cm to 200 cm.

Slatted base

The mattress and the slatted base must be chosen according to each other, to give the body the right support. As for the choice of the bed network, the dimensions must never be smaller than those of the mattress. The bed base has the same importance as the mattress, since their union absorbs movements during sleep and supports the head in the right position. In addition, the wooden slats represent the best and most balanced support.
Among the various slatted base models we find: Electric - Flecta - Tavola

Famar Official online retailers

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