MDF Italia furniture: Tables, Bookcases, Sofas, Complements made in Italy

Discover the online catalog dedicated to MDF Italia furniture, tables, modern chairs, sofas and armchairs with an elegant and versatile design, solutions designed for residential living, offices, bars and lounge bars, common areas, restaurants and luxury hotels, discounts and promotions online, Outlet prices.

MDF furnishings are dynamic versions that focus on the values of good design, thanks also to the collaboration with internationally renowned designers such as Xavier Lust, Ramón Esteve and Jean-Marie Massaud, offering collections with a strong aesthetic impact and great construction mastery.

The MDF Italia company: a dynamic vision

MDF Italia is a company specialized in the design and production of furniture and furnishing accessories with a modern and contemporary design. The high quality of the materials, the innovation, the technology and the creativity of the best designers and planners, make MDF Italia recognized on the international scene as one of the best Made in Italy furniture brands.

MDF Italia was founded in 1992 with the aim of interpreting a dynamic business vision, which puts the product at the center, enhancing the role of design and that of the values that unite the various designers who create it. The company's success is linked to the ability to interpret and represent the trends of the moment in the best possible way.

MDF Arredamenti: modularity and versatility

One of the key points of the design concept carried out by MDF Italia is to create solutions that can adapt to multiple needs , from residential living areas to offices, from lounge bars to the common areas of restaurants and luxury hotels. MDF Italia design furniture is characterized by modularity, versatility and flexibility.

MDF Design: lightness, wonder, challenge, identity

The shape and the accurate precision in the design, in which no detail is left to chance, give the object the lightness of the compositional balance. The company is always looking for new shapes, materials and functionality . Design qualities that combined enchant with lively creativity and the courage to innovate.

The best items in the MDF Italia catalog on Arredare Moderno

MDF Italia tables: NVL Table , Tense table and S Table

  • Among the flagship products of the tables catalog we discover NVL Table , a mono-material table, with contemporary lines, characterized by a strong personality, pure geometric shapes, formal lightness, rigor.
  • Tense in its essentiality is a table that hides a technological soul, enclosed in the top panel, which allows you to reach large dimensions, up to 4 meters. Thanks to the minimum thickness of the top, Tense maintains extreme lightness and stability. The possibility of declining in different sizes and colors allows Tense to meet the most varied needs.
  • S Table it has a molded base in Ceramilux or Cristalplant , a technologically advanced, hypoallergenic and non-toxic material, which can be surmounted by different types of tops, in glass, wood fiber, marble or Cristalplant .

MDF Italia chairs: Neil Chair, Flow and Sign Matt

  • Among the flagship products of the chairs catalog we discover the Neil collection which stands out for its sustainable heart: the materials used are in fact 100% recyclable. The use of quality materials, combined with intelligent production systems, make the product durable over time and limit waste.
  • Flow Chair was born from an idea of Jean Marie Massaud . It is not a simple chair, but a versatile and flexible product. An evolving project that over time has become a collection of products capable of satisfying every need and style. The curved lines of the seat and the elegance of the profile are mixed in a perfect alchemy, guaranteeing comfort and ergonomics. Flow Chair can be completed with leather padding, or with over 200 fabrics from the MDF Italia collection.
  • Sign Matt , with its sinuous and ergonomic lines, is a project of chairs and armchairs that marked the evolution of the MDF Italia collection . Thanks to its matte finish, available in five different shades, it fits into any environment, both indoor and outdoor.

MDF Italia bookcases and systems: Random, Melody and Minima

Modular bookcases and containers are able to evolve the concept of design through a strong impact of the emotional point of view and a remarkable simplicity of use. The common denominator of MDF Italia is to help create an original interior design, which never prevails over the needs of functionality.

  • Among the leading products of the bookcase catalog we discover Random , which with its geometries favors the play of light and with its modularity adapts to different living spaces. Random expresses an uncommon communicative energy and is one of the icons of MDF Italia.
  • Melody offers a comfortable and attractive horizontal containment, even for rather large objects. The arrangement of the shelves with a gritty graphic pattern conveys movement. Proposed in a monochromatic version or with a contrasting backrest, Melody can be modified over time and space, for absolutely unique environments.
  • Minima 3.0 has a system consisting of 3 elements: shelf, upright and container. Essential and flexible, Minima 3.0 represents the natural restyling of Minima, an icon product of the MDF Italia collection, honorable mention at the 18th Compasso d'Oro ADI in 1998.

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