Modern armchair: How it is made and what are the types

We all have at least one modern armchair in our house because, as you know, this piece of furniture is designed to provide comfort and elegance to the space. The modern armchair is padded, as well as the backrest. It can be with armrests or without them. Compared to a classic chair, the armchair is lower and wider, allowing those who sit on it to assume a less rigid position. It is not designed to be placed around a table, but in living rooms or waiting rooms. Having said that, understanding which is the modern armchair made especially for us is not always easy. There are indeed many shapes and colors, it can be a swivel and fixed or design armchair. Then we have to consider the level of comfort that you want to achieve which, as we know, is an extremely subjective factor. Generally speaking you need to consider the aesthetics of the armchair, in harmony with the rest of the house, your own needs and the practicality of it.

On the market there are different types of modern armchairs. They can be distinguished on the basis of the covering material, design and function: this wide choice allows everyone to be satisfied, but, at the same time, it is difficult to find your way around.

Modern armchairs: The fixed models

The first model of modern armchair is the fixed one, that is without moving parts, in a practically infinite variety of styles. The modern fixed armchair is the most common and with an older history. Indeed, it was born in the Middle Ages and then further developed in the '600 and' 700, with the historic Louis XVI model.

The fixed armchair can be made of different materials, both with regard to the supporting structure, i.e. wood, wood and metal, wicker, plastic materials and with regard to the coverings, which can be cotton, satin, silk, microfibre and many others. The modern armchairs can be with or without padding, but in any case, it is an extremely versatile furniture, able to complete a living room together with one or two sofas, but also a bedroom.

For modern armchairs we recommend the brands: BONALDO - CANTORI - DRIADE - PLUST - TONELLI 

Modern armchairs: Swivel and office armchairs

Then there are the modern swivel armchairs, more contemporary, made with a wooden or metal base which can in turn be fixed or swivel, therefore equipped with wheels. This type of modern armchair is perfect for contemporary and open space living rooms, thanks to the sober lines, the shapes and the trendy construction materials.

For modern swivel armchairs we recommend the brands: BONTEMPI - PF STILE - STONES - TONELLI

When you think of an armchair, the living area automatically comes to mind. As already mentioned, a modern armchair can also be placed in the bedroom, but it is not the only room related to this type of furniture. Indeed swivel office armchairs can significantly raise the comfort for those who usually spend many hours behind a desk. These swivel armchairs have a steel or aluminum frame, they are usually covered in leather or eco-leather, they are ergonomic and in some places such as headrests and armrests, they have reinforcements, which help make your stay in the office comfortable.

For swivel office armchairs we recommend the brand: TOMASUCCI

Modern armchairs’ materials

Our brands offer a wide choice of modern and design armchairs able to satisfy everyone, in terms of preferences and needs. The strength of a modern armchair lies not only in the quality of the frame, but also in the covering materials. They are:

- LEATHER: the armchair covered in leather is a guarantee of durability and resistance. You can find modern armchairs in natural or colored leather through special procedures, which do not in any way affect its characteristics.

- ECO-LEATHER: it is animal skin, treated with procedures that involve the use of chemical solutions with zero impact on the environment. Eco-leather has characteristics of durability and softness equal to those of leather tanned using traditional methods.

- FABRIC: With regard to this type of coverings, the variety of these allows you to choose one with peculiar characteristics such as to 100% customize the chosen armchair. There are stain and animal resistant fabrics, machine washable fabrics such as cotton or those like velvet, more delicate, but full of charm.

- PLASTIC MATERIALS: these modern armchairs are characterized by a single block, as if they were sculptures made in the stone block. Perfect in young and dynamic contexts, modern plastic armchairs are very easy to clean with common detergents, as well as resistant to bad weather, therefore suitable for gardens, terraces and public places.

- WICKER: in the end the modern armchairs made of wicker represent a classic of terraces and gardens. They are ultra light, very resistant to impacts and important weights, but pay attention to water. Wicker, being derived from plants, is subject to deterioration if exposed to atmospheric agents.

Last, but not least, is the padding. Padding is crucial for the choice of the modern armchair for our living room. Usually, the padding for modern armchairs is in polyurethane, latex, foam rubber and, rarely now, goose down. The first three padding materials are known for their hypoallergenic and anti-mite properties, characterized by a very high level of softness. Goose down, however, is unbeatable in terms of softness but it can create some problems for allergy sufferers.


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