Modern bathroom accessories: practical and functional elements

We know how important the decorative aspect is for home spaces, where we spend pleasant hours alone, with our family and relatives. If functionality is put aside a little in favor of aesthetics in the living area, in the bathroom these two qualities are of equal importance, to a greater extent when it comes to modern bathroom accessories. Modern and designer bathroom accessories are that large number of accessories that we can find only in this space such as the soap holder and the toilet roll holder, or the rods for hanging towels.

Modern bathroom accessories: One for each corner of the bathroom

As it can be understood, the bathroom is perhaps the place in the house where hygiene must be treated in an almost obsessive way. And it is perhaps for this reason that the bathroom needs many modern bathroom accessories to be used every day, each with a different function but all important for the correct use of the space.


- COMPLETE SETS: if we do not want to risk, that is, we do not want to buy modern bathroom accessories and dare with contrasting styles, we can choose a complete set of modern bathroom accessories, which include: rods, bathroom glass holders, dispenser holders, wall lights, just to name a few . This solution ensures uniformity of style in the bathroom of our home.


- BATHROOM HANGERS: it is certainly not easy to furnish your home, but when it comes to small spaces such as the bathroom, it is certainly simpler. There are important bathroom accessories, which are often forgotten during the furnishing phase: among these hangers, small or large hooks on which to hang towels or a bathrobe. To be really useful, these items must be placed next to the sink or shower. These bathroom accessories can also be chosen with a whimsical design, to give that touch of originality to the bathroom.


- BATHROOM RODS: bathroom rods are accessories that can be used instead of hangers, with the aim of holding towels when not in use. Everything that furnishes the bathroom, from the bathroom cabinet to the rod, is designed to limit contact with surfaces and therefore the proliferation of bacteria, facilitated by the humidity typical of this environment.


- BATHROOM WALL UNITS: this category of modern bathroom accessories includes shelves, set of shelves and small wall units. There is no specific use of these bathroom accessories because each of us can use them according to one's needs: to store perfumes or bath salts, to keep creams and make-up, or to keep the brushes in order.


- TOWEL STANDS: there is nothing more useful than having a single piece of furniture that fulfills multiple functions. This is the case of towel stands, modern bathroom accessories that have two or three rods, to which to hang large and small towels. The towel stands can be placed next to the sink or between them and the bidet.


- BATHROOM GLASS HOLDER: among the most important accessories in a bathroom there is a glass holder, that is, the object to store toothbrushes and toothpaste. This modern bathroom accessory must always be clean and sanitized, as well as fixed to the wall, so as not to be contaminated by splashes and other agents.


- BATHROOM DISPENSER HOLDER: one of the most used modern bathroom accessories as a decorative and functional element is certainly the liquid soap dispenser holder, that is, the one that holds the liquid soap container different from the original container. The dispenser holder can be in brass, steel or glass, each of which is suitable for a furnishing style.


- BATH ROLL HOLDER: this bathroom accessory is available in different models and finishes. Between the wall mounted roll holders and those that are part of towel stands, the choice is really wide. In particular, the latter are part of structures which also include towel holders, sometimes also soap dispenser holders and toilet brush holders.


- SOAP HOLDER: many of us prefer liquid soap, others can't do without both. In any case you need a solid soap holder, better still if fixed to the wall, next to the sink or in the shower. The materials used are many, such as brass, steel, ceramic as well as many shapes and styles that characterize this modern bathroom accessory.


- BATHROOM BRUSH HOLDER: probably the bathroom accessory that most needs daily hygiene, the toilet brush holder is a real receptacle for bacteria, which must be promptly neutralized. The toilet brush holder can be made of glass, steel or ceramic, therefore easy to clean with special detergents.


- BATHROOM LIGHTING: as with all rooms in the home, the bathroom also needs suitable lighting, even more so if we talk about the make up area. Ceiling lighting is necessary but it is not enough to adequately illuminate: indispensable are wall lights, spotlights and ceiling lights, to be placed next to the mirror on the sink.


- MODERN BATHROOM MIRRORS: the mirror is also an accessory that many associate with the bathroom, despite being present in almost all spaces in the home. Bathroom mirrors can be of different shapes and sizes, combined or not with other accessories such as soap racks or wall lights, but certainly they must be illuminated ad hoc to ensure that we can mirror ourselves better.

Modern bathroom accessories: The most used materials

The material with which modern bathroom accessories are made says a lot from many points of view: durability and aesthetics above all. Obviously, it depends on the use we make of it. If we talk about a service bathroom, used over and over again in everyday life, we can opt for cheap materials such as plastic, impact resistant and versatile, while for the master bathroom, choosing resistant, quality and aesthetically pleasing materials means aiming for the maximum for our modern bathroom. Often combined, the materials most used to produce modern bathroom accessories are:

- Brass: this alloy, made up of copper and zinc, is widely used in the production of a multiplicity of objects and tools, including bathroom accessories. If worked well, brass bathroom accessories last over time, retaining their own characteristics such as shine and painted. It can be chromed or painted.


- Stainless steel: highly appreciated for its shine and rust resistance, which make it suitable for tools and various objects in contact with water. Steel is used as it is because there are no paints or adhesives that can remain on its surface. It goes without saying that if we buy a coloured steel object, we must know that the finish will surely come away after a very short time.


- Ceramics: in addition to being used for the production of most sanitary fixtures, ceramics are also highly appreciated as a material for bathroom accessories. Its main features are that it is easy to wash and treat with detergents, it does not change colour or deteriorate over time and it is resistant to scratches.


- Glass: like ceramic, glass is a noble material, highly appreciated in the production of objects because of its transparency and the ease with which it can be cleaned, even with more aggressive detergents. These qualities, however, have to deal with its known fragility, so it is better to avoid choosing accessories if you have a small bathroom or small surfaces where to place the accessories.

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