Fixed double and single beds: the traditional bed that never goes out of fashion

There is nothing more traditional than a fixed bed: whether it is a fixed double or a fixed single, this type of bed has visible feet, an important part of the aesthetics, which means that these beds do not have storage underneath. The vacuum underneath a fixed single or fixed double bed brings important advantages in that it allows air to circulate, preventing the formation of mites and mould.  Consequently, cleaning is also facilitated when you have a fixed bed: sweeping or vacuuming is child's play, to the benefit of our health, especially for those who suffer from dust allergies. Moreover, the visible structure supporting the mattress is perfect if you do not want to visually weigh down the room, but still enrich it with elegance.

Design beds at outlet prices, the best of made in Italy

Wide range of design beds made in Italy, a selection of the best double beds, single beds, French beds, sommier, upholstered beds, beds with canopy, round beds, wrought iron, wood, incredible prices thanks to the wide range of brands such as Bonaldo, Cantori letti, Dèsirèe divani, Felis Mobili, Itamoby, Noctis, Tomasucci, Tonin Casa.

Design beds on offer

Don't miss the chance to buy a design bed at exceptional prices, discover the discounts and promotions in the outlet section, you can buy directly online and pay by credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery, Pay Pal circuit.

In this section you will find hundreds of beds divided by size, finishes and models: double beds, with or without storage, beds with canopies, beds with upholstered frames, modern beds in wood or wrought iron, sommier beds or French beds

Why choose a designer bed?

For lovers of modern style, the best choice is to furnish your home by choosing designer furniture, fashionable colours and finishes to combine elegance and practicality.

Even in the bedroom, we always try to choose design beds that become the central pivot of the whole room, made with top quality materials guaranteed by internationally renowned brands. In our store you can choose classic or modern beds, in neutral tones or bright colours, wooden or wrought iron frames, unique and original design double beds.

Classic design

Aiming for design does not necessarily mean choosing square shapes and metallic materials, on our store you can also find more particular models with a classic, vintage or industrial style, where shapes and colours are also associated with safety and comfort.

For a classic style the natural choice is a bed with a wrought iron frame, with elegant and luxurious shapes, or beds with fabric or leather upholstery, fouton or velvet beds, in neutral tones such as creamy white, antique pink or burgundy.

Choosing a design double bed in classic style has never been easier thanks to the vast assortment proposed in our online store.

Unique and original designer beds

If you have in mind to furnish your bedroom in an original way then a designer bed is the place to start. At our outlet you will find designer beds for every furnishing style, from classic to modern, from shabby chic to vintage.

  • Upholstered beds: designer beds made with an upholstered frame and covered in leather, faux leather, fabric or velvet, comfortable and functional beds.
  • Wrought iron beds: Made with a wrought iron frame, with special shapes, available in different colours and finishes
  • Wooden beds: Made with a wooden frame, solid wood, oak, oak, double, single or single beds.
  • Sommier beds: special beds without a headboard, modest and design, perfect for placing in the centre of the bedroom.
  • French beds: double beds with reduced dimensions compared to standard beds, measuring 140 x 190 cm.
  • Canopy beds: modern or classic beds with a canopy structure, elegant and luxurious, modern design double beds with canopy, unique and original.

How to choose a designer bed?

Before choosing which bed to buy for the bedroom, a few considerations must be made, firstly the available space, as each bed complete with frame measures differently.

Secondly, comfort, a fundamental criterion along with taste, style and design of the bed. In our store you will find many solutions and infinite models to choose from, standard beds 160 x 190 cm, king size 180 x 220 cm, single beds, French beds, loft beds, pull-out beds, rollaway beds, round beds, and beds with storage boxes.

The bed design is still the main aspect to start from, on our store you will find numerous products correlated with photos, detailed technical data sheets, finishes and measurements, and the possibility of receiving online assistance directly on the site using the online chat.

The design bed frame: which material to choose?

The bed is composed of a frame, a bed base and a mattress, as far as the frame is concerned we can choose between different materials and finishes, beds with a metal frame, steel, wood, wrought iron.

The frame can be upholstered and finished with fine fabrics, leather, faux leather or velvet. Among the beds most appreciated by modern furnishing customers are those with a wooden frame, with a natural look, you can choose from solid wood, oak, chestnut, maple, beech, mahogany, walnut, cherry and many others.

Tips & guides: How to clean under the container bed?

How to clean under the container bed? this is one of the main questions our customers ask.

In fact, for this type of bed, cleaning underneath the container bed is really difficult and challenging to carry out, this problem is mainly due to the box structure underneath the bed base and mattress.

The container bed is filled with sheets, pillows, clothes and whenever we need to clean the floor underneath we are forced to empty the box and lift the panels. Read more >>

What is the sommier bed?

Meaning sommier bed: a single, double or full-size bed without a headboard, with a bed-ring in a minimalist design without a footboard, perfect for informal, modern-style bedrooms. Read more >>

French double bed, history and origins

Cheaper, lighter, smaller than a traditional standard double bed, suitable for people who like to sleep comfortably or couples with limited bedroom space.

The French double bed is a particular type of double mattress that was and still is used in French homes, also known as the "Antico Napoletano" bed, while in France it is called "Grand lit".

How to decorate a designer bed?

There are many original ideas for decorating the bed and the headboard wall, certainly the most important part of the whole room.

It is quite obvious that if it is left bare it limits the aesthetics and style of the whole decor, because it is the one that is more visible than the others because of the furniture that makes up the room.

There are many ways to decorate and obtain excellent stylish results, which is why we have made a list starting with the most important and used decorations and ending with the most particular and innovative ones. Yes, because the wall at the head of the bed represents an opportunity to assert one's personality and make the bedroom a truly exclusive place. Read the full article >>

How to position the bed in relation to the window or door?

Many design magazines suggest positioning the bed with the headboard facing the window. This solution certainly offers a pleasant scenic impact, but it does not take into account the feelings transmitted to the person.

The bedroom is the place in the home where we should feel safest, most protected and pampered, allowing a healthy and gratifying rest that allows us to face the following day in the best possible way. Therefore, the orientation of the bed plays a fundamental role in ensuring a good night's rest and should not be underestimated, especially its position with respect to the door and the window. Read more >>

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