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Practicality, the need to reclaim valuable space: Scarpiera Punto Net's catalog on

Scarpiera Punto Net is the website entirely dedicated to useful furniture for the home.

One of the primary objectives pursued by furniture manufacturers is undoubtedly to maximize style, design, elegance while maintaining the utility of the furniture itself.


White wardrobe with door, for all the pairs of shoes you want to keep, ideal for placing in the bedroom.
The glossy white or matte white shoe wardrobe, with a sliding door or a mirror door, is among the most sought-after furniture pieces from the brand.

Punto Net wardrobes and shoe cabinets are ideal for placing in the bedroom next to floor lamps or wall lamps to uniformly illuminate every corner of the room.

A beautiful "bedroom" is also enhanced by elegant matte or glossy white chaise longues. Solid wood wardrobes with two or three doors for your bedroom or living room, and shoe cabinets for all the pairs of shoes you own, perfect to place in the bathroom for added order. Scarpiera Punto Net is the perfect brand for white wardrobes with doors and shoe cabinets for those who always want everything organized.

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