Cattelan Italy: tables, chairs, beds, chandeliers, designer furniture

Discover our selection of the best furniture and furnishings signed by Cattelan Italy, where the excellence of design merges with the mastery of Italian craftsmanship.

Each piece of furniture is a masterpiece of elegance and modernity, created to bring a unique touch of style to your home. From chairs to tables, from modern beds to sofas, from armchairs to chandeliers - each piece is crafted with passion and care, reflecting the essence of Italian luxury.

But that's not all. We offer a wide range of furnishing accessories to add the final touch that will turn your home into a stylish and comfortable oasis.

And for those who love uncompromising style, we have a selection of outlet pieces at unbeatable prices, along with unmissable discounts and promotions. Explore the world of Cattelan Italy and let yourself be seduced by the style, comfort, and elegance of true Made in Italy.

Cattelan Italy Outlet, discover all the promotions on Arredare Moderno

Discover the Cattelan Italy outlet: elegance at your fingertips. On, we offer an exclusive selection of Cattelan Italy furniture at incredibly reduced prices. Our retailers rely on us to give their discounted products the right visibility, allowing them to constantly renew their showrooms with the latest news. For you, this is a unique opportunity to get high-quality design pieces at outlet prices, almost half the price compared to the list price.

All our Cattelan Italy furniture and furnishings are new, ready to be shipped, and in perfect condition. Each lamp, bed, or sideboard is accompanied by all the necessary information, including dimensions, finishes, customer reviews, and much more.

The Cattelan Italy company founded by Giorgio Cattelan

Cattelan is one of the leading companies in the furniture sector, specialized in the production and realization of entirely Made in Italy furnishings. The company was born, like all great companies, from the need to build a large company, starting from a small artisan reality like Cattelan, which managed to dominate the market with taste, refinement, and class.

Cattelan Italy spa was founded in 1979, when the first factory was built in the province of Vicenza thanks to the incredible passion of its creator, Giorgio Cattelan, who is now the president and CEO. Innovation, tradition in an ancient art like woodworking, with a love passed down from his father for marble and leather, made Giorgio Cattelan a great expert in the field.

The company has continued to grow thanks to the love that the president's own children have dedicated to the company, making it one of the most important internationally.

Essential furnishings, designer furniture

Cattelan's furniture products are characterized by essential lines and a sober yet decisive style that fills every room of the house with determination and class.

From a simple drinks trolley to a chest of drawers, a bedside table, and lamps, to include all possible furniture items for the home, no product is left to chance. Everything is made with extreme attention to form, refined design, and subtle yet bold colors.

Cattelan tables, chairs, sideboards, armchairs, and stools. Complete catalog

Cattelan's products like the chaise longue, double bed, single bed, bookcase, small accessories, bathroom furnishings, table lamps, fixed tables, TV stands, and wall lamps are just a few of the most popular on the market.

Cattelan is one of the best-known brands, thanks in part to its participation in the Salone del Mobile and other international trade fairs. Ideal for both urban and rustic settings with a touch of minimal and refined style, as is typical of the brand. The Cattelan Italy table is a very original piece of furniture to have in your home, allowing you to add that personal touch. Discover the entire category of products dedicated to the brand on our online store and proceed with your purchase; our site operates with full respect for personal data.

To discover all the Cattelan products, visit our website and explore the entire collection!

Bestsellers 2022 - 2023, Airport Cattelan bookcase modular

Among the flagship products of the catalog, we find the modern Airport wall bookcase by Cattelan, made with a solid iron structure and wooden shelves, available in 4 compositions or completely customizable according to your needs.

A modular bookcase, wall-mounted, modern, and versatile, easily adaptable to modern, industrial, classic, Nordic, or contemporary environments, designed by founder Giorgio Cattelan in 2014. It is one of the flagship products of the Vicenza-based company.

Among the main features, we highlight the wide choice of shelves, the infinite composition possibilities, and the available finishes in white, black, titanium, bronze, or graphite. Discounted price for Arredare Moderno customers: €1646.13 instead of €1936.00

Cattelan Tables, the selection of the most beautiful chosen by Arredare Moderno

Cattelan tables are unique and unparalleled, dynamic, modern, and versatile, made with bases in glass, steel, wood, in rectangular, square, round, or oval shapes, perfect for the dining room, kitchen, or living room. Discover the ranking of the most beautiful Cattelan tables of 2021 - 2022.

Cattelan Italy tables embody a perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality, bringing a sense of sophistication and Italian style to the heart of your home.

Designed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these tables express the passion for design excellence that characterizes the Italian brand.

