Modern bookcases and shelves: when functionality and style meet

Modern bookcases for functional environments

Modern bookcases are essential furnishings in contemporary living rooms: no matter how many books you have or read, the bookcase can be much more than that. Indeed, it can be used to display photographs and various furnishings, a feature which is combined with that of visually filling a space with the minimum bulk, especially in the wall bookcase version. On the other hand, a nice freestanding or double side bookcase will be useful in an open space, to delicately delimit one area from another.

In short, opting for a modern or design bookcase is always an excellent choice to fill the living area with maximum style and functionality. However, other rooms in the home can also enjoy the practicality of a modern bookcase: it will be vital in the study and highly appreciated in the children's room.

Types of modern bookcases

Fortunately, there are many types of modern bookcases, suitable for all spaces, with the possibility of adapting them to our preferences. It is not possible to establish standard sizes for a bookcase because they are often modular, but certainly in terms of depth, usually it is around 30 cm. This is because a greater depth would be of little use as it is unused.

- Wall bookcase: this is the classic model of a modern bookcase, to be placed on the wall, one of the favorites when you don't know how to make an important space with an adjoining wall cozy. There are models of wall bookcases of the most varied sizes, ranging from 200 to 300 cm and more. These large modern bookcases begin to have much in common with the equipped walls, especially if they have closed compartments in their lower part.

For wall bookcases we recommend the brands: BONALDO – BONTEMPI – CATTELAN – DRIADE – PEZZANI – SLIDE – TONELLI – TONIN

- Hanging bookcase: unlike wall bookcases, this type of modern bookcases is very useful when you want to embellish a wall partially occupied by a piece of furniture with a TV or other low furniture. Obviously, you can opt for a modern bookcase even if these conditions do not exist, but simply want something that gives the impression of being hanging.

For hanging bookcases, we recommend the brands: LA PRIMAVERA – PEZZANI - TONELLI

- Backless bookcase: the backless wall bookcase is a modern bookcase, very similar to a shelf, particularly appreciated by industrial style lovers because usually these furnishings are made up of a structure and shelves, with a visible rear wall. There are also models with a classic design, made with materials such as wood and glass.

For backless bookcases, we recommend the brands: BONALDO – BONTEMPI - CATTELAN ITALIA – SLIDE – TOMASUCCI – TONELLI – TONIN

- Freestanding bookcase: the modern freestanding bookcase is nothing more than a clever way to divide the space with style, without resorting to invasive interventions such as the construction of partition walls. These bookcases are particularly suitable in large halls, open spaces, integrated rooms such as kitchen and living room. They are perfect when there is a need for more privacy. Furthermore, one of the unexpected advantages of freestanding bookstores is the ability to let natural light leak, the presence of which is fundamental.

For freestanding bookcases, we recommend the brands: BONTEMPI – PEZZANI – SLIDE – TOMASUCCI - TONELLI

- Design bookcases: these modern bookcases are privileged when you want to give a breath of originality to the living room or bedroom. The design bookcase does not have specific characteristics, but each model is unique, with its own peculiarities, which make it unique. Unusual shapes, innovative materials with captivating aesthetic results are the prerequisites of an authentic design bookcase.

For the design bookcases, we recommend the brands: BONALDO – CATTELAN – DRIADE – TONELLI - TONIN

Modern bookcases: The materials

For reading enthusiasts, the modern, wall or freestanding bookcase, almost represents a temple of culture in one's own home. However, even if you do not devour dozens of books, it is good to choose it taking into account the style of the room.

- Modern wooden bookcase: it is the classic passepartout model, able to combine with many styles of furniture. Bookcases in oak, solid wood, Canaletto walnut, white wood are models to consider if you want to maintain a style without excess. Solidity and durability are guaranteed, as well as an effect of heat and atmosphere.

For wooden bookcases, we recommend the brands: CATTELAN – DRIADE – PEZZANI – TONIN

- Modern glass bookcase: ideal for rooms that do not enjoy excellent natural lighting. The glass bookcases can also be chosen if you want to lighten a space that presents heavy furniture or, on the contrary, for elegant and contemporary environments.

For glass bookcases, we recommend the brands: BONALDO – BONTEMPI – FIAM – PEZZANI – TONELLI

- Modern metal bookcase: if you want to create an industrial-style living room, a bookcase with a metal structure is an excellent solution. Even if you are not oriented towards this style, you can choose such a bookcase because there is usually a combination of a metal structure and wooden shelves. Highly recommended for young and dynamic living rooms.

For metal bookcases, we recommend the brands: BONALDO – BONTEMPI – CATTELAN -DRIADE - TONIN

Modern and design shelves

A different solution from the classic modern bookcase is to choose to insert modern and design shelves. The possibilities of inserting this piece of furniture in the home are manifold: from the living room, to the dining area, to the bedroom, any room in the house can accommodate shelves. Before deciding which type of modern shelf to evaluate, it is good to reflect on the use that will be made of it, or what it will have to accommodate and the weight it will have to bear. These questions should also be asked to understand the material to be privileged. If the shelves will support small decorative objects, then we can evaluate the delicate and essential glass shelves, while if we are talking about storing books and heavy objects, it is better to consider only wooden or metal shelves.

For modern and design shelves, we recommend the brands: BONTEMPI – CATTELAN – DRIADE – FIAM – PEZZANI - TONIN

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