Garden furniture: umbrellas, gazebos and much more for the outdoors

Like a real living room at home, the garden must express a sense of welcome and familiarity, as well as having garden furniture that is functional and suitable for outdoor use. Many people decide to buy a house in the country or to go and live there precisely because they want to have an outdoor space to live up to the maximum during the summer months, as if it was an extension of the indoor. In the garden you can relax, read, spend time with friends organizing dinners or aperitifs, but to do all this you need to set up well outdoors with garden furniture. Not just tables, chairs, armchairs or sofas: other accessories are also needed such as a nice outdoor room divider, a garden umbrella or, alternatively, an elegant gazebo.

Types of other garden furniture

As in the living room at home, even the garden or the terrace can be furnished with refined furniture that helps to increase the feeling of comfort. Outdoor sofas, tables, coffee tables and chairs but also many other useful accessories to improve the livability of our spaces en plein air.

Outdoor room divider: the room divider is a useful solution for a whole series of situations that can arise. For example, the outdoor room divider is useful for delimiting the living area from the dining area, but also for protecting from the wind. This is a category of garden furniture that is made using solid materials resistant to the action of atmospheric agents, such as steel and aluminum, perhaps with coatings that make the appearance more pleasant.

Candle holder: this piece of furniture is essential to create the right atmosphere when the sun goes down. Whether it is placed on the grass, or at the corner between a sofa and an armchair, the candle holder is a garden furniture that manages to furnish, illuminate and create the right atmosphere. Usually outdoor candle holders have the appearance of lanterns, made as always with materials resistant to atmospheric agents and fireproof.

Swing: the swing is not just a game for children as old as the world. There are swings, suspended or with structure, with very comfortable and elegant seats that make them resemble the more classic rocking chairs. Swings are ideal alternative garden furniture both on the terrace, in the version with structure, and in the garden: here, the swing can be arranged with or without structure, obviously if we have a mighty tree to which it can be hooked.

Garden umbrella: like the outdoor room divider, the garden umbrella is a piece of furniture that performs a very important function, namely to shelter those who stay under it from rain and sun. The garden umbrella has a structure made of very resistant materials, such as aluminum or the combination of aluminum and steel, with a concrete base to ensure maximum stability even when the wind blows.

Garden gazebo: these are very popular garden furniture, available in many shapes and sizes. The garden gazebo is a more stable structure than an umbrella and usually this is made of aluminum or other resistant materials, fixed to the ground or to a base. The more modern versions of the garden gazebos also have curtains, which increase their aesthetic value in such a way that the space takes on the characteristics of an open-air living room.

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