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Bolzan Letti: modern and designer beds - double and single beds

Bolzan Letti is a Made In Italy brand founded in the 90s by the Bolzan family in the province of Treviso. Thanks to the ability to blend artisan knowledge and industrial logic, tradition and technology it has become an international brand in a few years.
The success of this company is mainly based on the continuous research of materials and attention to detail: characteristics that make it a leader among the various bed manufacturers on an international scale. In fact, all its products stand out for their aesthetic value, maximum comfort and durability.

Materials and coatings

Bolzan Letti has always made its products in the sense of sustainable commitment, thus creating an environmental policy characterized by the following points:
• the wood must come from reforestation projects and must have CARB certification to reduce and control formaldehyde emissions;
• the use of aluminium, as a completely recyclable, hypoallergenic and resistant material;
• the paint must be water based to reduce the presence of synthetic solvents;
• the padding must be made with recyclable foams; in addition, we try to minimize waste through the processes of regenerating the waste itself, thus decreasing the industrial impact on the planet,
• the packaging includes simple and honeycomb cardboard.
Bolzan Letti also supplies a wide range of coverings to choose from, such as: cotton, linen, velvets, chenille, jacquard, damask. All removable and washable. In addition to the fabrics, the upholstery also includes leather, strictly handmade and the result of careful selection.
Considering this aspects, the Treviso brand offers us a series of double beds, single beds, single beds and a half beds and upholstered beds. But not only that, there is also a wide choice of furnishing accessories to combine, such as: poufs, bedside tables, chest of drawers, benches, armchairs, mirrors, separé and hangers. In short, everything you need to complete the bedroom furniture.

Double beds

The bed represents the central and most prominent element of the sleeping area. The first aspect to consider, when you choose a bed, is the size; double beds can be of various sizes: generally they range from a minimum of 160 cm wide by 190 cm long, to a maximum of 190/200 cm wide by 215/230 cm long.
The double beds have also other features to evaluate not only on the basis of one's taste but also on the basis of space requirements; headboard, bed frame and footboard vary in height and depth depending on the model. The headboard is an accessory that allows you to settle under the covers more comfortably, leaning to watch TV or read a book; in some cases it allows you to eliminate bedside tables. The bed frame and footboard instead constitute elements that define the contour of the bed.
Also materials and covering are important when you choose a bed. Even modern double beds do not give up the charm of wood, but it is also possible to find them with an aluminium structure. The different types of coating allow to satisfy all tastes and also meet the needs of practicality as they are removable and easy to clean.
Designer double beds are often also containers or with drawers, a space-saving idea that allows you to store everything you need.
Examples of beds with these characteristics are:  Karol, Kate, Metropolitan and Selene model by Bolzan Letti.

Single beds

Like the double beds, also in the case of single beds, the dimensions must be considered at first. They have generally a width of not less than 80 cm and a length of about 200 cm. Single beds are the main element in the rooms for children and teenagers.
Even the single beds can be designer beds if you enrich them with elements such as: the headboard, the bed frame and the footboard: accessories that make rest comfortable.
The single beds can also include a pull-out bed from a lateral or upper opening, so as not to be caught unprepared on the arrival of any guests.
Furthermore, as for double beds, single beds can also be containers to store everything you need without taking up additional space.
In this regard, Bolzan Letti offers various models such as: Magis, Line and Fly.

One and a half beds

The one and a half beds, also called French beds, represent an intermediate measure between the single and double bed. The width of the single and a half mattress is between 110 and 125 cm. These beds are more comfortable than a single bed and less bulky than double beds; the one and a half beds are mainly used in children's bedrooms, but also in those for teenagers or in single bedrooms.
Also in this case, materials and covering are important in the choice of the bed, but also the accessories, such as the headboard, bed frame and footboard.
An example of one and a half  bed is given Iorca  model by Bolzan Letti.

Upholstered beds

Upholstered beds are among the most popular modern and designer bed models in recent times. They mainly stand out for the comfort given precisely by the padding (made with recyclable foams) but also with the modern and elegant design.
This type of bed often has a very large bed frame that reaches the floor; in these cases you can choose to put a container under the net, a practical and space-saving solution especially for those with small apartments.
Among the various examples of upholstered beds Bolzan Letti suggests the Gaya, Kate and Karol model.


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