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Since 1987, Midj has been successfully operating in the modern furniture sector thanks to the winning idea of ​​producing handcrafted furniture according to a large-scale logic. Its headquarters are in Cordovado, in Veneto, where the company produces furniture that is the result of the synergy between craftsmanship and technology, combined with the creativity of the designers who collaborate with it. 

The Midj modern furniture collections are characterized by the union between soft design and comfort, which aim to satisfy the customer at 360°. Midj products are designed to build living spaces, full of joy and brightness, with the strength of soft lines, rounded corners and soft padding.

A success that goes beyond national borders: Midj modern furniture is increasingly appreciated also abroad and in fact there are numerous projects that have seen the use of furnishings and accessories from the Venetian brand. Restaurants and bars in France, Austria, Canada, Russia and New Zealand, just to name a few. Midj has also furnished numerous hotels and conference centers around the world.

In this section you can complete our furnishing project with handmade, creative and technological products, which blend perfectly with bright environments, open spaces, Home offices, to furnish the office, dining room or living room.

Midj models are transversal, respond indiscriminately to private and public needs, modern furnishing items for the office or the dining room, to furnish a bar or restaurant, thanks to the fluid lines, the rounded corners, the padding, which distinguish the Midj brand from the competition, offering soft, made in Italy and high quality designs.

Quality standards and environmental standards are respected both on the Italian and international markets, thanks to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications, a sustainable approach and a reduction in consumption with benefits on pollution.

Midj in Italy modern chairs and armchairs

Midj modern chairs are characterized by the purity of lines and colors. But not only that, they are also distinguished by the great variety of materials, combined with each other to give true examples of modern seats, suitable for all types of environments. The carefully selected materials used range from wood to steel to polypropylene for the structure, to leather, imitation leather and fabric for the upholstery. Although they are different from each other, Midj modern chairs have the comfort and warmth of the seat as a common element. Some models are equipped with armrests, others do not. Among the various types of seats, we also find modular seats, especially practical in contract spaces, lounge chairs, perfect for totally relaxing and desk chairs. The desk chairs have the charm of modern dining chairs but have the convenience of a study chair, with or without casters depending on your needs.

Among the most sought after and sold products of Midj chair models we find:

Midj Kitchen stools

For the living area Midj has also thought of a series of kitchen stools which, with their modern lines, colors and types of seating, can only embellish a space as experienced as the kitchen. These stools can have four legs or a revolving circular base and can be fitted with armrests. Comfort is guaranteed by the enveloping seats, designed for full comfort, and by the footrests to rest your legs. The materials used for these modern stools are steel and wood for the structures, fabric, leather and leather for the upholstery.

Among Midj kitchen stools, we recommend:

How to furnish a trendy dining room with Midj chairs

For any type of environment you need chairs that are ideal in shape, size and style, what you need to look for is transversality, Midj offers ideal solutions to consistently improve the furnishing project, thanks to innovative, modern, functional and stylistic chairs, read the full article: "Midj chairs perfect for a trendy dining room."

Midj tables, fixed, extendable, bistrot, bar

Alexander, Alfred, Apelle Chic, Apollo, Armando, Badù, Blade, Clessidra, Brioso, are just some of the models of Midj tables and coffee tables that you can buy on our website, customizing the finish, color, covering and top.

Midj in Italy fixed tables, collection

Midj fixed tables are perfect for furnishing the spaces of your home with modernity and high quality. Whether it's the dining area or the kitchen, Midj has the answer for any desire or need. The variety of choice is wide because you can find tables with circular, oval, rectangular or even triangular, barrel or rounded corners tops. The aesthetic feature that makes them different from each other is certainly the structure, which can be four-legged, scenographic, or with two or a single central support. As for the materials, the tops are available in wood, ceramic, crystal, glass, melamine and crystal ceramic: each of which is different and adaptable to the most disparate styles of furniture. For the structure, the materials used are wood, steel and Baydur®.

Among Midj fixed tables, we point out: 

Midj Extendable tables: Marco Polo, Diamante, Link, Nexsus

For those who love family dinners and lunches, Midj offers many square, circular and rectangular extendable tables. The practicality of the Midj extendable tables lies precisely in the ease with which they can be extended, through intuitive extension mechanisms. These tables are suitable for small spaces, thus avoiding visually cluttering the space, but if necessary they can be easily extended.

Some examples of extendable tables are: 

Midj Bistrot and bar tables for a modern and refined furniture

Contract furnishings are designed to provide maximum long-term aesthetic performance. Bar tables are essential in public places, but they must be combined with the style of furniture and able to withstand shocks. Midj bar tables are made with a steel, wood or metal base in different finishes, many of which are suitable for outdoor use, while the tops can be in crystal glass, melamine, HPL or steel.

