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Bar tables: the models in aluminum, plastic or steel that are perfect for indoor and outdoor

Essential elements of a restaurant, the bar tables are among the most important furnishings, the choice of which always represents a commitment for the manager. The cornerstone of everything is to ensure practicality and comfort for customers and their employees, as well as resistance to shocks and chemical agents of cleaning products.


Community Myyour Set

Regular price €1,465.20 -22% Price €1,142.85

Community Myyour Set

Regular price €1,465.20 -22% Price €1,142.85
Community Myyour Set, set of tables and chairs that come together in a single form for informal and friendly atmospheres. Ideal for public and private environments.
Another thorny issue is represented by the touch that you want to give with the bar tables, of continuity with respect to the style of the room or, on the contrary, of breaking.

In our cities there are not only bars, but also bistros, cafeterias and pastry shops, which need bar tables adapted to the needs of customers. For example, in bars and cafeterias, people generally do not stay longer than they should because they are usually passing places where a coffee or a slice of pizza is consumed. Consequently, the most suitable bar tables for bars and cafeterias must have characteristics such as resistance of the materials, medium size and ease of movement, therefore aluminum bar tables and plastic bar tables are definitely welcome. For bistros and pastry shops, on the other hand, you need to combine style and comfort as we are talking about places where you usually stay a little longer.

Another story is furnishing the premises outside: whether it is a bar, a diner or a bistro, the bar tables must be resistant to atmospheric agents in the event of sudden bad weather, they must be light in transport and possibly small in size. The most suitable for outdoors are aluminum, plastic and steel bar tables.

Types of bar tables

As in general in the world of furniture, there are different types of bar tables, each with its own characteristics and suitable for one type of venue rather than another.


High bar tables: high bar tables are the best choice in small rooms so that it is possible to guarantee the space to let you enjoy a coffee or a quick meal. Simply put, these bar tables allow you to take advantage of the space intended for customers vertically, so much so that they are accompanied by stools.


Medium bar tables: this type of bar table is certainly the most common in any kind of premises because it contemplates the presence of classic seats or, at most, low stools. Medium bar tables are a safe choice in terms of comfort.


Low bar tables: low bar tables are very fashionable, even in outdoor places. Specifically, they are bistros, patisseries, wineries, tea rooms, in short, any place where commitments can wait and welcome relax in company. The low bar tables, however, cannot be accompanied by chairs or, much less by stools. Green light therefore to armchairs and sofas.


Bar tables with central legs: these bar tables usually have a very small shelf, almost only a support surface than a table where to have a meal. Both high and medium bar tables can be characterized by a single central leg.


Four-legged bar tables: they are the most stable and they are usually medium and low bar tables. By virtue of their stability, they are the most suitable for restaurants and bistros, but many bars and pastry shops also choose this type of bar tables.

Bar table materials

By virtue of the characteristics of the place, there are bar tables in many materials: it is up to the manager of the place to determine which material is most suitable for style and needs. Obviously, if the place has an exclusively indoor space, then we can consider all types of materials: aluminum bar tables, plastic or wooden bar tables, elegant and pleasant to the touch. In the event that the establishment also has an outdoor space available to customers, then the choices will be reduced because it will also be necessary to consider the weather factor.


- Wood: material par excellence in terms of furniture, the wood used for the bar tables must be heat-resistant, resistant to shocks and abrasions, as well as able to withstand the aggression of chemical agents. Not recommended for outdoor spaces, wood gives character and a touch of inimitable warmth.

 For wooden bar tables, we recommend: BONALDO - SCAB


- Aluminum: this metal is known for its ability to last over time and lightness, qualities that make it especially suitable for premises with a strong bustle of customers or that have an outdoor space for customers.

For aluminum bar tables, we recommend: CATTELAN ITALIA - COLOS - DRIADE - SCAB


- Steel: unlike aluminum, steel is not a metal but an alloy consisting of iron and carbon, the latter in small quantities. Steel is not used to produce bar tables in their entirety but is usually used to make the structure of these or the base.

For the steel bar tables, we recommend: BONTEMPI - CATTELAN ITALIA - COLOS - INFINITI - SCAB


- Plastic: plastic is the symbolic material of the twentieth century and for this reason used for the production of many objects, including bar tables. The plastic bar tables, while not having the charm of those in wood or metal, have unique characteristics such as resistance, simple deep cleaning and lightness. Also suitable for indoor places, plastic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene are particularly suitable for outdoor areas.

For plastic bar tables, we recommend: BONALDO - CATTELAN ITALIA - COLOS - DRIADE - PLUST - SCAB - SLIDE

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