The modern sideboard and the cupboard, between the living room and the dining area

The modern sideboard is a highly appreciated piece of furniture to furnish living rooms full of style. If once the cupboards and sideboards were reserved only for spaces where food sharing and preparation took place, today it is no longer the case. In recent decades, cupboards and sideboards have "come out" of the dining area to furnish spaces such as living rooms and dining rooms, without losing their soul devoted to absolute functionality. These are furniture with storage compartment, conceived at the beginning to preserve fresh and non-fresh food: specifically, the sideboard was born in the countryside as a rectangular piece of furniture with the function of a worktop and a piece of furniture. The cupboard, on the other hand, was born essentially to house the dishes and serving dishes.

Modern sideboard and living room cupboard: Differences and types

The modern sideboard and the living room cupboard are two furnishings, in the beginning with different characteristics and functions, which have seen the original differences diminish. Indeed, the sideboard was higher and narrower than the cupboard because it was used to knead bread, therefore it had to have a worktop of adequate height (greater than that of the table), while inside it was kept flour, various grains and wine. This work surface was foldable and from here you could access the compartments for storing food. The cupboard was lower than the sideboard and developed purely horizontally, while its position was next to the dining table. We can choose modern sideboards and living room cupboards depending on the effect we want to create in our living room or dining room.

- MODERN SIDEBOARD: it combines contemporary aesthetics with the convenience of having furniture where you can store all kinds of objects. Even for small spaces there are modern and shallow design sideboards, to be placed in narrow spaces or passageways, which are very useful as decorative elements and for storing various objects. In addition, the sideboard generally rests on feet, which can be of many varieties and materials: in wood, steel, plastic, in the lacquered or painted versions, with the most different shapes.

For modern sideboards, we recommend the brands: BONALDO - CATTELAN ITALIA - CANTORI - TONELLI DESIGN - TOMASUCCI

- LIVING ROOM CUPBOARD: there are two types of this furniture, the cupboard with shelves, which is among the classic models, whose success remains unchanged over time. Suitable for environments such as the dining area or integrated open spaces, the modern living room cupboard of this type is used to display valuable objects. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to find cupboards of this type equipped with glass doors, which allow you to glimpse the objects displayed inside them. The closed living room cupboard, as well as for the version with shelves, is widespread and appreciated. It presents various shapes, sizes and colours. This wide choice allows you to place cupboards of this type even in unusual spaces such as entrances and sleeping areas.

For living room cupboards with shelves we recommend the brands: BONALDO - CATTELAN ITALIA

For closed living room cupboards, we recommend the brand: BONALDO

Modern sideboard: The materials

If once sideboards were made only of wood, even if of different types, today the modern sideboard has a structure in wood, steel or glass, depending on the style you want to obtain:

- The wooden sideboard: the modern wooden sideboard refers to a great classic of the past, now mostly combined with other materials. For those who love this timeless material, a modern wooden sideboard will certainly not disappoint expectations and we will certainly be able to find the wooden sideboard of our dreams. Canaletto walnut, oak, ash and many other precious essences, worked with the most diversified techniques.

For wooden design sideboards, we recommend the brands: BONALDO - CANTORI -CATTELAN ITALIA - TONIN CASA

- The design sideboard with steel structure: the modern sideboard with steel structure has a structure made with this material which, as we know, is a guarantee of solidity and durability over time. These sideboards can have wooden, glass or crystal and ceramic doors to meet all your style needs: contemporary, eclectic living rooms with a classic or industrial touch, there are many modern sideboards, each beautiful in its own way.

For design sideboards with steel structure, we recommend the brands: BONALDO - CATTELAN ITALIA - TONELLI DESIGN

- The glass sideboard: although they are usually associated with fragility, glass and crystal are also materials used for the creation of very valuable design sideboards. The glass used is usually curved glass, often not less than a centimeter and a half. The versions can be transparent, extra-clear or smoked, back-painted, mirrored or lacquered. Particularly suitable for living rooms devoted to sobriety, modern glass cupboards are a must for fans of minimal lines.

For glass design sideboards, we recommend the brands: FIAM - TONELLI DESIGN

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