Storage beds

Storage beds: single and double beds, practical and functional

Storage beds are the right tool for those who love order. They are perfect for storing blankets, duvets and anything else we do not normally use in a particular season.

Storage beds come in two main types: double storage beds and single storage beds for both double and guest bedrooms. Its secret lies in the structure located below the mattress, resembling a chest of drawers, designed to be used to store bed linen.

Advantages and disadvantages of the container bed

As with anything, drawer beds have advantages and disadvantages. Among the best are the ability to optimise space for small homes in terms of space, and this type of bed is available in many styles and finishes for maximum stylistic impact.

The main disadvantages include the difficulty in cleaning the mattress and under the bed frame.

Double storage bed, practical and economical

Discover the selection of the best made-in-Italy double beds with storage, top quality products, ranging from luxury, economical and design models from the most famous brands: Bolzan letti, Bonaldo Arredamenti, Cantori letti, Cattelan Italia, Dèsireè divani, Driade mobili, Famar materassi, Felis mobili, Itamoby, Noctis, Tomasucci, Tonin casa and many others.

Beds with chests of drawers are perfect for sorting linen and clothing, from sheets to pillowcases and winter duvets, equipped with an automatic, easy and convenient compass bed lift mechanism, available in standard sizes 160 x 190cm, King Size 180 x 200cm, and French style bed size 140 x 190cm.

Storage bed, discounts and online promotions

Are you looking for a cheap storage bed? In this section you will find the best solutions, modern or classic beds with storage, in industrial, vintage, shabby chic, country style, available in many finishes, from leather to eco-leather, fine fabrics, microfibre, velvet.

Upholstered beds, with iron, wood or metal bed frame, made in Italy, available in many sizes and colours, discover the lowest prices online, many time discounts and promotions all year round.

How to clean the container bed?

How to clean under the container bed? This is one of the main problems after buying the bed, so here are some small tips to try, if your bed is not complete with feet consider having them fitted, so you can have the space to clean more comfortably.

Among the best tools to use in cleaning we recommend the hairdryer, to be placed under the floor to push the dust away, also the electrostatic cloth attached to a stick is a convenient solution, finally you can buy and use a nozzle to connect to the hoover.

Periodically you will have to clear the bed and lift the panels to clean the floor thoroughly.

How to clean under the container bed?

How to clean under the container bed? this is one of the main questions our customers ask.

In fact, for this type of bed, cleaning underneath the container bed is really difficult and challenging to carry out, this problem is mainly due to the box structure underneath the bed base and mattress. Read the complete guide >>

Who invented the container bed?

The urban development of big cities and the emergence of small flats, economic difficulties and the impossibility for young couples to buy large houses, reducing the available space considerably, changes in housing requirements have brought the figure of the container bed onto the market.

Already in the past the bed was used for other purposes, for example the Roman triclinium was a piece of furniture used for various functions ranging from sleeping at night to banqueting for lunches and dinners, a real dining table. Read more >>

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