Extendable console tables: Which one to choose?

The vast majority of contemporary houses do not have large spaces that can accommodate large tables for parties and dinners, so we can say with certainty that all homes would need extendable console tables. These are normally simple modern consoles, but if necessary, they can change shape and size and turn into dining tables in order to make their guests comfortable. This is possible thanks to modern extension systems, which allow you to change an extendable console table quadrupling its size.

Specifically, there are three types of extendable console tables:

- EXTENDABLE CONSOLE TABLES WITH EXTENSION HOLDER, which, as the name suggests, have a hidden compartment where you can store the extensions when they are not needed.

- EXTENDABLE CONSOLE TABLES WITHOUT EXTENSION HOLDER, without a space used for extensions, which need to be stored elsewhere.

- EXTENDABLE CONSOLE TABLES WITH INTEGRATED EXTENSIONS, whose extensions are part of the structure of the convertible console, without adding or removing anything.

As far as materials are concerned, the extendable console tables are made using resistant but light materials. The structure of a convertible console, including the extensions, can be in aluminum, steel, laminate and laminated glass while the top is often in wood, lacquered or not, laminate, crystal and melamine.

Extendable console tables: How is the transformation into a table?

From simple and refined furniture that furnish entrances and living rooms, the extendable console tables can be transformed into dining tables through different opening mechanisms:

- CONVERTIBLE CONSOLES WITH FOLDING FLAT OPENINGS, easily openable because it all consists of doubling the surface of the convertible console and, indeed, it is a very common opening in the classic extendable console tables.

- SUSPENDED EXTENDABLE CONSOLE TABLES, generally wall-mounted with flap opening, i.e. the convertible console is fixed to the wall and open only when necessary.

- CONVERTIBLE CONSOLE WITH INTEGRATED EXTENSIONS, certainly the most functional models because they are able to reach considerable sizes, allowing to reach a considerable number of seats.

Convertible consoles: Sizes

If we wanted to buy an extendable console table, what size should we evaluate? There are no standard sizes for consoles that can be converted into dining tables because each model can offer various options: there are extendable console tables with small sizes, usually with folding opening, that can be placed at the entrance of the house, in the corridor or in the living room. Then there are the consoles that can be transformed into dining tables up to 3 meters long, whose functionality consists in being able to accommodate 12 people. Usually, these extendable console tables are equipped with one or more legs, placed centrally, to ensure that the structure is as stable as possible.

Extendable design console tables: Perfect for the office

Generally speaking, when you think of an extendable console table, you can think of houses with small rooms, even more if you think of spaces that are usually small, such as entrances and hallways. Even offices and professional rooms can benefit from the practicality of a multifunctional furniture, even better if you choose an extendable design console table. Indeed, in coworking spaces it is difficult for a space to be available to accommodate a meeting table. So a practical solution is the extendable design console table, which also adds a touch of style and personality, both closed and open.

For extendable console tables we recommend the following brands: ALTACOM - CATTELAN - LA PRIMAVERA - TONIN CASA - BONTEMPI - PEZZANI - STONES.

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