Magazine Racks

Magazine Racks

Fan Bontempi Casa

€214.72 -25% €161.04
Fan Bontempi Casa  with lacquered steel frame available in various colours.

Vogue Fiam

€341.60 -10% €307.44
Vogue Magazine Rack Fiam  magazine rack in 10 mm-thick transparent glass with steel stand .

Albero Magazine Rack Tonelli

€2,240.00 -10% €2,016.00
Albero Magazine Rack Tonelli Design , made of transparent glass with rotating base on steel spheres.

Jerry Cattelan Italia

€585.32 -10% €526.79
Jerry Magazine Rack Cattelan Italia  with chromed steel frame, covered in core leather in different colours.

Book Tonin Casa

€398.00 -20% €318.40
Book magazine rack Tonin Casa , with solid ash wood frame and lacquered tops, different color finishes available.

Snake Pezzani

€278.16 -26.5% €204.45
Magazine rack set Snake Pezzani , made up of two magazine racks entirely made of curved steel with sablé finish. Available...

Snake Pezzani

€170.80 -26.5% €125.54
Magazine Snake Pezzani , entirely made of steel. Available in different colours.

Fly Tonin Casa

€298.00 -20% €238.40
Fly magazine rack Tonin Casa , with structure in calendered sheet covered completely in eco-leather, available in different...

Mag Slide

€116.39 -15% €98.93
Mag Magazine rack Slide  structure in  polyethylene, available in different colors and in the light version.

Raja Tomasucci

€195.00 -€67.00 €128.00
Raja Magazine Rack Table Tomasucci all realized with chromed metal frame and white glass tempered top, with white mdf...

Magazine rack: a small piece of furniture with a great design

Reading, in addition to being a pleasure, is one of the most important activities, which stimulates knowledge, imagination and emotions. Enthusiasts tend to display and keep books and magazines on hand at all times. For this reason, the magazine racks play an important role in maintaining order. Very often, the design magazine racks are characterized by modern and original lines and therefore they perfectly adapt to any modern furniture. Ideal both for the home environment and for the furnishing of bars, cafes and shops for storing magazines, these accessories can be both floor and wall mounted. The first are the classic magazine rack models, which rest on the floor and have the most disparate shapes.

They are generally placed in the living room next to the sofa or between two armchairs. Wall-mounted magazine racks are also a design solution, but more suitable for professional studios, travel agencies and public offices in general. If we want to have a design wall magazine rack, even better if freestanding, we can evaluate models made of tempered glass, discreet and functional.

The materials used to make this piece of furniture can be painted metal, steel, leather, polyethylene, wood and the aforementioned tempered glass.

For the floor-standing magazine racks, we recommend: BONALDO - BONTEMPI CASA - CATTELAN ITALIA - FIAM - PEZZANI - SLIDE -TOMASUCCI - TONIN

For wall magazine racks, we recommend: TONELLI DESIGN