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Furnishing accessories: from the wall clock to the umbrella stand

Pieces of furniture and accessories are par excellence those details on which the eye lingers to check their adequacy and consistency with respect to the chosen overall style of furniture. These elements, including wall clocks, umbrella stands, bottle holders and the mirror, characterize and enliven the rooms, giving that personal and refined touch that immediately communicates the personality of those who thought of the placement.


Ben Alivar valet stand

Regular price €6,046.32 -25% Price €4,534.74

Ben Alivar valet stand

Regular price €6,046.32 -25% Price €4,534.74
Ben Alivar valet stand, modern design, in canaletto walnut aluminium, satin-finish steel clothes rails. Equipped with storage compartment in solid walnut with leather insert. Tilting and adjustable mirror with clothes hook. Base with marble or leather insert.
Among the most common and useful furnishing accessories we find:

- Wall clocks: this type of clock is very common in our homes, especially in the kitchen and, in the case of designer clocks, also in the living room or dining area. Wall clocks usually have a metal frame and decorative elements made with materials such as wood, ceramic, enamels etc.

For wall clocks, we recommend: TONIN CASA

- Umbrella stand: as soon as we cross the threshold of the house, there are elements that we find in every home, among these the umbrella stand. Unlike the wall clock, which in theory we could place it anywhere, the umbrella stand has reason to be only at the entrance. In this way, after returning in the middle of a downpour, we can place the umbrella on the umbrella stand and not wet the floor of the house. The umbrella stands can be made of painted metal, tempered glass and plastic material.

For the umbrella stands, we recommend: FIAM - KLORIS - PEZZANI - TONIN CASA

- Bottle holder: this accessory is used to house bottles of wine and other alcoholic beverages, avoiding to store them in a piece of furniture and take up space. The bottle holders are highly appreciated by connoisseurs of wines and alcoholic beverages in general because they allow you to show any collection of fine wines and spirits. The construction materials are metal or polyethylene.

For bottle holders, we recommend: KLORIS - SLIDE - TWENTYFIRST

- Mirror: the mirror is another element that cannot be missing at home. It is a mirror, which can be of various sizes, built into a fixed structure. The mirror can be placed in the living room, at the entrance or in the sleeping area. Its function is purely decorative.

For the mirrors, we recommend: TOMASUCCI

- Pocket emptier: as with the umbrella stand, the pocket emptier is also a piece of furniture that finds its ideal place at the entrance. On a console or incorporated into the coat hanger, the pocket emptier is useful for storing house and car keys, USB sticks, headphones and everything else we want to take out of our coat pockets when we return home.

For the pocket emptiers, we recommend: DRIADE

- Statues: among the decorative elements for the oldest and most popular environments, the statues give that neoclassical touch to the spaces. Today, unlike in the past, we do not speak of stone or marble statues, but of elements made with materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene, impact resistant and also suitable for outdoor use.

For the statues, we recommend: DRIADE - MODUM BY TELCOM - PLUST

- Chair holders: particularly useful for small homes, chair holders are elements designed to store folding chairs in an orderly manner, always very useful when there are unexpected guests.

For chair holders, we recommend: PEZZANI

- Dividers: very practical when you have a restaurant business, dividers are mobile panels that divide rooms into small spaces, without having to resort to masonry walls. They are usually made from plastic materials such as polyethylene.

For dividers, we recommend: PLUST

- Storage Holder: These small accessories have both decorative role and practice. They embellish the space and at the same time they can store small objects of any kind, thus preventing them from creating disorder.

For the storage holders, we recommend: PLUST

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