Modern and design double beds, on offer, made in Italy

Large assortment of modern double beds designed in Italy, foldaway double beds, in wrought iron, with storage, special double beds, with upholstery, available in the following sizes: 160 x 190 cm, 180 x 200 cm, 160 x 200 cm, standard version, King size, French style, on our website you will find the best brands of made in Italy: Bolzan letti, Bonaldo, Cantori, Cattelan, Desirèe, Famar, Felis, Itamoby, Noctis, Tonin Casa.

Modern double beds: absolute comfort even for two

The double bed is the typical bed in master bedrooms. The size of a double bed depends on the space we have available. We can also opt for double beds for a possible guest room, or even for a children's room.

Another very important aspect is the headboard of the bed, which serves to complete the bedroom decor in an elegant and sophisticated way. It is generally chosen to have a support at the head of the bed, especially if this is positioned very close to the wall.

We can say that the size of a double bed goes hand in hand with the size of the bed base and mattress. There are many sizes for a double bed, and sometimes it is even possible to have a double bed made to measure. The standard measurements of a double bed (2 squares) are 160 cm wide and 190 cm long. Obviously, this type of bed is made to accommodate two adults, so the measurements are calculated taking this parameter into account.

Modern double beds for sale on Arredare Moderno

On our e-commerce you will find a large assortment of modern double beds divided by features and sizes:

Folding double beds, perfect for small lofts or flats, divao beds, bookcase beds, cheap, elegant and modern.

Bed frames for double beds: with wooden staves, fixed bed frames, double wing, ergonomic bed frames.

Standard 160 x 190 cm double beds, complete or modular, available in a variety of finishes, with wooden, metal or wrought iron frames, economical or luxury.

King Size beds 180 x 200 cm, perfect for furnishing stylishly sized double rooms, offering greater comfort and space to relax.

Double beds with storage: comfortable and space-saving, perfect for storing bed accessories such as sheets, extra pillows, blankets, plaids or for storing out-of-season clothing.

Special double beds: available in different shapes and finishes, modern, design, extravagant and coloured beds, raised or suspended, Korean-style, French, with special backs, perfect for all furnishing styles, from modern to classic, vintage, shabby, minimal, contemporary.

Particular modern double beds at Outlet prices

On Arredare Moderno you will find the best modern double beds with or without storage box, with particular shapes, modern beds at Outlet prices, a range with more than 2000 products with never-seen-before discounts, active promotions for new and old customers, always free shipping to Italy.

Arredare Moderno succeeds in providing outlet prices thanks to long-lasting partnerships with the best brands of made in Italy, you can buy directly online and pay easily and safely with credit card, debit card, bank transfer in advance, cash on delivery, instalment payments.

Modern upholstered beds with storage, the best

Discover the collection of modern upholstered beds with storage from Arredare Moderno, many solutions at truly economical prices, with elegant lines, with high or low soft keyboard, various sizes available, with high or low feet, covered in leather, fabric, faux leather, velvet, quilted.

Chic and elegant beds with velvet headboard

One of the trends of recent years falls on the modern double bed with velvet headboard, with shaped geometric shapes, with quilted button work, perfect to match modern or classic furnishings. One of the best-selling models on our site is the Ludwing Dèsireè double bed, with a painted metal frame and fabric or velvet covering, with completely removable covers, available at the price of only 2555.36 €

How to choose a double bed?

The choice must mainly fall on design and comfort, in recent years the trend is to choose essential products with clean lines and pure appearance, a futuristic design, completely different from that of the past.

In addition, the choice of materials also plays a strategic point when purchasing, with aluminium and metal creating softer, more luxurious lines, a simple design that emphasises details and focuses on essentiality.

From imposing keyboards there has been a move towards unobtrusive keyboards that are perfectly integrated with the main structure and the rest of the bedroom furniture.

As far as comfort is concerned, it is necessary to consider the space available in the room and the personal needs of husband and wife, in this sense there are different bed sizes, 160 x 190, 180 x 200, 160 x 220 cm, standard bed, French bed and King Size, furthermore it is possible to combine the ace structure with a classic orthopaedic bed base or with wooden staves for maximum comfort and to improve posture during the night avoiding health problems such as back pain or cervical problems.

Space-saving ideas in the bedroom

Contemporary dwellings are developed within small dimensions. In particular, they give more breathing space to the living area at the expense of the space dedicated to the sleeping area. Therefore, the increasingly common need is to design a space-saving bedroom that is liveable, functional and welcoming at the same time. Here are some ideas for furnishing the bedroom with multifunctional furniture and layouts to best organise even the smallest of bedrooms. Read more >>

The French bed is smaller than the double bed. What are its measurements and what extra functionality does it offer?

The French bed is so called because it was invented in France. Here it is called the 'grand lit', but is also known in Italy as the 'antique Neapolitan bed' and in England as the 'queen bed'. This, similar to a double bed, has taken on a name of its own because it differs slightly in size. Read more >>

Pull-down bed: features, dimensions and prices

In the bedroom, the new buzzword is flexibility. In this environment, space is of vital importance, as it is no longer a passageway intended solely for sleeping at night, but with the new living habits it is a multifunctional room.

And it is precisely in the bedroom that special attention is increasingly being paid to innovative and functional solutions, shining the spotlight on foldaway beds capable of offering maximum comfort in minimum space. Read More >>

What are the fundamental aspects to consider when choosing a double bed?

The measurements and characteristics for choosing a double bed are varied. These are fundamental for designing the bedroom without making mistakes. In fact, choosing a double bed should be done with care as it depends on several factors. In addition to reflecting one's tastes, it must meet one's practical needs and respect the space available.

In addition, in addition to the size of the room, one must consider the materials from which the bed is made, sources of direct light and heat, other furnishings, and the no less important fact that sleeping with the head oriented towards the north cardinal point can promote greater relaxation during the night's rest. Read more >>

How big is a double bed? Standard, King Size, French?

The double bed is certainly the undispu protagonist of every bedroom, the one that is purchased first and the starting element in the choice of furnishing style.

This is why it is very important to know and assess the measurements of the double bed well, to avoid it being too big and too bulky but at the same time comfortable and convenient. Read more >>

What to put over the double bed?

Ideas and solutions to decorate the wall above the headboard in the best possible way, from paintings to boiserie, wallpaper or relief sculptures, discover the latest trends to complete the décor of the master bedroom, furnishing accessories for the foot of the bed and much more, read the full article >>

French double bed, what is it?

Cheaper, lighter, smaller than a traditional standard double bed, suitable for people who like to sleep comfortably or couples with limited bedroom space.

The French-style double bed is a particular type of double mattress that was and still is used in French homes, also known as the "Antico Napoletano" bed, while in France it is called "Grand lit". Read more >

Sommier double beds, what are they?

A type of double bed without a headboard, with soft lines and minimal design, available in standard, King Size, French, and salwar beds with storage units or drawers, also called Slim beds, read the full article >>

How to position the bed in relation to the window or door?

Many design magazines suggest positioning the bed with the headboard facing the window, this solution certainly offers a pleasant scenic impact but does not take into account the sensations transmitted to the person.

The bedroom is the place in the home where we should feel safest, most protected and pampered, allowing for a healthy and gratifying rest that allows us to better face the next day. Therefore, the orientation of the bed plays a fundamental role in ensuring a good night's rest and should not be underestimated, especially its position with respect to the door and the window. Read more >>

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