Lightable bar counters: models for indoors and outdoors

The lightable bar counter is perfect for decorating refined rooms because it combines the functionality of a normal modern bar counter with that of bright furniture, capable of creating a warm atmosphere. As summer approaches, many clubs, bars and restaurants think of setting up the indoor and outdoor environment in the best possible way to make it welcoming and comfortable. What must be carefully considered and evaluated is the modern bar counter, the element most used by the staff and, if intended for outdoor use, more exposed to atmospheric agents. A modern bar counter must be suitable for any situation, so better if modular, a feature that gives the possibility to combine several elements next to each other without limits, creating compositions according to the available spaces.

If you want to create a particular effect especially outside, there are lightable bar counters. In other words, the neutral-coloured lightable bar counters are supplied by the company with a special kit, which can be white or coloured. The kit can allow the alternation of a number between 7 and 10 colours. This is possible with the use of a particular remote control, thanks to which the colours can be fixed, thus avoiding their alternation. In addition, many companies provide for some lightable bar counters with corded kits, others battery-operated to avoid scattered wires that could hinder the passage.

Among the preferred materials for lightable bar counters we find polyethylene, appreciated for quality such as ductility and lightness. Not only that, this material has a high resistance to chemical agents, it is resistant to water, saline solutions, acids, alkalis, alcohol and petrol. Due to its non-toxic properties and low water absorption it is widely used in the food sector. Furthermore, it is an easily weldable material, characterized by high impact resistance and low coefficient of friction with excellent non-stick properties.

Lightable bar counter: Obviously, a lightable bar counter must be made with materials that, once illuminated, are able to amplify the light and diffuse it into the environment.

Among the lightable bar counters, we recommend: KLORIS - MODUM by TELCOM - PEDRALI - PF STILE - PLUST - SLIDE

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