Each piece of furniture is a work of art, made with superior quality materials such as fine wood, tempered glass, stainless steel, and luxurious marble. The elegant lines and innovative shapes make each Cattelan Italy table a functional work of art, ready to transform your space into a stylish environment.

Whether it's a dining table to welcome your guests, a coffee table for a cozy corner, or a console table for your entryway, discover iconic models like the Skorpio collection, Lancer Wood, Boulevard, and innovative and recent models like the Atrium collection, Yoda, or Buttertfly.

Cattelan Chairs: discover the best of Italian design

Cattelan Italy chairs are synonymous with luxury, comfort, and Italian design. These craftsmanship masterpieces represent the pinnacle of contemporary design, skillfully combining innovative shapes, high-quality materials, and attention to detail.

With a wide variety of models available, from dining chairs to armchairs, each chair is designed to enhance your space and create a cozy and sophisticated environment. Whether made of fine wood, upholstered in soft leather, or made of modern metal, each Cattelan Italy chair reflects the art of Italian hospitality, combining comfort and style in a unique and unmistakable design. Explore the modern Norma collection or the set of Mariel Ml chairs, products with refined designs that are perfect for furnishing your favorite environment.

Cattelan Italy Modern Sideboards

Imagine a piece of furniture that blends perfectly with the surrounding environment, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Cattelan Italy sideboards embody this vision, offering modern design solutions that combine functionality and style.

Created with a careful selection of premium materials, each sideboards reflects the skill and passion of Italian craftsmen.

Whether you are looking for a bold piece to make a style statement or a more discreet solution to complement your existing furniture, Cattelan Italy sideboards are the ideal choice. Their clean lines and innovative designs add a contemporary luxury element to any space. Take a look at the brand's iconic models: from the Focus collection to the Vivaldi, Costes, Arizona, Lavander, and many more.

Let yourself be seduced by the timeless beauty of the furniture showcased on Arredaremoderno: design masterpieces perfect for your home.

Cattelan Italy Lamps and Lighting Systems

Cattelan Italy lamps and lighting systems represent a journey into the art of design and interior decoration.

Each product is not only a source of light but also a work of art that adds style, warmth, and personality to your space.

Created with the highest quality standards and meticulous attention to detail, Cattelan Italy lamps are the result of a perfect blend of technological innovation and refined Italian design. Whether it's elegant and bold floor lamps, designer table lamps, or sophisticated lighting systems, each solution is designed to create a cozy and unique atmosphere.

The lighting in your home becomes an aesthetic experience, where functionality meets art, and light becomes a decorative element that captures the eye and enchants the soul. Discover some of the most beautiful and fascinating collections such as the Valer lamp or the Cody lamp.

Catalog 21_Experiences Cattelan Italy

Catalog 21 Experiences Cattelan Italy, discover the selectable finishes and materials in Cattelan products, from ceramics to wood, metal, crystal, and glass. Download it now >>

Cattelan Italy Official Online Retailers

Arredare Moderno is an official online retailer of Cattelan Italy. On our website, you will find single and double beds, sofa beds, armchairs, corner sofas, traditional sofas, modern tables and chairs, garden furniture, genuine Italian design available directly online and in-store. Thanks to our partnership with the well-known Italian brand, we can offer our customers Outlet prices and unmissable promotions.

As an authorized retailer or manufacturer authorized to sell directly to consumers, we have the possibility to apply discounts and promotions of up to 30% - 45% off the initial price.

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High-quality materials, unmistakable design, and top-quality wood, marble, and leather: these are the distinctive features of Cattelan Italy

Skorpio Table by Cattelan Italy: Review by Arredare Moderno

The Skorpio Table by Cattelan Italy is a true work of art, designed by industrial designer Andrea Lucatello. This table, with its unique and refined lines, features a steel base. The 15mm thick glass top is available in transparent, extra-clear transparent, or extra-clear transparent with reverse beveled edges. Read the full article >>

Airport Bookcase by Cattelan Italy: Review by Arredare Moderno

Airport by Cattelan Italy is a modular, customizable bookcase with a unique design, refined taste, and modern style. Built with premium materials, it can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted and can be adapted to different settings and needs by adding shelves, containers, and desk shelves. Read the full review on our blog >>

Cattelan Italy Chandeliers: Illuminating the Living Spaces with Style

Cattelan Italy chandeliers are masterpieces that illuminate your living spaces with elegance and style. These eye-catching lighting fixtures are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Explore the exquisite range of Cattelan Italy chandeliers and find the perfect one for your space. Read the full article on our blog >>

Arredare Moderno is proud to offer a wide selection of Cattelan Italy's finest furniture and furnishings, showcasing the beauty, craftsmanship, and innovation that the brand is known for. Explore our website to discover the complete collection and bring the essence of Italian design into your home.

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