Tables and chairs: essential furnishings for kitchen and living room

When you think about furnishing your home, the first furniture you think about are definitely tables and chairs. If what has been said may seem simplistic, we can say that today there are fixed design tables of all types and materials, modern extendable tables and even practical extendable consoles, which turn into living room tables when you have many guests.

Fixed tables are the classic kitchen or dining area tables. They can be equipped with four legs, which optimize stability, or a single central support. Fixed tables are impractical when you have guests for dinners because, trivially, we cannot increase their size. However, fixed tables are still very popular both in the kitchen, where we recommend a table made of durable materials, and in the dining room.

Modern extendable tables are a godsend when you decide to organize important dinners or lunches in our home. There are many sizes, extendable up to three meters, with folding, centrally extendable extension mechanisms or with lateral supports. You can find extending wooden tables, extending glass tables and modern extending marble tables on the market. The extendable wooden tables can be placed in the kitchen or in the living room, thanks to the ability of the wood to adapt to any style. Those in glass or marble are much more delicate therefore it is better to reserve them for the dining area or living room.

Extendable consoles are among the most versatile furnishings. They combine, in very little space, the ability to transform into durable and practical living room tables: once the table is closed, our extendable console returns to being that elegant furniture positioned at the entrance of the house or in the corridor. For those who already have an extendable table, there are obviously fixed consoles, equally useful for decorating small corners of the house with grace, one above all the entrance.

The fixed or extendable table makes no sense if it is not accompanied by modern chairs that recall its style or, on the contrary, completely detach from it. The chair is a piece of furniture that is as ancient as it is multiple in shapes and materials, so it is not always easy to choose the most suitable modern chairs for our table. First of all it is good to distinguish between:

- Kitchen chairs: generally made of wear-resistant materials such as metal, plastic or wood, kitchen chairs can be used to create contrasts with the table or with the surrounding furniture.


- Living room chairs: for the living and dining areas we can opt for more delicate materials such as leather, eco-leather or fabric, playing with textures and colours. The living room chairs are real gems that contribute to enriching their spaces with design.


- Modern chairs for outdoors: in polyethylene, polycarbonate or polypropylene to ensure resistance to abrasion and atmospheric agents, these modern chairs are also useful in indoor environments if, for example, you want to visually lighten a slightly heavy style table.

Another way to classify chairs is based on the material, so we will have:

- wooden chairs, generally made with essences such as ash, walnut, mahogany and pine, which perfectly integrates into any style of furniture thanks to their warm tones. In the kitchen or in the dining area, wooden chairs are a guarantee in terms of resistance and aesthetics. However, due to the low resistance of the material, wooden chairs are not suitable for outdoor spaces except temporarily.


- It doesn't matter indoors or outdoors, with plastic chairs you can furnish all spaces and, if necessary, transfer one or more plastic chairs to the terrace or garden with the certainty that they will not be damaged.


- Finally, the upholstered chairs represent a choice devoted to absolute refinement, the result of the play of contrasts between the structure and the upholstery, as well as the softness expressed by the padding. Perfect for the dining area, less suitable in the kitchen, the upholstered chairs are the winning choice in terms of elegance.


For young spirits, who want home furnishings to be a direct expression of their personality, modern stools can be a useful tool to let their creativity come out. Modern stools were born as furnishing accessories for bars, breweries and pubs, but soon interior designs, including their potential, introduced them into our homes, especially in kitchens or open spaces. Modern stools can therefore be used in the kitchen, obviously if you have a peninsula or a central island, or to delimit the kitchenette from the dining and living area in the integrated spaces. The fact is that a kitchen stool can be made of wood, metal or plastic and have an eco-leather, leather and hide upholstery.


Your workplace must also be welcoming, so professionals can count on comfortable, easy-to-clean and resistant waiting room benches. Just like our home, our studio will also be able to convey comfort and relax.

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