Modern TV stands: types and characteristics of essential furniture for the living room

Modern TV stands: What completes a modern living room

All spaces in the home have furnishings that distinguish them: the dining table in the kitchen or dining room, the sofas in the living room, the bed in the sleeping area. Among the furniture that characterizes the living room there is also the TV stand, often placed in various places such as sofas and armchairs. The TV stand completes a living room and it contributes to relax when we come back home from work because, in addition to welcoming the TV, we can also place other devices such as the DVD player, the decoder or a stereo system. For this reason, in addition to watching television or a good movie, the modern TV stand also allows us to listen to good music while lying on the sofa. In the larger versions, the TV stand can have much in common with an equipped wall, although of a reduced size. In short, the modern TV stand is an indispensable piece of furniture for a contemporary, comfortable and functional living room, even more so if we are talking about a TV stand with wheels.

Modern TV stand: Features and types

As with other furnishings, the first action to be taken is to measure the size of the room and consequently that of the space that will accommodate the modern TV stand. If we want to use it only for the TV, then the size will be minimal, even more for the glass models. Modern TV stands are often equipped with solutions to hide cables and wires, but also useful shelves for storing remote controls or, simply, displaying small design objects.

-        - Fixed modern TV stand: there are large TV stands of this type which include drawers, shelves and storage compartments. These design TV stands can be considered a mix between a TV stand and a bookcase, therefore it is very useful in the living room if we do not want to have the size of a real bookcase. There are also small fixed models, capable of housing only the TV, decoder and DVD player.

For fixed modern tv stands, we recommend the brands: BONALDO – CATTELAN ITALIA – FIAM – PEZZANI – TOMASUCCI – TONIN - TONELLI

-        - TV stand with wheels: more versatile and practical, the design TV stands with wheels are perfect for those who want to change the arrangement of the furniture from time to time or, trivially for it has an open space and needs to move the TV as needed.

For modern TV stands with wheels, we recommend the brands: BONALDO – DRIADE - PEZZANI

Living room tv stand: The materials

Based on the style of furniture and the effect we want to create, we can choose the modern TV stand in the material that we prefer or that best matches the style of our living room. 

- Modern wooden TV stand: for a modern living room, which does not give up creating a warm atmosphere, we can choose a design wooden TV stand. Also for this material, we have the opportunity to make a further choice: a canaletto walnut TV stand will have that refined allure typical of this variety of walnut, for which the veins play an important role, while a cherry wood one will have a red-oriented hue. For a light wooden TV stand instead, we can choose it in oak, with a honey-coloured effect. In short, if we love wood and don't know how to give it up, then the wooden design TV stand will certainly reward our trust.

-For modern wooden tv stands, we recommend the brands: CATTELAN ITALIA – TOMASUCCI – TONIN CASA

Modern glass tv stand: usually these tv stands are not large, but they can be equally practical and adaptable to different styles. A glass TV stand has transparency on its side, a quality that should not be underestimated if we have to decorate small spaces (absence of visual encumbrance) or rooms that are poorly lit by natural light, so each added element contributes to darkening the space. In any case, the glass design TV stand will not make us regret having preferred it!

For modern glass TV stands we recommend the brands: FIAM – PEZZANI – TONELLI DESIGN 

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