Toilet brush holder: a faithful ally of hygiene

The toilet brush holder essentially exists because the toilet brush is a tool that requires particular and constant hygiene, as well as needing a container. As already mentioned, the toilet brush is a bathroom accessory that requires particular care especially for a factor related to hygiene and disinfection. Many believe that the ideal solution for cleaning is to immerse it in the descaler, combining both the descaling and the antibacterial action. The toilet brush holder is the suitable container to house the toilet brush when we want to sanitize it.

When it comes to the home, quality plays a decisive role in the durability of furnishings and accessories. Their being continuously sanitized with aggressive products makes toilet brush and toilet brush holder accessories of rapid wear. This is why we offer brush holders and brushes in chromed steel or brass, while the product finishes are different: some are made of brass with a ceramic container or chromed brass with a glass container. Another differentiation concerns the bathroom toilet brush holder models: countertop, which simply needs to be placed on the ground, wall mounted or fixed to the wall and the toilet brush holder installed on an equipped rod.

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