Furnishing accessories and home accessories: design and practicality everywhere

Furnishing accessories and home accessories are par excellence those details on which the eye lingers and verifies their adequacy and consistency with respect to the chosen overall style of furniture. Indeed, these elements characterize and revive the rooms, giving that personal and refined touch that immediately communicates the personality of those who thought of their location.

Not only that, furnishing accessories are characterized by practicality, an essential factor, especially when it comes to design hangers, shoe cabinets and bathroom chest of drawers.

Let's start with the coat rack, an extremely useful piece of furniture at home, to avoid placing coats on chairs or armchairs. The design coat rack is an element thanks to which we can, in a small space, arrange coats and accessories such as jackets, bags, hats or scarves. Its ideal environment is the entrance to the house, but it can also be placed in the bedroom or in the hallway.

Unlike the design coat rack, the bathroom chest of drawers totally hides what it contains: indeed, it is usually used to store objects, products and towels and all that is needed for personal hygiene. The important thing is that it is aesthetically pleasing, resistant and durable: precisely for these last two factors, it is essential to consider the quality of the materials of a bathroom chest of drawers when we want to buy one.

Also for the brooms, and all the other tools to clean the house, there is a special piece of furniture: the broom-holder cabinets. Having one at home means avoiding this type of instrument from creating aesthetic and space problems. We can choose a minimal broom closet, so as to maintain an impeccable style even in environments such as the closet, the balcony (if well repaired) or in the bathroom. A strong point of the broom cabinets is the size, narrow and elongated, which allows it to be placed in hidden corners and difficult to fill in any other way.

An inevitable piece of furniture in our homes is certainly the mirror. Modern mirrors are placed in all environments, from the entrance to the bathroom, passing through the bedroom and the corridor. Modern mirrors can be of various sizes and they can also perform multiple functions. Indeed, it serves to mirror oneself but also to broaden the spatial perception and reflect light, natural and otherwise, into the environment. Modern mirrors are therefore useful and very functional for the space where they are placed, regardless of their size.

Even simple common objects can have their own piece of furniture: for these there are storage cabinets, which perform both a practical and an aesthetic function as they allow you to keep order in certain environments. Very useful in the bathroom, in these cabinets we can arrange styling products, towels for guests and everything you need to have in the bathroom.

Among the furnishing accessories that contribute most to creating a pleasant space are modern rugs, which vary from each other in size, shape and how they affect the environment in which they are placed. There is no doubt that the modern carpet must follow the stylistic line of the rest of the furniture, especially in the living area and in the bedroom. Indeed, there are lounge carpets, kitchen carpets, carpets for the bathroom or for the outdoors as the different environments respond to different needs, so the materials will also be different.

Hanging cabinets are those types of furniture that are useful when we don't have enough space because they allow you to use the one vertically, along the walls. These furnishing accessories can have two doors, three doors or one door only and are suitable for the kitchen, bathroom or closet. The wall units are an excellent solution and can be installed at the same height if they are two or at different levels to create a fun and dynamic effect.

More specifically in the living room, printings are used to give personality, fill a wall or to create dynamism. Much depends on the shape of the space itself, on the brightness and style. The printings can be in colour or black and white, the latter type suitable for modern, minimalist homes, in which these tones are welcome.

Bioethanol fireplaces, with zero impact on the environment, represent a new method of heating using a new combustion technology, which boasts reduced operating costs. The bioethanol feeding does not generate pollutants as the fuel is totally biological. In addition to being easy to handle, ecological and economical, bioethanol fireplaces are also aesthetically pleasing, so much so that they can be placed in modern and minimal environments.

Again, there are bar trolleys, widely used in kitchens as food holders, while the more elegant models are real furnishing accessories in chic living rooms. In the latter case, the bar trolley is often used simply to store objects in an orderly manner in the closet or in the kitchen, like a real lunch box. Furthermore, if we have a garden, a terrace or a habitable balcony, there are models of bar trolleys made just for the outdoors, very useful and resistant to bad weather.

Furnishing accessories such as magazine racks play a primary role in maintaining order, especially in the social spaces of the home. There are design models characterized by modern and original lines, adaptable to any modern furniture. Also ideal for furnishing bars, cafes and shops, the magazine racks can be both floor and wall, with the most disparate shapes.

The frames are details that enrich the environment and help make it as personal and original as possible. Every detail has its own importance in defining our style and personality, so that even the frames have a strong impact on aesthetics. There are all kinds of them: in wood, silver and plastic. The latter are usually very colourful and for this reason they revive the spaces, also ideal for the children's room.

Other furnishing accessories can be wall clocks, umbrella stands, mirrors, bottle racks and many other elements which, despite being smaller than classic furnishings, are important for order in the home. Shoe cabinets, which ensure order in the closet where we store the shoes, also protect them from dust. Finally, we must not forget the knick-knacks and decorative accessories, such as vases, centerpieces, candlesticks, which embellish furniture and dining tables with sinuous lines and bright colours.

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