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Today, more and more people are choosing to shop online, even for office furniture , such as cupboards. Buying online offers several advantages, including the convenience of being able to choose from a wide range of products from your own home and the ability to easily compare the prices and features of the different options available.

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Martex coplanar sideboard

Regular price €4,390.78 -25% Price €3,293.09

Martex coplanar sideboard

Regular price €4,390.78 -25% Price €3,293.09
Martex coplanar sideboard,  made of fibreboard body and doors, melamine-faced, edged with ABS edge; MDF handles in various lacquered finishes.
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Martex sideboards with glass base

Regular price €5,259.42 -25% Price €3,944.57

Martex sideboards with glass base

Regular price €5,259.42 -25% Price €3,944.57
Martex sideboards with glass base, structure, shelves and fronts made of chipboard veneered with ajus veneer in different finishes, while the base is made of transparent glass.
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Martex H150 Sideboards

Regular price €3,146.38 -25% Price €2,359.79

Martex H150 Sideboards

Regular price €3,146.38 -25% Price €2,359.79
Martex H150 Sideboards,  with frame and doors made of chipboard, melamine-coated, painted with matt embossed polyurethane varnish, or with glossy brushed polyurethane varnish. Square wooden handle or round lacquered handle.

Our company offers discounts on office cupboards during different times of the year, such as summer or winter sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and so on. We also specialize in the sale of office furniture by regularly offering discounts and promotions to encourage online purchases.

Buying an office cupboard online can be a comfortable and convenient solution for storing documents and personal items in an orderly and safe way in the workplace, especially if you can find an interesting discount or promotion, take a look at our shop to evaluate our products and all the online discounts.

Office cupboard materials, the best choice

The sideboards for the office can be made in various materials such as wood, metal, glass or plastic . Each of these materials has its own characteristics and visual impact. Based on your needs and preferences, you can choose the most suitable model and view the product sheet, you will find a large description correlated by images and the possibility of selecting materials and dimensions.

Dimensions and design, models and types

The size and design of office sideboards vary greatly, so it is important to choose a sideboard that suits your needs, they can be tall or short, wide or narrow, and can have a modern, traditional or minimalist design.

There are different types of office cupboards to choose from, for example cupboards with sliding doors , with drawers, with shelves or with locks. Depending on your storage needs, you can choose the one that best suits your functional and furnishing needs.

Use of office cupboards

Office cupboards can be used to store documents, books, personal items and more. It is important to choose a sideboard that meets your storage and space needs.

They are multifunctional pieces of furniture that can be used in different ways depending on the needs and working contexts. Here are some of the most common uses:

  1. Document Storage: Can be used to store important documents, folders, legal documents, and other work items such as notebooks and pens. They can have shelves, drawers or doors depending on the model and office needs.
  2. Organizing Personal Items: They can also be used to organize employee personal items such as jackets, purses, hats, and personal items such as lunch, wallet, and keys. This way, each employee will have their own personal space and can easily find their items without clutter.
  3. Furniture: they can be used to furnish the office and give a touch of style and personality to the working environment, chosen in different shapes, colors and materials according to the style of the office and the personal taste of the employees.
  4. Separation of spaces: They can also be used to separate spaces in a shared office, such as a meeting room, a private room or a common work area. Strategically placed, they can help define spaces and increase employee privacy.
  5. Use as a dividing element : In open space offices, the sideboards can be used as a divider between the various workstations, in order to create greater privacy and visual separation between employees.

Martex and Kastel : the best for the Home Office

Martex and Kastel are two office furniture brands that offer a wide range of high quality office cupboards.

Martex is an Italian company specialized in the production of office and contract furniture. Martex office cupboards are characterized by an elegant and modern design, made of high quality materials such as solid wood and lamination. Their range of products includes sideboards with sliding doors, with drawers, with adjustable shelves and with key locks to ensure maximum security of documents and archived objects.

Kastel, on the other hand, is an Italian company that has been producing office furniture and ergonomic chairs since 1963. Kastel office cupboards are characterized by a modern and functional design, made of high quality materials such as wood, metal and plastic. Their product range includes sideboards with sliding doors, with drawers and with adjustable shelves, perfect for storing documents and personal items in an orderly and safe way.

Both Martex and Kastel office sideboards they offer an excellent solution for storing documents and personal items in the workplace, guaranteeing an elegant, functional and resistant design. If you are looking for a high-quality office sideboard, also evaluate the options offered by these two brands, which could meet your specific needs.

Furnish your office with our modern cupboards

Office cupboards are not only a functional storage item but can also add a touch of style and modern design to your office decor.

Today, many sideboards are designed with clean, minimalist lines, combining high-quality materials like wood, glass, and metal to create a sleek, contemporary look. Modern office sideboards can be chosen in a wide range of colors and finishes, from neutral shades such as white, gray and black to bright colors such as blue and green, to meet the aesthetic needs of any office.

Alternatively they can also be used as decorative elements , positioned in strategic points of the office to create a welcoming and professional atmosphere. For example, a sideboard with glass doors can be used to display personal or decorative items, such as photographs, plants and books, thus creating a more pleasant and inviting environment.

Modern office sideboards can add a touch of style and design to your office decor , while also performing the function of storing and organizing documents and personal items. If you are looking for a way to renovate your office furniture, consider buying a modern office sideboard that can meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

The new modern cupboards by Cattelan Italia presented at the Salone del Mobile

Protagonist of the elegant and refined living room, the modern sideboard, increasingly important in the world of design, was presented by Cattelan Italia at the 2022 Furniture Fair.

The leading company of Made in Italy design has presented six models of modern sideboards that anticipate the furnishing trends of the coming years. We present the new collection and six beautiful models not to be missed and all available in our online catalog. Read more >>

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