A wide choice of modern queen size beds, made in Italy design, luxury products, perfect for furnishing the master bedroom, children's room or guest room, a selection of the best Italian brands: Bolzan letti, Cantori letti, Dèsirèe divani, Felis Mobili, Itamoby, Noctis, Tonin Casa.

Contrary to what it may seem, queen size beds are the most versatile beds on the market. This is because, although they are chosen instead of the single bed by those who like to rest in large beds, the single bed can also temporarily accommodate two people.

In fact, for those who use it instead of a single bed, the queen size bed allows for more room than a single bed. Compared to a few years ago, today's single beds enjoy well-deserved success, especially among younger people.

Queen size bed measurements

The measurements of this type of bed are variable: they generally range from 120 to 140 cm, with some models going up to 150 cm. Despite being larger than a single model, the queen-size bed fits easily in bedrooms of all sizes.

In addition to the standard sizes we also have the option of choosing King Size, 120 x 200 cm or 120 x 210 cm, perfect for those who like more space.

Why choose a queen-size bed?

There are many reasons behind the choice to buy a one and a half bed, for example it can be related to the available space that may be insufficient to accommodate a double bed, or for those who sleep alone in the house, therefore in a small loft or two-room apartment.

Iron or wooden queen size bed

Among the most successful models in our online store are wrought iron queen size beds, with modern or classic inspiration, from clean and simple lines to complex and decorative structures, wrought iron and brass is a timeless classic for furnishing the bedroom in style.

Queen size bed with storage to save space

Another modern solution is the choice of queen size beds with storage, perfect for those who need to save space, equipped with a storage anus positioned under the mattress and accessible by an easy-to-use mechanism.

Some models replace the storage box with side drawers, perfect for neatly storing sheets, bed linen and out-of-season clothing.

Materials: Faux leather or fabric queen size bed

Our queen size beds are available with bed frame in wood, metal, pvc, and with different finishes chosen by the customer: natural leather, nubuck leather, eco-leather, fine fabrics, standard fabrics, quilted, velvet.

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