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Have you ever dreamed of wrapping yourself in the luxury and elegance of Italian design every night?

On our online shop, we present you the complete catalog of Bolzan Beds, an emblem of Made in Italy.

From single beds to double beds, including queen-size beds, each piece is a masterpiece created in collaboration with the best designers on the international scene.


Bolzan Beds, Made in Italy Design, Outlet Prices

Have you ever dreamed of wrapping yourself in the luxury and elegance of Italian design every night?

Every detail, every stitch, tells a story of passion, tradition, and innovation. But that's not all! To ensure a restorative sleep, our beds come complete with high-quality bed bases and mattresses.

And if you fear long waits, don't worry: we guarantee fast deliveries throughout Italy. And here's the icing on the cake: unbeatable prices and discounts like a true outlet. Don't wait, make every night an experience of pure luxury and comfort. Your Italian dream is just a click away!

Bolzan Beds is a Made In Italy brand founded in the '90s by the Bolzan family in the province of Treviso. Thanks to the ability to blend craftsmanship and industrial logic, tradition and technology, it has become an international brand in just a few years.

The success of this company is mainly based on the continuous search for materials and attention to detail: features that make it a leader among various bed manufacturers on an international scale. In fact, all its products stand out for their aesthetic value, maximum comfort, and durability over time.


Bolzan Beds has always been committed to producing its products in a sustainable way, thus creating an environmental policy characterized by the following points:

  • Wood must come from reforestation projects and be CARB certified to reduce and control formaldehyde emissions;
  • The use of aluminum, as a fully recyclable, hypoallergenic, and durable material;
  • The paint must be water-based to reduce the presence of synthetic solvents;
  • The padding must be made from recyclable foams; furthermore, efforts are made to minimize waste through processes of waste regeneration, thus reducing the industrial impact on the planet,
  • The packaging uses simple cardboard and honeycomb.

Bolzan Beds also offers a wide range of coverings to choose from, such as cotton, linen, velvet, chenille, jacquard, and damask. All of them are removable and washable. In addition to fabrics, leather is also available as a covering, rigorously handcrafted and carefully selected.

Considering these aspects, the Treviso-based brand offers a range of double beds, single beds, queen-size beds, and upholstered beds. But that's not all, there's also a wide selection of complementary furnishings to match, such as poufs, nightstands, dressers, benches, armchairs, mirrors, room dividers, and coat racks. In short, everything you need to complete the bedroom's decor.

Bolzan Double Beds, the Best of Made in Italy

The bed is the central and most prominent element of the bedroom. The first aspect to consider when choosing a bed is its size; double beds can come in various sizes: generally ranging from a minimum width of 160 cm and a length of 190 cm to a maximum width of 190/200 cm and a length of 215/230 cm.

Bolzan Double Beds also have other features to consider, not only based on personal taste but also based on space needs; headboard, bed frame, and footboard vary in height and depth depending on the model.

The headboard is an accessory that allows you to comfortably position yourself under the covers, supporting you for watching TV or reading a book; in some cases, it even allows you to eliminate nightstands. The bed frame and footboard define the outline of the bed.

Materials and coverings are also crucial in choosing a bed. Even modern double beds do not shy away from the charm of wood, but they can also be found with aluminum structures. The different types of coverings can satisfy all tastes and also meet practical needs as they are removable and easy to clean.

Modern designed double beds often come with storage options, such as drawers or compartments, a space-saving solution that allows you to store everything you need.

Some models of beds with these features are: the Karol, Kate, Metropolitan, and Selene models by Bolzan Beds.

Bolzan Single Beds, Comfortable and Practical

Just like with double beds, when it comes to Bolzan Single Beds, the dimensions should be considered first. They generally have a width not less than 80 cm and a length of about 200 cm. Single beds are the main element in children's and teenagers' rooms.

Single beds can also be design-oriented if you choose to enrich them with elements such as a headboard, bed frame, and footboard: accessories that ensure comfortable sleep.

Single beds can also include a pull-out bed from a side or top opening, so you're prepared for the arrival of guests.

Furthermore, similar to double beds, single beds can also feature storage compartments to keep everything you need without taking up additional space.

In this regard, Bolzan Beds offers various models such as Magis, Line, and Fly.

Bolzan Queen-Size Beds, Fixed or with Storage

Bolzan Queen-Size Beds, also known as "French beds," represent an intermediate size between single and double beds. The width of a queen-size mattress ranges from 110 to 125 cm. These beds are more comfortable than single beds and less bulky than double beds; queen-size beds are mainly used in children's rooms, but also in teenage bedrooms or single adult bedrooms.

In this case too, essential aspects in choosing a bed are the materials and coverings, as well as accessories such as headboard, bed frame, and footboard.

An example of a queen-size bed is the Iorca model by Bolzan Beds.

Upholstered Beds, Covered, Complete with Bed Bases and Mattresses

Among the most popular modern and design bed models in recent times, upholstered beds stand out. They are mainly distinguished by the comfort provided by the upholstery (made from recyclable foams) but also by their modern and elegant design.

These types of beds often feature an ample bed frame that extends to the floor; in these cases, choosing to have storage under the bed base is a practical and space-saving solution, especially for those living in small apartments.

Among the various models of upholstered beds, Bolzan Beds suggests the Gaya, Kate, and Karol models.

Bolzan Beds: Available Sizes and Models for Sale on Our Online Shop

The types of beds and their respective sizes vary based on individual needs and preferences. Here's a general overview of the most common bed categories and their standard sizes:

  1. Single Beds:

    • Standard: 90 cm x 190 cm or 90 cm x 200 cm.
    • King Single (more common in some countries like Australia): approximately 107 cm x 203 cm.
  2. Queen-Size Beds (often referred to as "three-quarter beds" in some countries):

    • Sizes: 120 cm x 190 cm or 120 cm x 200 cm.
  3. Double Beds:

    • Standard Double: 135 cm x 190 cm or 140 cm x 200 cm.
    • Queen Size: 150 cm x 200 cm or 160 cm x 200 cm (notable variations depending on the country).
    • King Size: 180 cm x 200 cm or 193 cm x 203 cm (sizes can also vary by country).
    • Super King Size: 200 cm x 200 cm or 203 cm x 213 cm.
  4. Bunk Beds:

    • Typically, these beds use single bed mattresses, so the dimensions are similar to those of standard single beds, but the structure itself can vary depending on the design.
  5. Storage Beds:

    • These can come in various sizes, from single to super king size, and have storage space under the mattress.
  6. Sofa Beds:

    • When folded as sofas, the sizes can vary significantly. Once opened, the most common sizes correspond to those of single or double beds.
  7. Adjustable Beds:

    • These beds have mechanisms that allow you to adjust the position of the mattress. Sizes can vary from single to king size.

Bolzan Beds: Arredare Moderno's Proposals for the Modern Kids' Room

The bed represents the central element of the bedroom. The first aspect to consider when choosing a bed is its size. Double beds have additional features to consider, not only based on personal taste but also based on space requirements. Headboard, bed frame, and footboard vary in height and depth depending on the model. Read the full article >>

Bolzan Beds: Tradition, Innovation, and Quality

31 years have passed since 1990 when the company Bolzan Beds began producing its first beds, and since then, success has steadily grown. Commitment, experience, and attention to detail are values that Bolzan Beds has consistently maintained in its production, a blend of craftsmanship and technology, as well as a lot of passion. Read more >>

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