Modern and design office tables, Made in Italy

If you are planning to buy an office table , it is important that you know exactly what you are looking for. In this section you will find different types of office tables , so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, thanks to the collaboration with the best brands on the national scene, from Cattelan to Martex , Kastel , Bonaldo , Potocco , Midj , Scab Design and many others.

Types of Office Tables on Arredare Moderno

On our shop you will find numerous types and models, from the basic ones to the more advanced ones. The most common tables are desk tables , boardroom tables , U-shaped meeting tables , or table tops .

Your office table must be strong enough to support the weight of monitors, keyboards, printers and other work equipment, it must also be large enough to accommodate your needs. The choice of materials is a fundamental aspect not to be overlooked on a par with the design and the piece.

It can be used in the waiting room as a design and decorative element, or in the meeting room for meetings with clients and briefings between colleagues.

How to Choose an Office Table?

Choosing the right office table depends on a number of factors, including your budget, available space, and aesthetic preferences. If you plan to purchase an office table , be sure to consider the size, material, options for storing documents, and features you may need.

Office tables are extremely useful for any business. One of the main features is the possibility of adapting to all spaces, they can be adjusted in height and positioned to adapt to any work environment. In addition, they offer good organization for accessing documents and other items.

Modern office tables are designed to provide a more comfortable and productive work experience. They are made with superior quality materials and offer a wide range of styles and functions. They're durable, made from lightweight materials, and come with features like height-adjustable shelves, printer shelves, and storage.

Office Tables Adaptable, customized and cheap

The adaptable office tables are designed to fit into any space. They feature a height-adjustable surface and wheels that make them easy to move around. Furthermore, these tables can be customized with accessories such as printer tops, storage and document compartments.

Custom made office tables are designed to fit into any space and are made from high quality materials. These tables feature height-adjustable surfaces, shelves for printers, storage and document compartments. Plus, they can be customized with finishes and colors to match any decor.

Luxury Office Tables

These models are crafted with premium materials, such as fine wood, leather, and precious metals. They feature storage, printer shelves, document compartments and height-adjustable surfaces to provide a unique combination of comfort and style.

Martex, Kastel and Cattelan office tables , the best of Made in Italy

The office tables of the Cattelan, Martex , and Kastel brands are ideal for all types of working environments. They offer a modern and elegant design, with quality materials that adapt to any style or need.

Cattelan product range includes rectangular, square, round and oval tables. They are made with hard-wearing wood and metal finishes, ideal for busy work environments.

Martex tables are designed to meet the needs of space and functionality, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, including wood, metal and glass .

Among the most appreciated and sold models we find the Ola Martex meeting table, characterized by its strength and its distinctive personality. Elliptical shaped base in the white finish , lacquered or covered in leather, which collects and protects within itself all the energy that is released around it.

Kastel tables _ they are an excellent choice for a modern and elegant workplace. They are made of quality materials, resistant to wear and tear and feature an ergonomic design. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to suit every need.

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