Twentyfirst Living Art: Seats - Coffee Tables - Vases

Art and design for high-end products with an innovative character. In the background an artistic vein that is difficult to confuse: the Twentyfirst catalog.

In a world where almost everything has already been discovered and almost nothing is unknown to the possibilities of creation and invention, Twentyfirst living art is a brand capable of interpreting this strong need for change and innovation.


Twentyfirst Living Art: new century design

The brand is classic, in the field of outside furniture as well as design that knows how to interpret all the facets of the new century. Table lamp, pendant lamp, coat hanger, armchair, bookcase, pouf, chairs, tables and other furnishing accessories are part of the brand's collection.

Colors, design but above all experimentation are part of the Twentyfirst living Art collection, discover them on our online catalog.

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