Among the most significant bar tables, we remember:

Midj: how to choose the right table for the living area?

To choose the perfect design table for the living area, you will need to take into account some aspects: the place, the size of the room, the shape of the table, the material and style, the design for a unique and refined furniture, read more: "Interior design: Midj tables for a trendy home."

How to furnish a functional dining room with Midj extendable tables?

Extendable tables are definitely an element not to be overlooked because they adapt perfectly to the space and needs of the moment. Read more: "Midj extendable tables for a functional dining room."

Midj Lounge tables, Coffee tables

Whether they are coffee tables or side tables, Midj coffee tables are colorful and multifaceted, capable of giving an aesthetic change to the living area. The classic coffee tables have slim silhouettes that rise to support tops in ceramic, leather, veneer and melamine. These coffee tables stand out for their essential design, made up of simple and elegant geometric lines. Ideal for completing the furnishings of your living room, placing them centrally with respect to sofas or sets of armchairs, or to the side.

Examples of Midj coffee tables are:

Midj Desks, office furniture

Midj also designs and manufactures office desks, Home Office, with the goal of comfort and resistance, essential qualities for furnishings. Midj desks are mostly desks, made of metal and wood or glass, as well as particular details in leather. Optional extras can be added to further enrich the furniture and make it more functional.

Among the best-selling models of Midj desks we find:

Midj furniture and compartments, sideboards and bookcases

Apelle, Lea H55, Lea H73, Siena, Suite bookcase, are just some of Midj bookcase and sideboard models that you can buy on our website, customizing the finish, color, covering and top.

Midj sideboards, modern, versatile and eclectic design

Midj sideboards are made to be positioned not only in the living room, but also at the entrance or in the bedroom. They are therefore distinguished by their versatility and being very practical: large compartments, with or without doors, and MDF or ceramic tops in different finishes. The steel constitutes the structure while the upholstery of the doors can be, optionally, in fabric of different finishes, leather and imitation leather.

Among the most sought after Midj sideboards we find:

Midj wall bookcases, modular, italian design

Having a wall filled with a bookcase means giving a touch of warmth, whether it is the living room or the study. Midj offers wall bookcases capable of combining functionality and aesthetics. Minimalist lines are combined with warm materials such as wood, metal or leather for the finishes to create models that highlight everything you want to have there.

Among the most sought after Midj bookcases we find:

Midj Lamps, floor, suspension (chandeliers), table lamps

Lighting is an element of enormous importance when decorating a space. For this reason Midj has concentrated part of its energies to create accessories that furnish and illuminate at the same time. Midj lamps can be table lamps, floor lamps or suspension lamps. Midj Table lamps enhance the piece of furniture on which they are positioned and what surrounds them, completing the furnishing of a reading corner, living room or sleeping area. Equally fascinating are the floor lamps, capable of always being in the right place to illuminate a space or even just a corner. Finally, there are the pendant lamps, so called because they hang from above. Midj suspension lamps create a warm and relaxing atmosphere and furnish the environment with unusual shapes and lines.

Among Midj lamps, we recommend:

Midj Accessories, dividers, coat hangers, mirrors, modern furnishing accessories

Midj accessories complete the decor, which with their minimalist spirit, integrate perfectly into any space in the house. These are coat hangers, modern mirrors and screens. We know how comfortable the mirrors are, for a recognition of the look but also to increase the perception of space and brightness, as well as the hangers collect on them jackets, coats and hats. Finally, screens are a decorative element of great impact, useful for separating spaces without resorting to invasive interventions.

Among Midj accessories, we recommend: 

Midj fabrics: Hot Fabric, Manhattan, Second

Midj chairs are born from the synergy between craftsmanship and technology, thanks to the use of fine fabrics produced in Italy: hot Fabric, Manhattan and Secod Fabric.

The Hot fabric made of polyester is used for upholstered upholstery, which produces extreme softness and gives volume to the seat, the Hot Fabric is extremely durable, elegant, with high technical performance typical of contract fabrics. More info >>

Furnishing with Midj stools: 10 trendy ideas

Midj stools are the perfect furnishing elements for your home or business because they have a unique and innovative design, discover all the 2022 trend models, read the full article on our blog >>

Midj office chairs, which ones to choose?

In the office, or in the home office, you spend most of the day. That’s why it’s so important that it’s furnished with care. Every piece of furniture must be designed and studied not only from an aesthetic and stylistic point of view, but also from a functional point of view and therefore in relation to comfort. In the office, an absolutely fundamental piece of furniture is the seat. But which one to choose? read the full article >>

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